Muslims in Toronto do dawa, meaning prepare the ground for jihad: Links 1 on Jan. 13 – 2017

1, Opposition firm behind fake Trump dossier also hired by Planned Parenthood to spin the videos on how they sell baby parts from abortions they perform.

The opposition research firm that hired a former British spy to dig up dirt on Donald Trump is the same shady outfit that was hired by Planned Parenthood to put a positive spin on videos showing the sale of baby parts.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Washington D.C.-based Fusion GPS is the firm that hired Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the salacious but unsubstantiated 35-page Trump dossier that was published by BuzzFeed on Tuesday.

2. Additional investigations, this time of the FBI, seem to be taking place concerning the endless obvious breaches of law by H. Clinton. NYT puts it this way.

3. Germany to return new asylum seekers to Greece from March

Germany will begin returning asylum seekers to Greece from mid-March, an interior ministry spokesman told AFP on Thursday, essentially lifting a five-year suspension on such transfers because of poor conditions there.

Under the EU’s so-called Dublin rules, would-be refugees must file for asylum in the first member-state of the bloc they enter, often the Mediterranean nations of Greece and Italy.

If asylum seekers have travelled on to other EU nations, they are to be returned to their first port of call.

But that requirement had been halted for Greece, which together with Italy has been the main point of entry for the more than one million immigrants who have entered the bloc since 2015 fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

Related, UN seems to want to move the whole of the 3rd world into Europe.

4. Al Jazeera tries to put down Denmark’s new policies of tightening the border and protecting themselves.

5. Here are two items which, when seen together, give a broader picture of how Islam operates in the wider world.’

First, this admission that mosques are used to spy on other countries by Turkey in Germany.

And this video of one of the leaders of Vlaams Belang in Belgium:

6. Muslims in Toronto explain that raping a nine year old is fine, and killing those who openly oppose tardiest is required.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, NorseRadish, Shabnam A., Xanthippa, Kathy, and many many more. Today’s Reader links is a ruby mine of material, especially about the peculiar unraveling of the US intel service’s apparent corruption. There is more to come and for those who missed it, further down is a new and fantastic Orban speech to his new “Border Hunter” squads, the first graduating class.

Wonderful pic of North Korean officers.

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6 Replies to “Muslims in Toronto do dawa, meaning prepare the ground for jihad: Links 1 on Jan. 13 – 2017”

  1. First I hope a whole lot of people in Canada see the vicious animals telling the world what they are planning and how what they think of civilized laws.

    Second I am glad to see that Denmark is joining the group of rational nations.

    Third this is just another example of the UN having outlived it usefulness. When it ceased being a group of free nations and became a club of dictators it became a waste of money.

    • Given the time until the inauguration there should be time for the chain of command to shake out most of the kinks of a new man stepping in,

    • Without wishing to indulge in (or promote) conspiracy theories, disorganizing the protection detail for Trump’s inauguration sure ups the odds of success for any assassination attempt. Nothing 0bama (redundant, I know) does anymore amazes me. His destructiveness is an exact mirror of Liberalism’s commitment to the deconstruction of Western Civilization.

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