Germany: G 20 protests escalate

The G20 protests appear to have escalated rapidly from the classic attention demanding displays of reproductive fitness one expects from young people disguised as political activism, to out and out terrorism.

The clip below is on a channel called “left vision”

Burning roadblocks

Fire on the streets

Masked protestors

For people warring for diversity, all I see is a sea of black identical uniforms.

Police pelted with stones, water cannons

Throwing bottles at police

More to come.

Thank you M.

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9 Replies to “Germany: G 20 protests escalate”

  1. During the decline of the Roman Empire all sorts of eccentric and bizarre cults became fashionable.
    This video seems to mirror that mind set.God help Germany and Europe.

  2. Not a fan of these protesters by any means, but it would be nice to see them deal with the trash their importing in the same manner.

  3. 100,000 protesters v 20,000 cops if 20,000 or more of the protesters are violent the cops will have a very hard time maintaining control. Also moving this many police from other towns places them at high risk of terrorist attacks. Granted the police left behind are on high alert but this is still a prime time to make a nasty terror attack, especially in Hamburg.

  4. DAILY MAIL – ‘Welcome to hell’: G20 protesters start fires after riot police hit them with water cannons and pepper sprays in clashes ahead of Hamburg summit
    Around 100,000 protesters from across Europe are pouring into Hamburg ahead of G20 summit tomorrow
    German police in armoured vans sprayed some of the hardcore anti-capitalists with water and pepper spray
    They feared as many as 8,000 were ready to commit violence at the protest dubbed ‘Welcome To Hell’
    Police are also investigating whether an overnight fire at a Porsche dealership was linked to the summit
    Host Chancellor Angela Merkel faces a tough task on navigating talks including trade and climate change

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