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7 Replies to “Indoctrinate U: FULL MOVIE”

  1. What I haven’t heard on the movie is that the leaders of the free speech movement are the same people who are now professors on campus and are leading the stop free speech movement. It was always (at least at the top) about getting more Marxist thought taught on campus.

  2. I think what is needed is actually new colleges that start with the basic principles of free and open debate. These students are not only not learning anything useful (as was often the case) they are not even learning how to think, only how to follow sheeplike those deemed to be righteously left.

    • Free and open debate should be the first amendment. But the meat of the charter of the schools should be that all material is rooted in Aristotelian thought. That is to say, reason and logic are the only acceptable tools for making determinations. The predictive value of a model, for example, having a relationship to the quality of the model.

      This should be axiomatic but post modernists have reversed this, making logic and reason, tools of oppression by white males to oppress all other peoples.

      Seriously, I didn’t make this up, it is orthodox leftist thought.

      So free and open debate must have as its foundation, logic and reason as must the schools themselves. Fortunately it means about 80% of the humanities can be eliminated.

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