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10 Replies to “Obama guilty of the Espionage act?”

  1. We can dream but the Dems are going to fight tooth and nail to prevent any investigation that would show either one committed a crime. Personally I am sure both committed enough crimes that the total sentence should run into the hundreds of years.

  2. You can call Hillary’s play for pay abuse of highly classified espionage, sedition and treason. The left will fight that truth to their death. It now appears that Obama spied on president elect Trump – thus you have something infinitely worse than Watergate.

    • Yes it is many orders of magnitude worse then Watergate, this and his subsequent actions are direct assaults on the rule of law and all Freedom in the US. Starting either late in the 19th or early in the 20th Century the radical left started working to turn the West into a Marxist hell hole, They have continued their assault on freedom and critical thought despite the failure of all other Marxist nations, their arrogance knows no bounds and they are sure they can defeat human nature and make Marxism work.

      Obama is the latest God Emperor that the left has chosen for the US. He is the one they think can make it to the throne of absolute rule by fiat and allow them to force society into the path they have chosen for us. The fact that their path will lead to the destruction of all freedom and a return to barbarism is something the left ignores, after all they are special and they can create a society where no one ever wants for anything besides freedom. Their society will be composed of social classes which will determine what your job will be, what your income will be and what your education will be. The top layers of the class system will have all of the latest medical discoveries and will continue to live longer then the previous generations. The bottom layers of the class system will have little medical help and will die young. I like to think of their dream utopia as a neo feudal society with the left as the nobles and royals and the rest of us as serfs. To achieve their goals they are willing to sacrifice anyone and anything as long as they end up ruling the rest of us and having the ability to force us to obey any whimsical order they give.

      • You put it well. Too well, it’s depressing.

        But that’s the macro – people live in the micro. And there’s where individual choices are made.

        Some Soviet Refuseniks were so confined, their only remaining autonomy was that of the two-year-old: the power of _NO_.

        Many died. Others survived by the grace of the living G-d who gave them the strength to remain steadfast. I take their experience as inspiration, examples of personal courage within the human soul.

        Natan Sharansky is the most optimistic person I’ve ever known. Though he may see a future every bit as dystopian as you describe, he stays grounded in the practical.

        His responsibility as head of the Jewish Agency – Diaspora rescue – is immense: what’s the situation? what’s the timeframe? what will we need? where to? what’s next?

        Most North Americans are descendants of people who refused to submit to the kind of pressures you describe. Our forefathers took what looked like their best shot. It may be our turn soon.

        Let the losers marinate in gloom and doom. We’ll be too busy sorting out logistics. Practical measures that might – just maybe! – give us and ours more options.

        Fighting City Hall and protecting our communities. Maybe survivalists are onto something. When will we start evacuating vulnerable European children? Anybody watching the Canaries?

        • Let the losers marinate in gloom and doom. We’ll be too busy sorting out logistics. Practical measures that might – just maybe! – give us and ours more options.

          Fighting City Hall and protecting our communities. Maybe survivalists are onto something. When will we start evacuating vulnerable European children? Anybody watching the Canaries?

          I don’t mean to be depressing, the left is so close to taking over the entire west that they can’t back down. They have to continue their attacks even when it is looking like they have once again lost and this time will be wandering in the wilderness for (hopefully) a Century or more. No on to your closing paragraphs.

          No we shouldn’t roll around in pity crying for protection, we need to work to preserve as much of civilization as we can while we are fighting to preserve freedom.

          Yes the survivalists have some good points, the idea that we should not as individuals prepare for disasters is something the left pushed to try and keep the US and other western nations from preparing to protect out citizens in case of a nuclear exchange between the USSR and the US. You can see this idea in the way they oppose missile defense systems. The survivalists were the ones who rejected the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction and who worked to ensure the survival of their families. They were vilified for this, just as the “preppers” are vilified by the left for being ready to survive a disaster. I didn’t the and don’t now have money enough to be a full fledged survivalists or prepper but I do have some things to help me survive in case of a disaster.

          When will we start at evacuating European kids? Not until the organic animal by product hits the air circulatory system big time. I have thought about this a lot and wish we were more prepared for the coming mess and had programs in place to evacuate children and also the art works that are part of our mutual history and culture.

          I pay attention to the canaries as much as I can but I am limited to what is published and I don’t know which Jewish sources are trustworthy and which are working for our enemies.

          • If the Left is taking over the West, let’s set up headquarters in the East.
            That’s not glib, that’s civil defense. It’s all about flexibility. We’re not talking about winning battles; this mission is to save lives of noncombatants.

            Though I can’t win the fight where I’m standing now, I most certainly don’t cede my stake here: I was here first, my gravesite is here. But given the situation, a strategic withdrawal is the best alternative. I’ll return with an army behind me.

            It’s not time for that here in North America. We might be spared the worst of it. I’m looking at Europe.

            Europe must have a Plan B. Probably France first.

            Let’s hope situation reports are more professional than the noble, but futile resistance we’ve seen. Remember how police dragged a priest and his congregation from the Church? Contrast that with the mosque mob who’d taken over Clichy.

            There’s nothing noble about the sacrifice of vulnerable women and children and people unfit for war. Helpless ethnic Europeans will chewed up by those for whom human life is cheaper than the dirt on which they squat.

            Civil defense teams can organize zones that can be secured when urban conflict flares. Phased withdrawals are possible, other strategies short of evacuation have to be considered.

            Just one resource off the top of my head: that retired Foreign Legion General – abused by agents of the French government! – he has a wealth of experience, knows people who know people.

  3. Justice or no justice .
    Nunann is protecting himself. Got FBI testimony of Montgomery 2 years ago. Now he is crying out:help. Liar politician traitor , jail for life!

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