Australia, England, Sweden, Canada, all share stories of enrichment. Links one on April 1 2017

2. Inside Australia’s Supermax prison. Or is it a mosque.

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3. The explosion at the French carnival may be an example of incompetence rather than malice. Interestingly, we live in times where malice is far more likely. But this was likely just incompetence.

4. Toronto Canada: What happens when you take away the right to voice our dissent?

(I do like the Jerusalem Cross hoodie. Must get one)

5. Once again, Canada’s CBC manages to spin Muslims as the victims of Islamic jihad

6. $1000 CASH REWARD For Recording Islamic Prayers In Peel Schools

CBC has this article on his offer.

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  1. Canadian man offers $1K reward for recordings of Muslim students praying (tribune, Apr 1, 2017)

    “A controversial video posted online made waves in Canada as it called for people to send in videos of Muslim students, offering $1,000 reward to whomever did so.

    The three and a half minute long video was posted to YouTube on March 29 by Kevin J Johnston of the online publication Freedom Report.

    Freedom Report calls itself “Canada’s best and most honest news outlet”. Previously, Johnston also attempted to stop the development of the Meadowvale Islamic Centre.

    In the video, Johnston says people should make videos of Muslims students praying. He also says that the video ‘must’ contain hate speech (which will be found through a team of translators) and the student must be identified by name and face. Moreover, the video must be submitted within 24 hours of being recorded. If it meets this criteria, the person who submits the video will receive a reward of $1,000.

    Speaking to CBC News, Johnston says his motivation for asking people to send in these submission stems from his belief that public schools are “supposed to be secular — we want our schools to focus on education only.”…”

  2. 4 – Governments only take away the right to dissent when they know the majority of people oppose what they are doing, history shows that this is always a mistake because usually (well over 90% of the time) this leads to a very violent and bloody civil war.

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