Proof that the CBC has the exact same ethos as CNN

For those of you who watch this sort of thing often you will recognize where CNN usurped and distorted the context and meaning of the clips of Gavin Mcinnes.

Its pretty grotesque actually and dead centre for CNN style defamatory fake news.

Gavn’s bit on things he hates about Jews was a comedic tribute piece to Jewish culture. The costumes he wore in one of the clips was also ironic. This CBC report is about as biased and dishonest as anything on CNN these days. But what makes CBC worse, is its a government funded propaganda network with over ONE BILLION DOLLARS a year to keep it going. They don’t care if they are sued. Its just Canadian tax dollars for which they have contempt anyway. The more they cost the better the parties and the more coffee boys they can bring on junkets.

For anyone who has followed Gavin, you will recognize the dishonesty, distortions and deceptions in this clip.

By the way, being against globalization, mass immigration and all the other objections this clip calls “more sinister” is what opposition to government is supposed to be. These are policies not religious edicts.

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4 Replies to “Proof that the CBC has the exact same ethos as CNN”

  1. CBC and the people they had calling the Proud Boys and Gavin racist showed that they are the anti-white racist, self loathing white leftists.

  2. I’m glad for this piece, frankly. They do their slimey little lies for years trying to brainwash with their B.S. and then they slip with a piece like this–so blatant a lie that it shows many more people their true colours.

  3. Gavin’s critique on Jews was while in Israel. He’s a friend of us. My fellow Jews need to stop being hyper-sensitive about every little thing.

    • Exactly. He was trying to deliver compliments in a funny way. Anyone can see it. The CBC piece was pure and unadulterated, CNN level deception.

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