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8 Replies to “Important video on the Islamification of schools in the USA”

  1. My question is; what is the school board thinking? Who got to them?
    If the photo of children “assuming the position” is from their district, how can they condone this? You’re partnering with CAIR? Are you kidding me? An unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial?
    I’ll ask again, who got to these morons?

    • Starting in the 1950s the far left started trying to gain control of the eudcational establishment in the US, by the 1990s they controlled over 90% of it and by now that percentage is probably well over 98%.

      Actions like this are why so many conservatives opposed the Federal Department of Education, it allowed the Federal Government to use monetary grants to control the local school districts.

      Who got to those Morons?

      The Deep State in DC and other leftists in California.

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