The penalty for offending islam in the UK, may well be death: Links 1 on Dec. 30 – 2016

1, Far left wing extremist and pro Islamic media site, Euronews, does what appears to be Sunni propaganda video about Iran.

(Notice that the photos are from ISNA, a major Sunni Islamic organization who want Iran crushed as they are Shiia, and backing Al Assad)

2. Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats in Cold War deja vu.

The United States has expelled 35 Russian spies in response to Kremlin-backed interference in the presidential election, further escalating tensions between Moscow and Washington.

The diplomatic officials from the Russian embassy in Washington and its consulate in San Francisco were deemed “persona non grata” and told to leave the country within 72 hours.

Speaking of Deja vu, from 2012

(To be as clear as possible, Assange stated flat out that the info released by Wikileaks were just that. Leaks. Not hacks, And the leaks were not of Russian origin. While Assange did not say who did leak the materials, there were indicators that it was the DNC insider who mysteriously died in front of a train in 2016.)

3. Back to some real voter fraud though: Muslim admits to cheating the vote for REMAIN in the Brexit.

4. Attacker ‘tried to pull girl, 12, off her horse and kidnap her’ as she rode alone through woods in Manchester

A man attempted to pull a 12-year-old girl off a horse as she rode alone through woodland.

The girl was out on the horse in Tottington Lines, near Manchester, at around 3pm when she was approached by a man blocking her path.

The man said he wanted to speak to her but when she tried to get away he grabbed the horse’s reins, causing the animal to run off, carrying the girl to safety. […]

The attacker was described as being aged in his late 20s, around 6ft 2ins tall with dark skin and a beard and ‘scratches over his face’.

He was wearing a black hoodie and said to be ‘missing teeth’.

5. Daily top FIVE at the Rebel:

(A good list of worthy items.)

6. Gates of Vienna: The Civil Organizations of Soros Infect Like a Trojan Virus

The following article about the machinations of Soros-backed NGOs originally appeared in the Hungarian daily Magyar Id?k. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

The Civil Organizations of Soros Infect Like a Trojan Virus

Analysts were warned several years ago about the Open Government Cooperation

At the time, several US analysts sharply criticized the Open Government Cooperation, which Hungary left a few days ago — and then the news MSM fired a salvo at our government. As one of the overseas authors at the time warned: the International Convention has a George Soros ‘virus’ embedded, and it was a concern, that “civilian organizations” will exercise their right to arbitrage under the influence of the speculator.

7. Russia closes UK US Canadian diplomat’s kids school in Moscow.

(I hope Obama gets what he wants out of whatever it is he did to cause all this)

A well sourced comprehensive list of the Obama sanctions against Russia is available via Business Insider –SEE HERE– In response, Russian officials warned Thursday that there will be “countermeasures” to the sanctions.

cartoonspyAdditionally, in an apparent retaliation effort against President Stompy Feet, Moscow has closed the International School where the kids of most western diplomats attended.

8. Matt Drudge suggests U.S. government cyberattack on Drudge Report website

Matt Drudge wondered aloud Thursday evening whether his popular site was the object of a U.S. government cyberattack.

Via the Twitter account for his Drudge Report, he said his news-aggregation site is the victim of the “biggest DDoS since site’s inception,” referring to a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

“Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT?” he asked, adding that there was “VERY suspicious routing [and timing].”

Thank you Sassy, M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Richard, Oz-Rita, and all. We have some new people as well. Thank you for adding your thoughts and links, and a worthy correction by a Romanian, I believe, who explained that the nixing of the Muslim PM was actually an internal squabble and the President of Romania who nixed her as PM was actually a pro-Muslim leftist.

Computer problems have slowed my output somewhat today but everything should be at 115% of normal by Monday.

The title of this post refers to a story linked in the Rebel top Five in item 5 above.

A man in the UK, who, along with several fellow travellers, placed a few strips of bacon on a mosque doorknob, and I think also placed a ham sandwich on the steps of a mosque.

The BBC story is here.

The man died today in prison during his year long sentence. The women charged along with him, naturally faced no prison time for the same ‘crime’ as the men, all of whom were put in prisons for some months.

There is an investigation started on his death, but so far, no other information is given on the how and who.

It is very difficult to imagine that the government did not in fact, give this man a death sentence for what should have been at most, and please forgive me for this, a ‘porking ticket.’

