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11 Replies to “Jordan Peterson: You cannot force me to respect you. (It has to be earned)”

  1. This forcing of respect from others is due to the inadequacy within themselves.

    A Muslim wants to be a real man, a Feminist to be a real woman and a Homosexual a real person. Children with their identity stolen from them. Islam, Socialism and Fake Lives Matter are simply societies created for these actors to remain hidden in plain sight. They only become as naked as Adam and Eve when sanity approaches. Hence all abused are kept blind to nursing their thorns in their sides by being informed of an Epic World-wide Battle and turned into social jihad warriors.

    It’s not their fault they are told, for their is suffering. It’s your for not believing in them. And that’s criminal.

  2. I have always found that the people who demand respect have no respect for others.

    Respect is just like love, trust, honor, loyalty and, yes, even plain old money … it has to be earned. There is no other justifiable path to any of them or many other profound virtues.

    An unmerited demand for respect is identical to an unmerited demand for sex—it’s just another form of rape, except that it’s happening at a (non-physical but not-much-less important) moral or ethical level. This comparison in no way means to diminish how despicable sexual rape always has been. Instead, it intends to highlight the intense criminality (and parasitism) of those who expect such sacrosanct personal values to be surrendered unquestioningly, unchallenged, and without any perceptible demonstration of reciprocity.

    If anything, this is one of the most valid, core disputes with Islam that Western Civilization rightfully has. Islam automatically expects deference without the slightest display of reciprocity. It amounts to an insistence upon a philosophical form of jizya (i.e., tribute). This demand for unilateral esteem—routinely backed by a tacit or unspoken threat of violence—is nothing other than the ploy of a schoolyard bully and every bit as immature, at best.

    When one examines the prevalence of rape, violent coercion, and extortion that accompanies Islam at every turn, it rapidly becomes apparent that—just as with any miscellaneous kindergarten-level bully—the sole functional resolution of such flagrant intimidation is the same as throughout all history … a beatdown of epic proportions.

    This is just one more reason why all exhibitions of Islamic terrorism mandate immediate and massively disproportionate retaliation. Islam’s adamant and doctrinally-based refusal to reciprocate at even the most basic levels of human dignity represent an implicit need for, not just resistance or opposition but, instead, the harshest sort of punitive reprisal.

    The fact that—and necessity of—such pitiless, remedial efforts amount to sheer, brute force, behavioral modification which must be applied at a level that most dumb animals never require, merely indicates how imperative it is to transform this sort of automatic and ruthless retribution into an inflexible policy.

    Saddest of all is how it’s only through the rigid application of such corrective methods that Islam has any hope of emerging intact from the 21st century. Jihadis are imposing upon their fellow Muslims (i.e., the ummah) an existential bottleneck which is mutually exclusive. Only one of these two aforementioned groups shall pass through the eye of this needle.

    In an ironic reflection of Islam’s obsession with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), the fact that (ostensibly) peaceful or non-hostile Muslims outweigh their terrorist counterparts by a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 is meaningless. The West’s overwhelming and insurmountable inventory of WMDs makes that 3:1 or 4:1 ratio shrink into insignificance. As in, both parties, be they ummah or jihadist, are equally vulnerable.

    Whether over one billion takfir supposedly peaceful Muslims, or just a few hundred million jihadis survive this century’s evolutionary bottleneck—namely, an inevitable, existential confrontation with Western powers—is something that is solely up to the ummah. The Muslim masses alone must decide who exits this survivalist constriction. The number of those who emerge are irrelevant. Just as whatever potential number of future terrorist WMD attacks are irrelevant with respect to the inexorable winnowing that awaits Islam.

    To conclude; the West cannot assume any responsibility for how Muslims finally decide to deal with terrorist jihadism. Only the ummah itself has any overall control regarding this onerous process. In fact, the longer that Western powers are bled out in their futile and costly (heretofore conventional) attempts at the thankless task of cleaning Islam’s house, the more likely it becomes that there will be an eventual resort to dealing with jihadism’s refractory elements through unconventional means.

    The ummah—as in this world’s Muslim population—cannot possibly afford to allow anyone else to make this decision for them. Sheer economics alone will cause most outsiders to surrender themselves over to anything that is less costly (in both blood and treasure) than the current model of unproductive and wasteful expenditure that epitomizes the vast majority of interactions with Islam.

    The clock is ticking down and Muslim indecision cannot avoid eventual interpretation as a decision in and of itself. At that time, Islam’s own interpretation of that indecision or decision will be irrelevant. At that tipping point, any dithering will be taken as an attempt to buy more time within which even more jihadist atrocities will occur.

    It is at that time when the window will close and all of Islam’s decisions will be made without its consent.

