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6 Replies to “Did the FBI want Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller shot in Garland Texas?”

    • You do believe in understatements don’t you?

      You can’t overstate the importance of this discloser this is a game changer that will probably be ignored by most of the media and Congress. This is a tactic of a communist dictator, and it has probably happened in all western nations in the recent past. The left has worked hard to destroy the rule of law and way too many police officers have decided that they must obey orders no matter how illegal they are.

  1. How could Barri Soetoro could become pResident of USA?
    Where are the weapons of mass destruction that “justified ” war in Iraq?
    Barri Soetoro stole the election in 2008? 2012?
    Ted Cruz, attorney, Harvard graduated, born in Canada who does not know the constitution NBC vs Naturalized citizen ran for Prez.
    Montgomery lawyer who represented Washington madam (black book) who hung herself in Florida , whistleblower, testified for Zullo (Birther), represented by Larry Klayman (Birther)?

    Congress, SCotus have been silenced about the biggest fraud of history.
    They lied and people died.

  2. I have no inside information on this, and like everyone else, this is news to me. It is too early to come to a definitive conclusion, but as a retired DEA agent, I do have some immediate reactions.

    First of all, when the CBS report refers to “an FBI undercover agent”, I don’t preclude the possibility that this could actually be an FBI informant. The news media has long had a habit of not differentiating between the two. There is a significant difference.

    Secondly, I find it absolutely incredible that the FBI would allow the suspects to get to the convention center and begin the attack without taking them down beforehand at some point when the conspiracy was complete and the case could be proved. This was, in fact, a conspiracy between at least two men. In conspiracy law, the crime is complete when an agreement to break the law has been made and one or more of the co- conspirators commits an overt act (legal or illegal) in furtherance of the conspiracy. Obtaining the weapons would be an example and beginning the journey to Garland would be another. It seems clear that if an FBI agent was following them in another car, they could have been arrested at any point say when they stopped to eat along the way. If an FBI agent were actually in a following car, there would also be surveilling agents following as well, and the situation would be “under control”. Letting it continue to the convention center and allowing the terrorists to alight with their weapons would be totally irresponsible in terms of public safety. Even if the FBI wanted them to reach the venue, it would seem obvious that a massive trap would have been awaiting them. As it was, the terrorists were shot and killed by local security police.

    Something clearly doesn’t add up here.

    Is it possible that the mystery man was actually some sort of informant who had not alerted the FBI as to what was happening? Given the circumstances, that seems plausible. Use of informants, while necessary, is always risky and must be accompanied by maximum control.

    As to Robert Spencer’s allegations that the FBI actually wanted him and Geller dead, I have a hard time accepting that. Besides, there were 100 other people inside that building attending the event. Who knows how many would have died if those two men actually got inside the building?

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