Today’s pop quiz:

In the image below, are you seeing

1, European children learning the upward dog Yoga position

2. Children of families that recently got a dog and are learning to play with them

3. Treatment for a rare form of balance disorder that requires the arse to be elevated over the head for several minutes at a time throughout the day.

4. Dutch children being brought to a mosque and taught how to pray like Muslims in a manner which would be defacto illegal if it was any other religion at all, including Christianity, the founding faith of that entire culture.


The photo dates from 30 October 2014. Show girls and boys of primary school Vinkenbuurt, native Dutch blond lying prostrate to pray to Allah in Ghulzar-e-Madina mosque in Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijssel, in the east-central area of ‘Holland.

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  1. 1. This is a shocking image from a subsiduary of NIKE (No Inteligence Knowledge or Experience) employing slave-labor carpet cleaners.
    2. A World Heath Organisation check on the penetration of Islam.
    3. Pokamon Go! (Catching the Flying Sphinx).
    4. Kufar boys and girls caught by Daily Mail reporter taking the piss out of Muhammadism.

        • They stick their assets towards Mecca. They stick their assets in each other’s faces. The fecal aroma pleases them. They are SODOMITES.

          • They bow their heads toward Mecca. Let’s at least be accurate. The only people that I have met in my life that are this vile and deceitful about Muslims are Jews. Questmor, are you a Jew?

  2. Any God that requires you to get into that ready-for-anal-rape position in order to even talk to him is nothing but the obscene invention of a raging malignant narcissist. Imagine if you met a person who required you to humiliate yourself like that just to say hello. How would that be…? That’s a God the human race can do without.

    • “A god who hates” to use Wafa Sultan’s words. Even if I believed that such a deity as Allah did in fact exist (and I don’t) I would never choose to respect, let alone worship, such a bloodthirsty and hateful being. Sure, he’d presumably punish me and all other infidels for not “submitting”, but then again, we’re told that Allah is a liar (one of his 99 names, the great deceiver or something to that effect) so how could we believe anything he says anyway, either his promises or his threats?

  3. See the smiling faces of their teachers in the background!
    Virtue signalling par excellence.
    What next ? The joys of FGM?
    They need a class visit from some Yazidi ex-sex slaves.
    They need to read vladtepes.
    Mind you these youngsters will have a headstart when the Caliphate is up and running.

  4. “3. Treatment for a rare form of balance disorder that requires the arse to be elevated over the head for several minutes at a time throughout the day.”

    Aside from the above caption, there can be no other explicable option for what is being described.

    Nowhere else does the word “disorder” (or its equivalent meaning) appear in whatever other possible captions that were supposed to describe the foregoing. Very few (if any) sane people would NOT describe Islam as a “disorder” (psychotic or otherwise). Ergo, item three is the only possible answer.

    Please feel free to transmit all dissenting opinions to my attorneys so that they may be enjoined as part of an actionable body of legal prosecution. Thankyouverymuch.

    Ergo, only the third option comes even remotely close to adequately describing this photo’s content. After all, regardless of race, religion, color or creed, waggling one’s arse in the air certainly

  5. Western civilization is headed towards its conclusion…your greatest accomplish ment was creating a weapon that can kill us all. ..congratulations…the future is the with the brics alliance …the rest of us will create a world where white black brown yellow and red. Peoplework together…good day

  6. “…the rest of us will create a world where white black brown yellow and red. Peoplework together…”

    Bwahahaha!!! (All of your typographic errors aside) … Please do not whiz in my ear and tell me it’s raining.

    The ‘… black, brown, yellow, and red’ people that you adoringly allude to—during their own interval upon this world’s earlier (or *even later*) stage—just as often, if not more-so, have created hellish cesspits of recurrent genocide and slaughter that utterly transcend whatever near-term, regrettable, colonial and adventurist excursions which were caused by the entire Caucasian race, COMBINED.

    Much to your (probable) dismay, “Western civilization” has only begun to register upon this planet’s historic record its nearly endless laundry list of valuable inventions and traditions that (already) have dramatically altered the course of human existence in constructive ways which will forever improve the lifespan, hygienic standards, and quality of living that few other cultures ever have managed to envision, much less invent or implement.

    Be it medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), high speed silicon-based microprocessors, solid-state lasers, the Internet, mass-produced antibiotics, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), laptop computers, smart phones, mass production assembly lines, Computer Aided Design and Computer Automated Manufacturing (CAD-CAM), or a host of other beneficial innovations.

