Turkey’s Erdogan seems headed for an Ottoman Empire sequel. ‘He’s back, and now he’s mad’

The Express has this story:

TURKISH leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has insisted he will lead the world to “rise up” against Germany as tensions between the two nations continue to escalate.

President Erdogan has launched a series of attacks on Berlin after officials cancelled rallies aimed at courting an estimated 1.5 million ethnic Turkish voters in Germany before an upcoming referendum.

The Turkish leader accused of Nazi-type behaviour after the pro-Erdogan rallies were banned, in a widening backlash that also includes Austria and the Netherlands.

President Erdogan told a rally in Istanbul: “We will talk about Germany’s actions in the international arena and we will put them to shame in the world’s eyes.

“If I want to, I will come to Germany. If you don’t let me in or if you don’t let me speak, I will make the whole world rise up!”

For those that forgot, Erdogan did a special photo op a few years ago where he stood on the steps of his new Ceausescu like palace, and had the stairs lined with men in costumes from various periods of the Ottoman Empire.

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3 Replies to “Turkey’s Erdogan seems headed for an Ottoman Empire sequel. ‘He’s back, and now he’s mad’”

  1. Since Erdogan is part of the MB and so are ISIS and most of the Sunni terror groups how many trained Islamic fighters has been infiltrated into Germany disguised as “refugees”? We know many (probably several thousand) military age men have left the refugee centers without out permission and disappeared. Are these men part of the reason that Erdogan is talking big?

    If Erdogan declares war on Germany how many of the Sunni’s will follow him in the attack? Will the MB declare him Caliph?

    • Mere technicality (e.g. to be declared the caliph/successor to the notorious Mahound). He is already considered the sultan (i.e. someone in power) formally, informally, figuratively, literally and so on…

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