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3 Replies to “German man is shocked that a religious muslim would be involved in terrorism”

  1. A person can only wonder how long it will take the non-Muslim world to finally comprehend how taqiyya irrevocably damns Islam. There is no possibility of trust … EVER. Even if Islam, as a whole, were to publicly and vehemently disavow taqiyya, how could anyone else really be sure that it wasn’t just another jihadist ruse? Every last Muslim on earth swearing an oath upon the Koran to abandon taqiyya would not have the slightest meaning.

    That gullible German apartment dweller’s bewildered astonishment epitomizes the magnitude of this dilemma. And rest assured that it is a predicament which must be turned back upon Islam at the earliest opportunity. Any failure to do so will only exacerbate an already catastrophic situation. As in, it’s long overdue to make Islamic taqiyya into a calamity for Muslims. We have endured more than enough of having Islam weaponize our tolerance and Constitutional principles against us.

    This is the final upshot of intentionally embedding deceit into doctrinal canon. However much it may yield some sort of short-term (or even “long term”) advantage, without continually applied and irresistible force of arms to enforce such inequity, there can only emerge an eventual backlash against such treachery. Islam’s military weakness and its reliance upon taqiyya are mirror reflections of each other and it is incumbent upon the West to forever cripple both capabilities.

    Thanks in no small part to the Internet, the West is gaining a dawning awareness of this monumental Islamic fraud. “Duplicity for me but not for thee”, is just one more glaring example of why the differences between Islam and enlightened Western civilization will remain permanently irreconcilable. It is also why those “COEXIST” bumper stickers would be riotously funny if they weren’t so lethally misguided.

    This is also a prime example of how viciously anti-human Liberally biased media is with respect to their willful blindness about the ramifications of Islam’s emergence within Western cultures. Media’s near-unanimous refusal to expose this (and so many other) Islamic perils is an abject betrayal of the exact Constitutional protections that allows a free press to exist in the first place. The profound hypocrisy of this perfidy is staggering and warrants the harshest of punishments.

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