Geopolitics and history and more: Links 1 June 23, 2017

1, A little history on slavery from a knowledgeable American

2. An analysis of the Flint Airport jihad attack

3. Washington is a pot that leaks from the top

4. Back in your box, newbie! RAGING row breaks out between Macron and Hungary at EU summit.

(Video of this is being searched for. As soon as we find one, we will get it titled and out there!)

Budapest’s firebrand chief Viktor Orban brought the veneer of EU unity crashing down to earth as he tore into his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and accused him of being naive about how Europe works.

In an excoriating attack the right-wing populist said 39-year-old Mr Macron would “soon get to know his way around” Brussels and said his debut appearance at an EU summit had “not been too encouraging”.

5. This seems a great time to publish a video of Douglas Murray busting the propaganda use of the term, ‘populist’ the DM uses directly above.

6. Russia launches 4 Cruise missiles on Islamic State targets. May 30 2017

7. Philippines army patrols Marawi


Thank you Richard, M., Xanthippa, CrossWare, Richard, and many more. The Reader’s links post, as always, is full of important links ranging from evidence of Islamic actions which are a form of warfare, being confused with crime or cultural practices, and standard geopolitical news of importance.

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