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5 Replies to “What could possibly be causing this?”

  1. It is simply the realization that Muslims are no longer masculine. Alongside Socialists they were the men that were invited in by their thousands as part of the counterfeit LGBTQ. Now, alongside Trump they are just a bunch of camp Nazis. The anxiety has set in and they want to Tell Mama.


  2. With The Donald in the White House they know their semi free ride on the legal system is coming to an end and they are trying to find what the new go away and stop telling the truth card is going to be.

    • Egyptian MP: Trump’s Election Means ‘Dark Days for MB’

      An Egyptian lawmaker celebrated Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s U.S. presidential elections as “a strong message against Islamists.”

      Mustafa Juneidi said he was sure Trump was going to win, and said that “dark days are awaiting the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies.”

      He also said that Egypt’s relations with the US “will improve, as Trump already named President [Abdel Fatah] Sisi as a hero and a strong ally who was shunned by the Obama Administration.”

      He further said that Trump’s victory signals the victory of social media over the mainstream media that was biased in Hillary Clinton’s favor. “Trump’s election means that people no longer believe what the media tells them.”

      The prominent Kuwaiti journalist Fajr al Said, a strong supporter of Sisi, also alluded to a demonstration scheduled for Friday, which the Egyptian government accused the Muslim Brotherhood of organizing.

      “I congratulate President Sisi on Trump’s election and hard luck [sic] to the organizers of 11/11 who wanted to harness a Clinton victory to spread anarchy in Egypt.”


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