After exploding in mid air, commercial aircraft crashed into supermarket in Portugal

This link is for The Express. No doubt videos and more news will appear. It could be spontaneous combustion of a 4 seater aircraft but in these times where Islam weaponizes all the  crafts of civilization, it bears examination.

The plane, a Piper PA-31TR Cheyenne II registered in Switzerland, had just taken off from an aerodrome in Tires, close to the town of Cascais.

It is reported to have left Geneva three days ago before making a stop in the southern French port city of Marseille and continuing on to Tires.

The crash happened just after midday local time.

Witness Almerinda Ferreira, 67, told Publico. “I heard a big bang. The people were very afraid and began to flee.

“The staff said to stay calm, but no one listened. It was pandemonium.”

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  1. …in these times where Islam weaponizes all the crafts of civilization, it bears examination.

    Ever since the 9-11 Atrocity, it is incumbent for all thinking people to regard these attacks as jihadism until proven otherwise. The entire evidence-gathering process and witness interviews should be conducted with this one fact in mind. It is dreadful to think how many terrorist killings have been dismissed as simple crimes due to law enforcement’s self-censorship about Islam.

    Whether they were pivotally involved or not, ISIS continues to claim responsibility for attack after attack. Isn’t it high time to simply presume their involvement and go from there? If ISIS wants to claim bragging rights to these barbaric acts, give them full credit and punish them accordingly. The recent MOAB bombing in Afghanistan was a splendid example of this. Kill one of our Green Berets, see your entire cave complex and its occupants pulverized into oozing gravel.

    At the very least, ISIS should come to realize just how ill-thought-out it is to keep taking credit for all of this slaughter. The moment we get them to STFU is when their recruitment process begins to break down. Just interfering with that one segment of their operations can lead to huge gains elsewhere.

    Much the same can be said for Islam as a whole and that represents the next phase in this war of attribution. If Islam wants to weaponize all aspects of Western life, then all attacks on the West should cause immediate repercussions for Islam. Reciprocity should be policy within the West.

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