CNN gets in elevator at basement, hits down button

For those unaware, some theatre company in NYC that lives on donations from large free market institutions and hand outs, decided to rewrite Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar except with Trump as Caesar and all those who kill him, as politically correct in groups and Caesar is the bad guy and the killers the good guys without question.

The production was so offensive that they lost a lot of corporate sponsorship over this play, given to the public for no cost of admission.

Daniel Greenfield has a write up of it here on Front Page:

The fault, my dear Eustis, is not in the sponsors, but in ourselves.

It appears that major corporations are not especially interested in having their brands all over the “Kill Trump” version of Julius Caesar being put on as the latest Shakespeare in the Park staging in New York City. That’s the one where the opposition consists of women and minorities. And Caesar is Trump. And is murdered graphically on stage.

Delta Air Lines said today that it was terminating its four-year-old sponsorship of New York’s Public Theater because a production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in Central Park “crossed the line” of good taste and “doesn’t reflect” the company’s “values.”

Bank of America, the presenting sponsor of the Public Theater and an 11-year backer, has also withdrawn its sponsorship of the production, but not the nonprofit itself.

Now it seems, CNN’s own Fareed Zakaria has endorsed the play and says everyone must go and see it.

Its worth going to the tweet to see the replies alone.

The one thing that hits me first about this play, is how childish you would have to be to think of it, and how childish you would have to be to actually think its a good idea and put it on.

Taking a great piece of art, and reshaping it to take out all of its genius and turn it into a Nazi level or communist level play to push one’s personal likes and dislikes is above all the product of a selfish, spoiled and underdeveloped mind.

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2 Replies to “CNN gets in elevator at basement, hits down button”

  1. The comments are great and ought to make the Dems think, they won’t but they ought to, the Dems are too arrogant to realize just how pissed the people and the focus of their anger is the Dems and their attempts to make the US into a communist hell hole like Cuba and Venezuela.

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