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3 Replies to “Geert Wilders with Ezra Levant”

  1. We as right thinking Americans and those of the under ground counter coupe have derailed the train of one world government, Soros and NGOS, Bush cartel, Obama’s OFA, Hillery’s pay for play, one law for her and one law for the deplorables, propagandizing MSM, politicalized federal courts that are seated for life, ANTIFA who, by disrupting violence, are trying to make America ungovernable. Americans vote to govern themselves by asking someone, not to govern we the people, but to act as we govern them to act no more no less. If the elected do more or less then our votes represent that is sedition, terrorism, subversion of our constitution, espionage all to bring about the down fall of the United States which is prosecutable. In the extreme, punishable by death. We the citizens of America are very serious about our God given rights, “do not tread on us” for we will bury your false prophet in unhallowed ground. Code red.

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