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  1. ‘Limited & proportionate’: Obama vows to continue ‘self-defense’ strikes in Yemen (RT, Oct 15, 2016)

    “Washington reserves the right to strike targets in Yemen whenever “necessary and appropriate,” President Obama told Congress after the US military carried out its first direct attack in the bloody conflict, using the pretext of self-defense.

    This week, for the first time since the 18-month-old conflict began, USS Nitze launched Tomahawk cruise missiles at targets in Yemen in retaliation for alleged attacks on the US Navy. The initial Pentagon assessment said that the “self-defense” attack resulted in the destruction of three radar sites, with no indications of civilian casualties.

    On Friday US President Barack Obama informed Congress about authorizing the strikes “in response to anti-ship cruise missile launches perpetrated by Houthi insurgents.” In the “War Powers Resolution” letter, Obama stated that US armed forces targeted radar facilities which the US believes had been involved in “the October 9 launches and other recent attacks.”

    “These limited and proportionate strikes were conducted to protect our personnel and our ships and will preserve our freedom of navigation in this important maritime passageway,” Obama explained…”

    • You don’t win wars by limited and proportional retaliation, you win wars by scaring your opponents so bad they longer have the will to resist. If we are going to stay in the Middle East the ships and ground troops have to be given the right to defend themselves when attacked, they should be ordered to return fire and do so in overwhelming force. Make the retaliation totally disproportionate and the attacks will stop.

  2. USA – Three accused of plot to bomb Somalis at Kansas mosque

    Three men have been charged with plotting to bomb Somali immigrants at an apartment building and mosque in the US state of Kansas.

    Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49, and Patrick Eugene Stein, 47, had gathered firearms and explosives for the attack, the US Justice Department said.

    The members of a militia group called the Crusaders also kept watch on the target in Garden City, say officials.

    They allegedly planned to strike on 9 November, a day after the US elections.

    The suspects had prepared a manifesto and conspired to detonate a bomb at apartments where Somalis were among some 120 residents, said prosecutors.

    They allegedly discussed parking four explosives-packed vehicles at the corners of the complex to create a large blast in the meatpacking town.

    Mr Stein offered to provide ammonium nitrate for the devices and contribute up to $300 for other materials, according to prosecutors.

    Acting US Attorney Tom Beall said the eight-month investigation had taken FBI agents “deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence”.

    Friday’s charges prompted the Council on American-Islamic Relations to urge law enforcement to boost protection for US mosques.

    “We ask our nation’s political leaders, and particularly political candidates, to reject the growing Islamophobia in our nation,” Nihad Awad, the group’s national executive director, said in a statement.


    Three members of a right-wing Kansas militia were just arrested for plotting to attack a mosque

    Three members of a right-wing militia group were arrested Friday for planning an attack on a Kansas mosque and apartment complex.

    Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright and Patrick Stein were arrested and charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction, prosecutors and FBI agents said at a press conference Friday afternoon in Wichita.

    The three men were targeting the Somali community in Garden City, Kan., a town of 27,000 people in the west of the state. They planned to fill four vehicles with explosives, park them at each corner of the apartment complex and detonate them, the officials said.

    The defendants, who allegedly called themselves “The Crusaders,” conducted surveillance of the building, stockpiled firearms, bombs, and prepared a manifesto, he said. About 120 people lived in the apartment complex, which also included a mosque.

    The attack was supposed to be carried out on the day following Election Day, Acting U.S. Attorney Tom Beall said, and was intended to “wake people up.” They suspects also allegedly considered attacking public officials who supported Somali immigrants and landlords who rented to Somalis.

    The arrests came after eight months of investigation, including undercover contact with the suspects, Beall said. He called the investigation one that took the agents “deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence.”

    “These individuals had desire, the means, and the capability and were committed to carrying out this act of domestic terrorism,” said Eric Jackson, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation.

    The officials called the three men an “isolated group” and that the plot had been stopped. But Jackson declined to comment about possible links to other right-wing groups, noting that the investigation continues.

