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4 Replies to “Robert Spencer talks to Gavin McInnes about being poisoned by leftists”

  1. Assassination is the only reason I can think of to give someone an overdose of drugs. The left is losing and knows that they are losing, this is why they are turning so violent, there will be more attempts at assassination and some of them will cause permenat damage and in a few cases death.

    • Bernard Lewis~
      Recently celebrated his 100th birthday. A contemporary of one of the greatest historians of the Spanish Inquisition, Benzion Netanyahu. Bibi’s channeling his father when he’s quoted [a mangled transcription of a transcription]:

      “History is not just a flat chronicle of events…. History’s an understanding of the forces that work, the values that shape present action and direct the future. If you have that knowledge, you are empowered in ways that you can’t get by watching the nightly news or reading the morning editorials. We live in an ahistorical age when many people’s memories go back to breakfast, but if you’re armed with that insight you have immense power for good.”

      For Benzion, “good” didn’t mean rainbows and teddybear shrines. He had that great, sweeping vision with no fuzzy edges. History is an armament. He worked for Ze’ev Jabotinsky. The Iron Wall makes as much sense now as it did then.

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