    And this is where everything comes full circle. Just as Islam expects that we (in the West) must abandon any compunction about whether Muslims should be given or denied automatic respect, the eventual outcome of such moral and ethical extortion is a world wherein Islam’s entire existence relies upon those who have tired of demonstrating the least accommodation of strident, impossible-to-satisfy, Muslim “sensibilities”.

    When that time arrives, woe betide those Muslims who have dragged their feet about purging jihadism from within the ummah’s ranks. That fateful lack of decisiveness will be the death knell for this planet’s Muslim population. Pauvre petit!

    • “Respect is just like love, trust, honor, loyalty and, yes, even plain old money … it has to be earned.”
      If I beat you to a pulp, aren’t Muhammad’s lessons learned?
      And if I legislate for love and zakat overseas
      Don’t they quickly they fill the Mosques – to be freed from all disease?
      And are not honor and loyalty bequeathed, on all Islam’s imams
      To give them halal money and avoid their fatwa damns?
      Respect therefore’s not earned; for if it is, it’s fear!
      To leave behind a hell on earth, sliced from ear to ear.
      Genderism normalizes childhood sexual deviancy
      Socialislism embodies statehood national security
      Made blasphemous to reject
      Each antichrist controller
      Who Earned The World’s Respect
      So you’ll quietly rollover.

      (Respect isn’t earned, it is given).

      • If I beat you to a pulp, aren’t Muhammad’s lessons learned?

        Ummmmm … no. All that’s been learned is to crush Mohammad’s followers like the cockroaches they are.

        Respect isn’t earned, it is given

        And your point is?

        Were I to say the same thing, it would have to include the qualifier, “voluntarily”.

        And that is the entire point. Very little, if anything, about Islam is voluntary. It is based on coercion and extortion at every turn.

        Respect has to be earned before somebody can have any reasonable hope of it being given to them. And, again, that was my entire point. Islam remains, at all times, totally unreasonable.

        • Norseradish, you covered the point very well – I just delved deeper – that if one really ever earned respect, it would be meaningless to them because they had a hand in it. Respect is nothing when was created to be drawn from others as flattery because it is then dwelled upon to be sustained; and precisely because respect can only be given – not earned – this means their substance is now reliant on how their respect-givers think.

          Therefore, only from yourself that you will actually earn respect, a self-respect from the sacrifices you made in the moment that in the long term weren’t sacrifices at all.

          Then, your character will shine through, life-affirming to the children and a life-denying threat to the three cancers of Islam, Socialism and Genderism.

          Finding the truth that will set you free to follow the way of consciousness or the earning respect from others.

          This was the respect I was getting to. Effortlessly unaware or climbing the lamp post to impress the all-seeing eye on top.

          • “Genderism” is a subset of socialism. Socialism seeks to divide and conquer using as many ludicrous taxonomies as it can. The more fictional the better.

            Socialism seeks to create a category, create a narrative of victimhood for that taxonomy, then usurp that victimhood, real or imagined, to be used as a battering ram against classical civilization, including, but not limited to, classical thought.

            More and more articles are appearing showing contempt for science when science does not promote what Marxist thought requires of it.

            This was the day-to-day normal for the Soviet Union.

            For a really excellent and stunning expose of that, watch Dog’s Decoded on

            So all this to say, “Genderism” is identifying a tactic of Marxism, an appropriate term for socialism.

            This may be a good time to mention that another tactic of leftists is to confuse people with the benefits of civilization, anything from roads to publicly funded health care, with socialism.

            They are not related.

            Socialism/communism/Marxism is all about thought control and conclusion based reasoning. It fails because its incorrect and unnatural.

            Civilization is so very successful that there is nearly always a massive surplus of wealth, which governments rightly or wrongly spend in what is supposed to be the public interest, with good, bad or neutral results.

            But whatever that is, it is not socialism.

            Socialism never has a surplus. Except for people in need. They prefer to kill off their surplus needy population instead.

          • “Genderism is a subset of Socialism.”

            Socialism is a world view. Rather than perceiving people as individuals they see them as a Diverse-Us, an equality of a collective of the hive-minded into one thought, the written thoughts of a Personality who had a Divine Association, a superior otherness the proletariat not have.

            These genderful are therefore co-opted as are the ethnicful and skinful; but they could also as easily have been a subset of Fascism with a ‘most favored’ status.

            Therefore Sexual Cultural appropriation can go both ways; for a pederast or pedophile, Islam or Socialism.

            The Genderism I therefore refer to, is of the sexual identitists who vote Democrat or Republican for opportunity and advantage. They are the masters of the disconnect from affection, and if not observed will fill the high places of Islam and Communism with the darker art of ruthlessness that Muhammad the pervert had.

          • The pecking order of perversions, (Islam throwing homosexuals off roofs and making the pederast of little girls king), or lining them up equally with heterosexual monogamy as an extremism.
            Whatever the one-eyed vision the Sexsquirrels will take over and dominate.

            Subset. Ha!

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