Viktor Orban speaks to the EU about Soros and migration

Yesterday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited the European Parliament and laid out Hungary’s position on the CEU and other contentious issues. He emphatically declared that George Soros is hostile to Europe and the euro. He insisted that the EU must abide by its own regulations and the treaties that comprise its legal basis, which all member states have agreed to.

Thanks to Gates of Vienna for above description. The occasion, was a special session on Hungary, held by the EU.


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7 Replies to “Viktor Orban speaks to the EU about Soros and migration”

  1. This man has done everything he can do to stop a migrant flow into his country.
    Is he being listened to in the EU parliament?

  2. Mr. Orban is _Israel_.
    Doesn’t matter that he’s right, he can’t win there. And he won’t give up. He can’t. Simple as that. Deal with it.

    There was a great response from an Italian MEP in Readers’ Links, right after an old clip of Nigel Farage. Supportive and funny. It’s easy to get the gist – the Italian is very pure.

  3. Maybe the globalists want a Balkan war to dismantle resistance by all counties and reopen the corridor to Europe. Italian public opinion will hamper the Mediterranean tard harvest by the end of this coming gruesome summer. A little war replete with typical home-cooked Balkan savagery would surely galvanize world opinion behind NATO and European forces to rescue the beleaguered invading snowflakes. Only then can the Ottoman Empire truly rise from the ashes and the caliphate be reborn. Only then can the Hungarian dam burst for the Islamic flood. If only this little pest, this stubborn stump, this ghost of Janos Hunyadi would step aside so Soros can see the fruits of his nation-erasing labours come to be before he croaks.

    The EU masters must be tiring of all this civil discourse nonsense. Tyrants are impatient.

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