Demography of Clinton voters

It seems that the number of central and South American-americans who voted from Trump went up and the number of African Americans who voted for Trump also went up.

But the number of Jews who voted for Clinton went up by EIGHT PERCENT.

For anyone who knows a Jewish person who voted Democrat, see if you can get them to watch this video, starting at the 17 minute mark.

It does need to be understood that there is a giant divide between Leftist Jews, and religious or classical liberal Jews, just as there is in any community. The problem is not that they are Jewish, but that they are leftist. Still, it must be addressed that eight percent more Jews voted for an antisemitic and anti-Israel candidate like Clinton.

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4 Replies to “Demography of Clinton voters”

  1. Leftist Jews are leftist first and Jews secondly, or thirdly.

    The leftist Jews welcome open borders for perhaps many reasons; but among them is that they feel better protected in a multiethnic environment than in one in which they are the chief (after black Americans) minority group. That’s enough for now. One could easily write 10,000 words on why reformed and traditional Jews worship the state rather than their Creator.

    • To worship a Protector-God of the unchanging alpha-to-omega, or a Protector-State of the unchanging Identity group. A, Pharisee or Sadducee. What hypnosis of an eternity of salvation for avoiding suffering from reality, could you be intimidated to chose and become instantly superior?
      Thank the Chronicals of Jesus that Israel is a secular State and therefore sane. A cultural behavioral identity that smartens with age.

  2. My family is all Republican and Jewish, but all the women voted for Clinton because they were so put off by what he said on the tape with Bully Bush, and that was it. Given another week or two, I think some of them would have come back to Trump.

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