British jails are full of violent and religious muslims. And placing a man who did no harm to anyone in jail, for a crime muslims would feel worthy of killing someone for, is a death sentence.

I doubt this man’s death will be the rallying cry that will send people into the streets demanding the return of rule of law and an end to this unofficial sharia that the UK has submitted to.

But I am not altogether sure it shouldn’t be either.

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8 Replies to “The penalty for offending islam in the UK, may well be death: Links 1 on Dec. 30 – 2016”

  1. The BBC story of the man dying in prison is very disturbing.
    A few slices of bacon ended up in his death while others screeching Death to the Infidel are protected by the government and police.
    The penitentiary hold responsibility since he was placed among Muslims and we all know Muslims in jail are devout Muslims. The stress alone could have killed him.

  2. I knew they would stone me to death or sell me’: British sex slave held captive and raped nightly for 13 years reveals she finally escaped when they planned to take her to Pakistan

    ‘Anna Ruston’ penned tragic story of 13 years of abuse from taxi driver ‘Malik’
    He abducted her at 15 because he knew no-one would miss the homeless teen
    ‘Raped her, prostituted her to other men and she had four babies that he sold’
    Authorities ‘were afraid to help her for fear of being seen as discriminatory

    A British sex slave has told how she was abducted aged just 15 by an Asian taxi driver and endured 13 years of horrific abuse while locked up in his home.

    Anna Ruston claims that her captor branded her his ‘white s***’ and repeatedly raped her, before prostituting her out to other men and ‘selling’ the four babies she gave birth to during her ordeal.

    Read more:

  3. 6 – This is an interesting theory that Soros is using Hungry as a test lab for actions designed to bring down the US. He wants to be the power behind the throne when the alt left takes over the world. He is the man who pulled the strings on the people who pulled the strings on Obama and Merkel. We know who is attacking the west but can’t get proof to allow us to fight back.

  4. 2. Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats in Cold War deja vu.

    Why shouldn’t the Russians try to influence the US election? Faced with a choice between an apparently reasonable and intelligent Republican candidate and a corrupt, incompetent, hysterically anti-Russian Democrat candidate, why shouldn’t they choose the former? Every single person on the world stage know that Barack Obama is a total disaster as POTUS and that Hillary Clinton will be four more years of the same nonsense. How can anybody with eyes in their head fail to see that Hussein Obama is an enemy agent? He embraces the Muslim Brotherhood and has had the race-murdering Al Sharpton up to the White House over a hundred times. Every single thing he’s done in office has made the USA weaker and poorer, not to mention stupider looking. The Democrats are damaging the entire world. It would be malfeasant on the part of the Russians to not try to influence the American election…

    • I want more proof then the words of people Obama appointed and have already been caught changing intel briefings to make Obama’s policies look good.

      Heavy handed interference in any election taints the victor with the stain of possible corruption. Which is the most probably motive for Obama and Hillary to start screaming and publicly worrying about computer security.Every nation and non government group or individual with the capablities has been hacking into US government computers since January 20 2009 and nothing has been done. Now the people who have been ignoring the danger of our computers being hacked are screaming about the hacks. If the Russians did hack the computers to put Trump in that means Trump is a Russian Puppet. If they didn’t the charges make it hard for Trump to govern. Since the people who voted for Hillary will (for the most part) believe the charges anything that happens will be bad and they will look to see what Russia gains and what we lose.

      Welcome to the world of Chicago politics, use vote fraud to try and steal the election and if the turn out is too large for a steal paint the winner as a crook as bad as the one who lost. That way when he is up for re-election hopefully a lot of people will decide there is no difference between the parties and not vote making it possible for the vote fraud to determine the election.

      This is why the possibility of Russia hacking the election and putting Trump in is a very serious thing. The regulars at Vlad know what a crook and traitor Obama is and what a crook and traitor Hillary is. This is why we are worried about the charges but don’t really believe them. Even so there is a nagging doubt that will take a while to go away. Putin on the other hand will want to damage a democracy so that Russia can become a major player once more but against an opponent that doesn’t have a lot of trust in the world (thanks to Soros and the other alt leftists) and is limited in their actions because of the distrust of the voters.

      Trump has put together a good team but we are entering into a very dangerous time and don’t need any nagging doubt about the honesty or loyalty of our elected and appointed officials.

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