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4 Replies to “It may have been ‘legal’, but it wasn’t right”

  1. “Intelligence Reports Reveal Improper Political Surveillance of Trump, Transition Team” by Bill Gertz – March 23, 2017

    “Intelligence Expert: Obama Committed Surveillance Crimes – Should be Jailed (Video)” by Jim Host – March 23, 2017

  2. The media is in on the whole cover up. Heads need to roll.

    Woman Appears Live On CNN & MSNBC At The Same Time! Fake News Proof!

  3. Trump’s Wall Costs $21.6 Billion; Illegal Immigration Costs $148.3 Billion Per Year—Do The Math

    Illegal immigrants are expensive, despite what open-borders and open-market activist groups like the Cato Institute think.

    Not only do illegal aliens cost the government far more far more than they pay in tax, but they increase competition for work, which drives wages down and causes unemployment for citizens who can’t work for $2 an hour (due to obvious legal impediments).


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