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10 Replies to “Recent developments in the far left violent extremist disruptors videos and reportage”

  1. Speechless with thanks for your reporting and broadcasting!
    “My story before tomorrow’s event”
    Organizers, who are charging up to $2,500 a ticket, were even forced to change the DeploraBall venue, a metaphor of sorts for a fringe movement trying to find its way deeper into Washington’s power circles. According to the party’s invitation, Trump adviser Roger Stone, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and James O’Keefe, a conservative political activist, are among those expected to attend.

  2. (Bump this one to the top of the Pardon list.)
    “They seem to think it is just a prank, and I would refer them to the Dept. of Justice’s website — This is actually a felony,” he continued.”
    “They are on video saying they are going to commit terrorism at the Deploraball,” he continued. “They purchased a ticket. Three of them did. That is an overt act taken in furtherance of the conspiracy… We’re in touch with the FBI, local police, and we are filing also a civil action.”

      • I hope they fall victim to their own violence.

        We could not agree more, James Boom. In fact, the very best way of ensuring this outcome is to implement a diligent Israeli-style campaign of targeted assassinations. There are few better ways of stimulating internecine strife than by creating “room at the top”.

        As in, capping the @ss of some head honcho jihadist is guaranteed to breed up a power vacuum that generates truly serious internal competition. Although a close (and quite laudable) contender, not even the superb efforts of Mossad has opened up the sort of “address book” that these contenders share amongst each other.

        Allowing these scumbags to “sort things out” amongst themselves (preferably with bomb vests and AK-47s), represents one of the most destructive constructive ways of obtaining a genuinely positive outcome.

        After all, what more cost-efficient method is there when it comes to winnowing out the incompetents or marginally-talented individuals whose skills might (otherwise) best be directed towards assuring that Islam purchases a clue about where global jihad will guide their “leadership”—not to mention directing the fate of some billion innocent Muslims that blindly have been led to the sacrificial altar?

  3. Sweet merciful crap!!!

    Even as I refuse to give Huffpo Hopuff a scintilla of (never-earned) credit, if this work by Project Veritas results in (either) interdiction of efforts to disrupt the inauguration—difficult to prove, I know—or the more desirable outcome of (as Richard has desired) serious hard time for these traitorous b@stards, the Union will be all that much stronger because of it.

    It is difficult in the extreme to allocate even a slight amount of credibility to these anti-American traitors—whether they temporarily currently reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or in their braggingly single parent’s basement.

    There is no small irony in how the abhorrently criminal, “Patriot Act”, has enabled investigation, pursuit, apprehension, arraignment, and prosecution of “supposed” US citizens who seek to defile America’s hallowed and unprecedented ability to peacefully transfer the reigns of power FOR WELL OVER TWO HUNDRED YEARS.

    Perish the fü¢king thought that such an unparalleled accomplishment might represent an achievement that merits vigorous Conservation preservation due to how it outshines every other fecking country on EARTH.

    Buuuut noooooooooooooo!!!

    [/John Belishi]

    • Given the videos shown conspiracy should be easy to prove and that is a felony, not as long in the pen as terrorism but it is a start.

      Remember this is just one of the groups, we have no idea about how many more are out there thinking that the police will be concentrating on the attacks in the videos and ignoring their plans. Michael Moore (aka the fat pig) is according to his own speeches planning 100 days of protests and riots. We also don’t know what BLM is planning, but they are probably so infiltrated by police spies that they can be arrested for conspiracy also.

      Old Russian Proverb, when 3 set down to plot revolution 1 is a fool and 2 are police spies.

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