More ANTIFA terrorism, geopolitics and leftism and islam: Links 1 on June 5 2017

1, Kevin Johnstone on the ANTIFA attack on him and his camera man.

(If he is correct, and they are a corporation, then its quite possible that the court can decide to take advantage of a relatively new Canadian law called, ‘Piercing the corporate shield’, and Kevin and camera man can attach their personal assets as well as corporate assets to a law suit. Further, we may be able to find out what the pay structure is for them and where the money comes from. Which we all suspect is Soros and one or two other billionaires with similar ambitions.)

2. I don’t think I can close this tab unless I post it. I have had it open for a week or so now.

North Korea claims it has found a unicorn lair or something like that. And I agree, Communism is in fact a unicorn. Its a unicorn that farts rainbows.

3. Donald Trump is a genius.

This was almost certainly due to President Trump’s visit to the KSA. Qatar is the prime funder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and they must have felt confidence that for once, the US has a president that actually is against Islamic terror and the Ikwan. (MB).

4. Because when your country is under constant threats and attacks by Muslim terrorists, the most important thing to do is, change police uniforms to be less threatening to people who may be certain they are police but have no clue what sex they are.

5. Jealous Qatari husband glues wife’s genitals

(So now we know why they call it Crazy Glue)

Doha — In a classic case of travesty of justice, a Qatari court fined a husband only 40 Riyal ($10) for sealing his wife’s genitals with crazy glue, but ordered the wife to be lashed 100 times.


The 33-year-old Qatari man was brought forth before the court after his wife was rushed off to the emergency room and suffered medical complications and excruciating pain.

6. ‘If you can’t see a connection between Islam and terror you’re blind or stupid’: Facebook REMOVES video Jewish leader posted online after the London terror attack for breaking its rules

(Sadly he forgot lying. Which is what it is)

Facebook has removed a video posted by a prominent Jewish community member after he claimed there is a clear connection between terrorism and Islam.

Outspoken Israeli army veteran Avi Yemini posted a live video after the London terror attacks which received almost four thousand likes.

In the video he claimed there is an obvious link between terrorism, and those who cannot see it are ‘stupid’.


He has since posted a response to Facebook in which he says ‘lefties’ pulled down the live video, and claims Muslims can say what they want. ‘The funny thing is if I was an Islamist, there would be no problem with anything I say,’ he says in the video posted on Monday.

‘In fact I could say I’m gonna behead someone now … It’s a bloody disgrace.

7. Woman sentenced to death for adultery after SHE was raped at gunpoint by cousin

The teenager claimed she was asleep at her family home in Rajanpur in Pakistan’s central Punjab province when she was attacked.

She reported the crime to the local panchayat – a tribal court that operates outside the official justice system in remote areas of Pakistan.

Instead of justice, the group turned on her accusing her of seducing her attacker.
(Both Islam and communism reverse the onus of responsibility for actions where it advances their overall interests)
(While it is horrifying to see the ACLU become the equivalent of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunals, determining the guilty from the innocent by the mere selection of cases process, there is a sick comfort in seeing how consistent they are using post modern thought to defend Islam and attack the West’s liberal foundations.)
(This is another tab I couldn’t close. I pretty sure that if a teen girl paraded around in front of a grade 5 class in a little dress made of condoms back in the days of reason, things would not go well for her, or her family.)

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the Bronx hosts an annual fashion show for students in grades five through twelve. This year, two girls wanted to do something completely different and came up with a plan to promote Planned Parenthood through fashion.

Thank you M., Deranged, Perfect Child, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, and many many more.

There is a pile more to come.

FOX appears to be going to the room temperature IQ hosts. But its worth listening to as much of this as you can stand just to read the comments.

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  1. 1 – I can see the advantage of antifa being a not for profit corporation, this will let the people providing the money to pay for the protesters get a tax deduction for the money they donate. I doubt if they will have many corporate assets besides a massive databases of paid protesters, which the police will love.

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