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8 Replies to “Anabel Schunke: “Jihad is the real islam””

  1. Feminists said “let the victims in town”
    And of the burka said “it’s only a gown”
    Of parallel lives and eating halal
    “Everyone sits at White Man’s table”

    • White men are privileged
      (They accuse them their own crime)
      Like Muslim claim persecution
      While cursing religions all the time.
      As families are stripped of fathers
      The children from sublime
      Connections severed with G_d
      In body soul and mind.

  2. Dear Vlad,

    This is way off-topic, but I don’t see how to contact you otherwise. Your site used to produce videos, or at least end them with your own production/editing, with impactful music and graphics. Is there anywhere online these videos and “outtros”, if I can call them that, can still be seen? To be honest, I have a sense of nostalgia for them and can’t find them anywhere an appreciate how intelligently and artfully they were done.


    • We still have an outro on them with translation credits at the end but I change them up every so often when its a slow day and i get an inspiration. Thanks for your comment, you are the first person ever; to mention them. Its true I havent used music at the end recently, but perhaps ill add it back in. The current outro has scrolling text over the US constitution with a silver Liberty medallion.

      • I liked the ones with ominous clouds and wind rolling in… great analogy. Unless it’s a figment of my imagination, there was one elaborate one ending with the kaaba getting hit with a missile. Remember bursting out laughing as it was unexpected but summed it all up.

  3. She is right the terrorists are practicing the real Islam and any Moderate Moslem that isn’t faking their attitude to cover for the terrorists are the real radical Moslems. Not that the useful idiots will ever believe this fact.

    • Also, majority of Muslims and their imams (or mullahs) think that one can not be Muslim without believing in Sunna (ahadith), that is, without believing and without following the words and deeds of Muhammad. That was stated by the Al Azhar couple of years ago when they were talking about a small Muslim sect who did not believed in Sunna, only in Quran. They were called Quranists, and Imams from al Azhar condemned them apostates. Not only Sunni condemned Quranists, but also Shia. Shia also believe that without ahadith one is not Muslim. Adn a lots of ahadith are pretty violent.

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