The depressing moral inversion of a Trudopian Canada


Today many Canadians went to the Cenotaph to commemorate Canada’s war dead.

It was a crowd that lacked diversity in a near total way.

Oh people looked way different from one another. Groups of girls next to me appeared to be of Arab extraction, probably Christian but no way to be sure. Polite, respectful and well dressed. People from East Asia, generally a crowd with a huge variety of genetics.

But they were not diverse. They were in fact, perfectly uniform in their respect for the ceremony, as well as the members of the Canadian military who attended the ceremony.

Security was high. My party counted 10 snipers watching the crowd and what appeared to be a security aircraft overhead at all times.

But what really struck me was the prayer the public was asked to do. With the heads of thousands of people bowed, even the atheists and agnostics who no doubt made up a large percentage of the attendees, we heard more or less what one would expect. “…A future without war” and so on.

Then came the Trudopian component…

“a workplace without harassment, and no discrimination”.

In other words, we pray, if Trudeau had his way, for an end to personal freedom. Something he intends to grant no doubt with his Islamophobia bill.

Discrimination is all freedom is ever about. Who do we wish to hire. To associate with. To marry or engage with in any capacity and for whatever reasons.

And often “harassment” is whatever the “victim” decides it is at that moment. But rightly or wrongly, ending sexual discrimination for overpaid Canadian civil servants is not what these men sacrificed their lives for.

Trudeau in a couple of lines, managed to take this day and this ceremony, and make it into its own opposite. A fun house mirror of what commemorating the lives of Canadian soldiers who died to grant us the very freedoms Trudeau plans to take away.

And in true communist fashion, he intends to rewrite history to make it look like it was always that way.

What Canada needs now is a Trump.




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6 Replies to “The depressing moral inversion of a Trudopian Canada”

  1. What Canada needs now is a Trump.

    I hope you find him fast because it looks like things are going kinetic real fast. We need everyone we can get on our side.

    • Have you noticed how utterly beaten Obama looks? It almost makes me sad. His absolute worst enemy on the planet has just been elected President and is threatening to undo everything he’s done in the last eight years. What I’m trying to say is that it might turn out that it is not the Republican Party which has been most damaged, but the Democrats instead. They are wrong about everything, after all – nothing but a construct and a narrative. Being on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter and George Soros is, after all, a bad thing and history will record it as such. Maybe even Ben Affleck will stop being on the same side as CAIR – Barbra Streisand on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe some people have been wondering about their Democrat loyalties lately as they hear them chant, “Pigs in a blanket! Fry ’em like bacon!”. Maybe the Democrat Party will shrivel up and die as it should…

      • There is a good chance that the Democrat Party will disappear because of the Clintons. In 92 I told friends that if Bill was elected he would destroy the Democrats, I may be proven right because Bill was part of the reason Hillary lost, she was going to be the 5 term of Bill Clinton (Obama being 3 and 4).

        This election was not just a repudiation of the leftist philosophy but also a repudiation of the lying MSM the public has finally waken up to how they lie and twist the news to further a leftist political agenda.

        It was also a warning to the authoritarians in both parties that the rule of the self procalimed elite has come to an end, the people have had enough and are telling the professional politicians and the bureaucrats that they are our servants not our masters.

        It will take time for the damage to be repaired and freedom fully restored to America but the repair work has started.

  2. I still can’t even accept the fact of Skippy Trudeau. My mind starts falling into a nauseating pit of despair and I have to think about something else. I actually start to lose it every time I as much as think about the guy. He will most certainly do horrible damage to the country.

    Stephen Harper was the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had, but he’s more of a Mitt Romney than a Donald Trump. Trump’s got that big personality going that lets him just step over the lines like they weren’t even there. That’s what we need. Unfortunately, our mainstream media is every single little bit as biased as the American MSM, if not worse, so it would take a hell of a personality to break through that.

    There are a lot of real moonbeams out there who think that organic food and chemicals in their food and climate change and diversity are the important things in the world. How many “educated” white Canadian women think they’re the smartest thing on the planet while actually knowing nothing but the names of some left wing writers, the thoughts of some left wing professors, and the constant reassuring propaganda of CBC Radio. Moonbeams! Idiots! Arrogant people are 100% incapable of learning anything. Humility is teachability…:)

    • I try to be a good neighbor and stay out of Canadian politics but feel compelled to say that the civil war the left is starting will spill over into Canada and that may be when you new leader arises. Look at WWII, we had Churchill, Roosevelt, de Gaulle and Stalin. Of the four the only one that was really honest was Churchill although all were patriots.

      Most people don’t know about William Stephenson the British spymaster and the man that Churchill chose to flee to Canada and run the war if Britain fell. He was a Canadian Industrialist who did one hell of a good job in running the British spy machine.

      Read the book and if possible find the movies and TV miniseries about him. (I am still searching for copies of the last two but never find them when I have money enough to buy them). Any nation that produces a man like that will have others who are alive and will step up when needed.

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