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9 Replies to “The Rebel on official Canadian sharia compliance”

  1. Canada is very far down the slope leading to full tyranny, given how far down the slope they have moved I hope that all Canadian Members of the Rebel and this blog have bug out plans because it is looking like they are going to need them.

  2. Poor Canadians; they should understand by now that according to Sharia — which they’ve been embracing as a defense against the racism slur — human rights is human rights according Islamic law and therefore infidels have no human rights.

    I pity Canadians for having their heads stuck in sand and not being BRAVE enough to look the truth in the eye: Your government means you HARM if you don’t bow to Mohammed.

    • Canada doesn’t have an Electoral College.

      If we had to go with flat “democracy”, we’d have mob rule that would make us look like NYC, the urban Black jungle, and the Looney Left coast.

      Thank heaven our Founding Fathers saved our bacon. Our Canadian friends here deserve all the support we can give them. They’re standing in the breech; they don’t need patronizing comments from us.

      We can be alert to opportunities to help, and those of us who pray already know what to do.

      • Imagine:
        My 14 year old boy discovered the beauty of the electoral college system this year on his own. He memorized the number of electors for each state. He compared it to flat “democracy” and was amazed by its superiority. He immediately understood that without it the “flyovers” would not have had enough influence in the election. Instead, he understood how this system gave freedom one last chance.

        He went to school to tell others of his newfound knowledge and was called a fascist and told to shut up.

        • Tell your boy that we are all proud of him and that he doesn’t want to let the fascist in the school stop him from learning and thinking for himself.

          • As I understand it, Canada’s entire system IS an electoral collage.

            In fact its why I am amused when Canadians trash the US system because of the EC. They claim if 50%+1 vote for person X then person X must be president.

            They say that when no Canadian PM EVER won an election with over 50% except conservative John Diefenbaker.

            Our system divides the country into ridings, each of about 100,000 people. Each riding has one seat and they send to Parliament whatever person wins more votes in that riding than the rest. With 3 parties, that means 33% + 1 but it can be less. With 4 parties, that can mean 25% + 1. The idea is so that a few big cities cannot rule forever over all the rural people and farmers. Its basically the exact same principle as the electoral college. And its what makes the US a representative democracy instead of what people think that means. Mob rule.

      • You are right, I try not to say too much about Canada because it isn’t my nation and I understand that the way their system works gives the big cities the ability to ignore what the rest of the country wants. The Parliamentary system has massive faults which our Founding Fathers understood and took care to avoid. They set up a system that would allow everyone to have an equal say in the way the nation is governed. Right now the electoral collage is under attack because it does prevent the big cities from dominating the government.

      • The gentleman in the video clearly did not understand that his notion of Human Rights varied materially from that of Muslims whose #1 goal is to impose Sharia wherever and whenever possible on clearly uninformed or disinterested peoples.

        If to point that out is patronizing, then I will gladly wear the tag, Yucki.

        The West is slowly waking to the horrors they’ve permitted to grow within their living environments; and I will argue it’s because they’ve been Amusing Themselves To Death, as Neil Postman has written about — and because they believed the lies “their betters” were telling them.

        They’ve traded in their Western Christian values for atheistic Postmodernism and this is the consequence.

        Abandoning the transcendant leaves you vulnerable to “might makes right” and without a faculty for judging truth from lies.

  3. Human Rights
    Are written for delights.
    Not for Equality
    The Offended are shocked
    By these frights:
    Unbelievers revere sanity.

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