Once again, Muslims use ‘interfaith’ services to preach Islamic supremacy. This time at Trump.

On the morning after the inauguration, an interfaith service was held, with President Trump in attendance, featuring a wide variety of clerics from large religions.

But the Imam is the one that typically requires scrutiny at these kinds of things, as its Islam that views interfaith services as “A one way bridge to Islam” according to the IIIT who invented this nonsense in the first place.

Cut to service with Imam reading Chapter 1 Verse 1 of the koran:

To get a clear picture on why this verse matters, please read this article by Sonia Bailey at American Thinker.

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  1. Events are building to a major confrontation that will start the highly kinetic portion of WWIII, the butchers bill for that portion of the war would be a lot less if the alt left and the useful idiots were capable of learning the facts about Islam instead of keeping people in a fantasy world that is inviting a major massacure of non Moslems.

  2. Once again, Muslims use ‘interfaith’ services to preach Islamic supremacy.

    Most recently, I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops, ever since that Scotland “Interfaith” incident.

    Like many of us Islamo-Psycho Cognoscenti™, here at Vlad Tepes Blog, I’ve been hollering (for donkey’s ears) about how these “invitations to Islam” are nothing but pure dawah, whose sole intent is to pave the way for even more doctrinally-sanctioned terrorist atrocities. As in, once the mandatory canonical invitations have been made, no further warning or admonition need be given before striking the great unwashed infidels.

    Full Disclosure: Many years ago, I experienced a lot of uncertainty regarding whether Liberal enablers could, somehow, manage to cause anywhere the same degree of damage that the TERRORISTS themselves (and their actual atrocities) managed to inflict.

    Please forgive my lack of tact, BUT THAT SH!T’S OVER WITH FOREVER!

    The German whore, Angela Merkel, has proved this for all time.

    Please pardon me whilst I engage in projectile vomit.

  3. The Fatiha and the Culture of Hate

    Interpretation of the 7th verse through the centuries

    Authored by Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh

    Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam, which are: the attestation of faith, prayer, fasting, almsgiving and pilgrimage. In Islamic law, whoever denies the obligation to pray is considered apostate, punishable by death. And whoever does not pray out of laziness is considered a sinner, and must be forced to pray. Then, if he refuses, he may be put to death. This obligation to pray and the death penalty is confirmed in a book of Ibn Rushd, the famous philosopher and jurist known as Averroes.

    According to Islamic law,the five daily prayers to be performed by the Muslim are only valid if the Fatiha is recited. It is also recited at the conclusion of the marriage contract, during visits to cemeteries and on other occasions.

    The aspect that interests us in this study is the interpretation that has been given to this invocation through the centuries, especially concerning the two groups: “Those who are angered upon” and “Those who are misguided.”

    The answer to this question can be summarized in one sentence: in the overwhelming majority of exegetes: “Those who are angered upon” are the Jews, and “Those who are misguided” are the Christians.

    If indeed the meaning advanced by exegetes is the one we have just mentioned, one wonders how Muslims can coexist in peace and harmony with the Jews and the Christians as they repeat this chapter at least seventeen times in their daily prayers?

    The Author
    Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh. Christian of Palestinian origin. Swiss citizen. Doctor in law. Habilitated to direct researches. Professor of universities (CNU-France). Responsible for Arab and Islamic Law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (1980-2009). Visiting professor at different French, Italian and Swiss universities. Director of the Centre of Arab and Islamic Law. Author of many books, including a French, English and Italian translation of the Quran.


    The Fatiha and the Culture of Hate

    PDF – Download :


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