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2 Replies to “Soros’ NGO’s tied with Nice terrorist”

  1. Policy dictates he keeps two or three degrees of separation between himself and his NGOs. It’s easy when it’s only money.

  2. I recognize the tactics but know that there is nothing that can be tied directly to Soros, I would love to have copies of all of the communications that trustworthy translators have translated into English but realize that this won’t be possible until after the war is over. Not that much that is incriminating has been written down, people have learned from the Nuremberg trials to not write down orders that can come back to haunt you.

    These tours are to generate sympathy for the invaders and put pressure on the locals for resisting the invasion. we can expect a new publicity campaign this summer. This campaign will do its best to hide the truth about the terrorists that were filmed and make the invaders look like simple workmen who are fleeing a war.

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