    Need there be any mention of Freedom of Speech, habeas corpus, representative government, elective representation, the Scientific Method, personal automotive transportation, oral contraceptives, reliable food preservation, electron microscopy, mechanical refrigeration, bulk water purification, affordable commercial air-flight, renewable energy, nuclear power, spaceflight, or such intensely troubling concepts as voluntary conscientious objection? Do you dispute that all of these marvels are included in this stupendous track record of that (otherwise) supremely evil, “Western civilization”.

    Go ahead. Spew your (seemingly endless) bile. It will only serve to smear your own psychological windshield.

    (Thank goodness for small mercies …)

  7. My husband and I sold almost everything and cleared out most of our debt. Next we bought a cheap 3/2 mobile home on an acre for $57,600.00 and we also bought a Toyota Corolla. I came home to raise and home school our children and my husband’s paycheck covers everything. We are not doing to bad. Without daycare costs, 2nd auto, gas, insurance we break almost even with the amount of money we have left over at the end of the month. Now, my babies will never learn to bow to some god and allah can kiss my A$$.

  8. You can force no one to do anything. One must choose to do it.

    It is disturbing to find the young mind being washed by adults. Define “rape”.

  9. This is the most obvious proof that the European culture is being deliberately destroyed. This could never be imagined in anything but a totalitarian society with a genocidal agenda. Get your children out of there pronto.

  10. Americans STILL think “it can’t happen here,” and it will prove to be our demise. Our schools are ALREADY Liberal-Progressive (re)education camps. Parents should pay CLOSE attention to the education their children are receiving. GET INVOLVED.

  11. I don’t see what could be any of the Politician’s down there on the floor with the children? Wonder if the Politician’s children are made to do this to? How many Jew’s are there in that group? Answer these three questions, or don’t, answer them, that will tell us a lot.
    It is time humanity ended the three modern religions and rediscovered their original religion, the worship of the Sun (the light of the world) and the appreciation of their true inventor, i.e., creator, Enki, an Anunnaki.
    Does humanity not yet realize one (1) blood sacrifice is way too many for a God to demand. Like George Carlin said: he, never seems to get enough of our money, one could add, neither does ‘he’ ever get enough of our blood. Please, white people, wake up, before we are so depleted we can no longer defend ourselves or our children, ever again. We don’t have to go down like this.

  12. This is soooo coordinated by the elites – EVERY first world nation has to take a stand NOW. Trump and Brexit are the harbingers of a building and righteous storm. We have to collectively take our nations back in the west. Make no mistake, the islamification of the west is being done by design in an organized and methodical fashion. It is being done so slyly under the patina of “diversity” in order to silence any critics – lest they be accused of “racism” vs trying to preserve our CULTURE. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH TRYING TO PRESERVE YOUR CULTURE – in fact every other non-white culture is encouraged and applauded for doing so. Yet, if a white European culture attempts to do this they are tarred with the brush of “racism”. We have to be more organized, methodical and responsive than our enemies or western civilization is going to come to an end.

  13. The Dutch, judging from this photograph and after reading over the Italian reporting of it, are not as bright as I once thought. In fact, it shows that stupidity can have no limits.

  14. What kind of governments have taken over European nations? Have they lost all love of country? Have they simply thrown away Christianity? These socialist/communist regimes have proven the old adage that when you believe in nothing you fall for anything. Socialist governments have no soul and have no patriotism to the country they attach themselves to. They have no history but the one they make up to preach to innocent children. They have no honor. They exist to stay in power. Our government in the US is no better and soon we will be as bereft of common sense as the Europeans are. It is time for the west to become less worried about our enemy’s feeling and more concerned with our own existence and staying power.

    • Right on. Don’t give up. Fight on. Begin your war with your elected leaders. question them and if they are NWO or Israel first, get rid of them.

    • Ammo is nice, but it takes much more than that. You need water, food, organization (careful about the spies and traitors which are everywhere), writers, broadcasting power, lots of men and women, etc etc. If you are not large and well organized, and eve if you are, they will cast you as evil racists and with the power of the media they will have everyone cheering for you death. You will be portrayed as the enemy of the people and nation.

      • Could it be that we are badly in need of an Industrial Stimulus? A somewhat limited stimulus, only to effect the immediate growth of some badly needed industries involved in production of Tar, Feathers, Rails and well knotted Rope?

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