Seth Rich was in touch with Wikileaks

Black Pigeon speaks:

Washington Examiner article.



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  1. Gavin MacFadyen was Seth Conrad Rich’s Wikileaks contact. He reportedly died of lung cancer.

    Wikileaks had offered a large reward for information leading to solving the murder of Seth Rich – the only such reward Wikileaks has ever offered. When asked why, Assange answered cryptically that they need to look after their sources. (This was months ago.)


    FWIW…consider the following information from George Webb, an independent investigative journalist who is tracking blackberries used by the democrats on the Hill as well as tracking the “Awan brothers” scandal regarding the over-compensated (Pakistani Intelligence) ISI IT specialists hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz – they had access to multiple National Security agencies with top secret access.
    EXCLUSIVE: House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs Committee Members Compromised By Rogue IT Staff

    Keep in mind, US Navy SEAL, William ‘Ryan’ Owens, 36 lost his life, and three other Americans were wounded in the Yemen raid because of intel breach which could have been a result of the “Awan Brothers” , the overpaid “IT” specialists had top security access to intel from 31 democrats particularly access to intel from The Select Intelligence Committee of The House, Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs
    (perhaps also related…. the death of SEALS Extortion 17)
    “Seth Rich was alive, sitting upright, and talking nearly two hours after being shot” – George Webb
    Two assailants were seen on surveillance video at the convenience store directly across the street from the site where Seth was shot.

    Wikileaks/ Anon
    “Did Seth Rich take a DNC cell phone?
    — 0HOUR1 (@0HOUR1__) October 16, 2016
    — 0HOUR1 (@0HOUR1__) October 16, 2016
    August 2016, Julien Assange discusses DC shooting of wikileaks source

    Tweet from John Podesta Feb.22, 2015
    “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it”

    Here’s the Link to the full email chain:

    WaPo put out the fake Trump story 1 hour after the #SethRich story broke to distract from it. Podesta works for WaPo. 100% collusion.

  3. Also consider George Webb’s suggestion that 650k Hillary emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop may have gotten there by sync’ing with Huma Abedin’s blackberry.
    Recall all the lost/misplaced blackberries during Hillary’s tenure as SoS and during Obama’s terms – were these devices disposed of when the contents could prove detrimental to their positions if discovered? Is this how the surreptitious Iran deal took place?
    Perhaps using the “blackberry sync” logic, Seth Rich – if as the anonymous tweet suggests Seth took a DNC cell phone / could the email dump taken place via a DNC blackberry which sync’d with wikiLeaks device?

  4. We have a lot of speculation and some circumstantial evidence but no hard evidence, as is normal when the Clintons are involved crucial evidence has disappeared and was probably destroyed. We also have incomplete investigations and witness or family members who are “probably” scared to tell the truth or push for the murder to be fully investigated. The successful murders are one of the reasons the Clintons think they will never be put on trial for their many crimes.

  5. Shortly after this news broke the Comey memo surfaced, now this is old news and the left hopes it will be forgotten by the time the Comey meme is disproven.

  6. Last Fall I heard an interview with Julian Assange on tv in which he said that the DNC emails were the result of leaks and not hacks and the person who supplied them had ready access to them, they didn’t have to be hacked. Since then I’ve believed they were supplied by a DNC employee. When Seth Rich was murdered, I believed it was him. I think it was a professional hit and the murderer will never be found.

    • Add to that, Julian Assange has put the only ever reward out there for information leading to the killer of Seth Rich. When asked why, he said “We have to protect our sources”.

      Im not sure what else we need to know what this was.

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