Italians not only running out of patience for Muslims, but willing to show it

This is amazing footage. If this is what they are willing to say to a TV camera, imagine what they think.

The second video, which was very similar, was blocked world wide on CR grounds by the original creator.

The LL one above is the more powerful and informative of the two however.


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10 Replies to “Italians not only running out of patience for Muslims, but willing to show it”

  1. When those people say “there is nothing left for us” they aren’t just whistling Dixie. Did you know that the Vancouver food banks have become so depleted since Skippy Trudeau (I can’t say his name without getting a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach) decided to let tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims into the country that they are in danger of shutting down permanently? Nice legacy, eh? “The man who shut down the food banks.”. The reduction in food isn’t 10% or anything like that, it’s 75%.

    Yes, the food bank always says they are short and need donations, but this time they really mean it. And people are starting to stay away in droves because there’s no point standing in line in the rain for a small can of salmon, a few onions, and a bag of brown rice full of pantry moth eggs. I don’t see how they can stay in business if nobody comes any more and they don’t have any food anyway.

    This is exactly the kind of thing those Italians are talking about… Why are we doing this to ourselves? What the hell do we owe to to a million Jew-hating Islamists who have been our enemy since long before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue? I would love to see some jail time for the people who have engineered this burgeoning catastrophe…

    I can just see the memorandum of understanding that young Skippy signed with the Muslim leaders in exchange for their monolithic tribal vote. Kind of like the one Obama’s cousin Railla Odinga signed in Kenya…

    • Yes, they will keep voting for him until their numbers are sufficient, then they will form their own political parties. That’s when the shit will really hit the fan.

    • Thanks Chris. Well put. So am I to understand that the majority of Skippy’s new guests have gravitated to Vancouver because it’s got the warmest climate in the country, and not because they seek work to build new lives for themselves after having everything shattered by war? My father came and worked in the northern asbestos, uranium, nickel and gold mines because it paid alright. Those jobs are still there for these immigrants! But they can be hard and dangerous. Much more so 50 years ago. So you know what my father did when faced with the dirt and dust and danger and lack of light being underground for eight and a half hours a day? He did a double shift for four years! 16 hours a day. Then found time to build a house to flip. My parents, with a newborn girl, lived for a winter in the cinder block foundation of the house he was building with nothing but tarps and a wood stove over their heads. This was Elliot Lake in the 50s. Man. Can you imagine how cold it was?

      Those were tough people. Those are the people who build countries. We don’t need to import a Free Shit army. We’ve already got our own.

  2. Interesting comments. Bad odors. Trump family wont move into the white house because of the terrible smell left over from the filthy muslim Obama family

    • Obama refused to do any revovation and upgrade work on the living quarters while he was in office now Trump has to live and work across the street for the first year or so while the repair and renovations are done.

      • sickening thinking about it. The black beast
        from hell had 42 or so servants & her mother.
        2 daughters & some form of multi-sexual
        trans being in the form of Barry O’fraud, who liked his crack, powder, reefer & whatever else
        comes with a freak like that.
        Bet they are treating the WHouse like it was
        an ebola contaminate ..

  3. I don’t know if the Italians are closer to violent revolution then the other Europeans or think freedom of speech protects them. From the video they are months if not weeks away from a violent revolution that once started will spread to the entire nation and probably to other nations.

  4. How long do the leaders of Italy think this is gonna last ??
    Until they themselves have no food ??
    I am astounded the invasion has lasted this long.
    Someone has made a fortune. I’m sure they know
    who it is .. How long can this insanity go on.
    The comments on site are head shakers too..

    Truly great post gang ..

  5. I would recommend all to buy a copy of ‘The People vs Muhammad’ by JK Sheindlin. That book will scare the pants of you. It really exposes their prophet for the nutjob he really was. Order a copy today! The Muslims can’t argue with you when you know the facts.

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