Man stabbed for buying beer, and on and on sharia enforcement goes: Links 1 for June 1 2017

1, Here is a decent brief synopsis on recent jihad activity in the Philippines.

(Its a short page and worth a look)

2. Ezra Levant does a decent 2 minutes on the woman-artist who did the Trump head grotesquery. At this site, we were hoping to drift by it because it isn’t worth the time to explain why I support expression I find contemptible because I expect it from others of me, and because either you have free speech for everyone or for no one. If she broke the law, then arrest her. If she didn’t leave her alone and ignore her, or express your feelings about it to her or her supporters. But I will not sign a petition to arrest or destroy her. let her do that herself.

But Ezra takes another view of it which is worth looking at.

3. This is special. Muslim stabs man buying beer in Paris

4. Police have released unedited body-cam footage of the attack at the Pulse nightclub in Florida:

5. Egypt evacuates toppling high rise apartment building in Alexandria

(If only the Egyptian marketing people had been as clever as the Italian ones. They could be getting 10X the normal rent in this building.)

The Leaning Tower of Giza

The Egyptian authorities evacuated a 13-floor building in eastern Alexandria in the early hours of Wednesday morning after it toppled over to lean on the building opposite.

Civil protection personnel went to the scene and found the newly-constructed building in Azarita. They immediately cut natural gas and electricity to the building and evacuated the tenants.

The authorities cordoned off the area around the collapsing building as a precautionary procedure in the case that it collapses further.

6. The pause is so long when the State Dept. is answering this question, at one point I wondered if the camera was broken.

7. German man who tied a noose around his wife’s neck and dragged her through the streets tied to the back of their car as their two-year-old son watched is jailed for 14 years

A man who tied a noose around the neck of his ex-wife and dragged her by car around a town in Germany as their two-year-old child sat behind him has been jailed for 14 years.

Kader K., 28, sustained serious injuries as she was dragged over the asphalt and old cobblestones of Hamelin at high speed by the VW Passat driven by Nurettin B.

Their son Cudi watched screaming as he witnessed his mother’s ordeal through the back window.

As he was sentenced, Nurettin B., who showed no emotion during his trial, turned to the woman whose life he had tried to end and said: ‘I am infinitely sorry for what I did to you and our son.’ […]

The couple are Turks with Kurdish roots and married in an Islamic ceremony in March 2013. Their son was born in January 2014 and in May 2015 they parted.

Thank you Richard, TL., M., Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Johnny U.,  WTD., NorseRadish and a host of others who left important links and updates in the comments. Thank you all again. This will be a busy weekend so please do stay tuned in. There are demos, and ANTIFA will likely act badly at them as is their policy, and one expects hours and hours of video of it.

Gates of Vienna came up with a much better title for the Ice Cream Man story. In fact two. He was thinking, “First comes Saturday, then comes Sundae”, which I thought was brilliant but you have to know the Muslim-Arabic expression, “first comes Saturday, then comes Sunday, which means ‘first we kill the Jews, then we kill the Christians.’ His final choice at publication was the better one. But Takfiri split, or Infidel Split might have been a decent third choice.



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