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43 Replies to “Don’t forget to grab her ruby slippers”

  1. That continues to be ironic and funny right from beginning to end. What an unapologetic display of celebration over the death of someone you don’t like. Refreshing!

    And, you know what? I really think Hillary is a wicked witch and I couldn’t be more delighted. Watch out Angela. It’s wicked witch season…

  2. In some small (or not-so-small) measure, this restores my faith in the American people.

    What awaits is Donald Trump measuring up to everything that America’s electorate deserves.

    We shall see.


      • I think he will do all he can to restore freedom to America, it will be one step (at times baby steps) at a time and take over a year, well over a year because if he is to do this legally he will have to work through Congress to do most of the reversal and repair.

        • Your church might be packed this Sunday.
          Greatful, the salt-of- the -earth has friends in high places. That’s something that can’t be bought, sold, or stolen.

  3. Now the leaders of the Western World have permission to speak the truth. Perhaps this event is a turning point in the great and existential battle against the corrosive P-C culture.

  4. See Times of Israel for reactions fr Iran Israel and “Turkey asks Trump to extradite Gulen
    Turkey’s prime minister calls on Donald Trump to extradite US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen — blamed by Ankara for the failed coup in July — as soon as he is sworn in.”

  5. Also, I believe that courageous people like Vlad and Eeyore, who go out on a limb to broadcast the Truth have played a huge part in fighting the enemy propaganda, and deserve acknowledgement! Thank you.

  6. France: USA election result ‘victory for liberty’ – Le Pen congratulates Trump

    Leader of the French far-right Front National spoke at the party’s headquarters in Nanterre, on Wednesday, following Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections.

    Le Pen said, “The decision of the American people should be interpreted as a victory for liberty, the liberty of a sovereign people.”

    Marine Le Pen, Leader of Front National (French): “What happened tonight is not the end of the world, it is the end of a world. The Americans have been given the President that they chose, and not that of the established system that was to be validated, just like an election is only a formality, in fact, to satisfy an appearance to their liking. In that respect, the decision of the American people should be interpreted as a victory for liberty, the liberty of a sovereign people, the liberty of citizens who ensure clarity from the smear of fear, or infantilisation and condescension, as attempts that were – in the end – fruitless to sway their opinion.”

    Marine Le Pen, Leader of Front National (French): “Because the only [INAUDIBLE] of France and the French is repeated here, that the election of Donald Trump is good news for our country. To refuse TFTA and, more generally, the rabid globalisation. And for the pacification of international relations – notably with Russia – the disengagement from the aggressive operations, which are the origin of the great wave of migration, of which we are direct victims. These engagements are beneficial for France.”

    Marine Le Pen, Leader of Front National (French): “The French referendum in 2005, the Greek referendum in 2015, the recent success of patriotic electorates in different European countries, the massive vote of the British in favour of Brexit – of course – and now with the election of Donald Trump. These are democratic choices that upend the old order and lay the paving that builds the world of tomorrow.”

    Marine Le Pen, Leader of Front National (French): “Permit me to offer my congratulations to the new President of the United States, and show my friendship to the free people of the USA.”

    • That one Iranian is wrong, the nuclear deal wasn’t submitted to Congress it remains a deal between Obama, Kerry and the Iranians. We can pull out at any time we want and really should.

    • Nigel, you’re a sweetheart.
      I’m grateful you came to stand beside our guy when the odds looked long. Your sense of humor and confidence in real people was the first breath of fresh air wafting over the pond.

      • I think my first real alarm bells started going off when it became apparent that Obama genuinely didn’t like Britain or the British. I remember thinking at the time that there was something fundamentally wrong with a US President who did not honor the memory of Winston Churchill or have warm feelings toward Old Blighty. Then it became apparent that he really hated Israel too. Not just some points of disagreement but genuine real hatred and prejudice. In fact, he sounded a lot like an Arab leader – relentlessly prejudiced against the Jewish State.

        Did you hear Nigel say, “He likes us!”, about Trump? How about that speech where Obama threatened to put Britain at the back of the line if they dared to leave the EU? Was that outrageous, or what?

        How the heck can practically every famous celebrity we’ve ever heard of has no problem whatsoever with any of this stuff? Who the hell are these “celebrities”? Why do they all just happen to think the exact same way? Are Jennifer and Angelina and Beyonce and Brad all actually party apparatchiks – operatives pretending to be actors pretending to be activists pretending to be real… And of course, they’re all worth millions… What’s going on? This makes no sense…

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