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5 Replies to “The violent sanctimony of the left wing elitists”

  1. I have to say that I wouldn’t walk down any street with wearing a “Donald Trump” hat for fear that some leftist would start screaming obscenities at me and calling me a “fascist mother….er” – maybe even punching me in the head. That’s how bad it’s gotten. The left has demonized the right to the point that know-nothing liberals are convinced that Donald Trump is the biggest fattest most racist mirror-sunglass-wearing southern sheriff that ever hit an innocent unarmed black boy with a police truncheon. In their minds, conservatives are so far beyond the pale that they do not have human rights, that they are enemy combatants who must be stopped, not fellow citizens.

    Both Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill observed that a disturbingly large number of ordinary people are 100% incapable of understanding current events – even to the slightest degree. The thing is that only one of those fellows thought that that was a good thing…

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