    The defendants could face life in prison if convicted. No lawyers were entered for them in court documents as of Friday afternoon.

    In a statement, the Council on American-Islamic Relations called for law enforcement authorities nationwide to increase protection for mosques following the arrest of the militia members. “State and federal authorities should offer stepped-up protection to local communities,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “We ask our nation’s political leaders, and particularly political candidates, to reject the growing Islamophobia in our nation.”

    • At least someone is trying. Once things go kinetic the leftists are going to be a bigger danger to our survival then the Moslems.

  3. Top Democrats Call on FBI to Investigate Trump Ties to Russia Over Hacking

    op Democrats on four House committees that oversee national security on Friday called on the FBI to investigate Donald Trump’s purported ties to the Russian government and its alleged hacking of Democratic groups and operatives.

    “Troubling new evidence appears to show that the Trump campaign not only was aware of cyber attacks against Secretary Clinton’s campaign chairman, but was openly bragging about it as far back as August,” read a joint statement from Reps. Elijah Cummings, John Conyers, Elliot Engel and Bennie Thompson, who are respectively the ranking members of the House Committees on Oversight and Government Reform, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, and Homeland Security.

    “For months, we have been asking the FBI to examine links between the Trump campaign and illegal Russian efforts to affect our election,” the Democrats’ statement continued. “In light of this new evidence — and these exceptional circumstances — we call on the FBI to fully investigate and explain to the American people what steps it is taking to disrupt this ongoing criminal activity.”

    The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The lawmakers specifically cited Trump confidant Roger Stone, who tweeted in August that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta would soon be “in the barrel.” WikiLeaks last week began releasing the contents of Podesta’s personal email account, which U.S. officials say was likely hacked by Russian government operatives.

    But Stone told NBC News this week that while he has had “back-channel communications with WikiLeaks,” it was “categorically false” to say he was coordinating with the group or that he had any connections to the Russian government.

    Trump continues to highlight the Wikileaks dumps during campaign events, saying earlier this week in Pennsylvania, “I love WikiLeaks.”

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been trying to raise the alarm about what they call Russian government sponsored hacking intended to boost Trump.

    Former CIA Director Michael Morell said on a conference call organized by the Clinton campaign Friday morning that he was “100 percent confident” that the Russian government was behind the Podesta hack, calling it “a direct assault on our democracy.”

    “Trump continues to play to Putin’s hand almost every single day,” Morell added.

    FBI Director James Comey said in congressional testimony in late September that he was aware of Democrats’ call for an investigation but that he would not “confirm whether there is or is not an investigation.”

    • Comey isn’t sure who is going to win the election and doesn’t want to openly do more to help Hillary.

      There is a lot of buzz about how it was either the FBI or the NSA or both that hacked the Dems and gave the info to Wiki. The Dems don’t want us to think about this because it would make too many people question how truthful Comey and the Hillary apologists are.

  4. DAILY MAIL – UK –MoD pays thousands of pounds to sex assault victims subjected to ‘terrifying and degrading’ attacks at the hands of Libyan cadets being trained in Britain

    More than 300 of the cadets were brought to Bassingbourn barracks
    They were trained in a bid to help stabilise Libya after Col Gaddafi’s fall
    But their programme was abandoned and the Libyans sent home early
    This was due to a string of sex attacks by the cadets one weekend

    A man and woman who suffered ‘terrifying and degrading’ sex attacks at the hands of Libyan military cadets being trained in Britain have been given tens of thousands of pounds in compensation from the Ministry of Defence.

    More than 300 of the cadets were brought to Bassingbourn barracks, Cambridgeshire, for training two years ago in a bid to help stabilise the north African state after the fall of dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

    But the training programme had to be abandoned and the Libyans sent home early after an outcry over incidents including a string of sex attacks by cadets who left the barracks one weekend and went into Cambridge city centre.[…]

  5. CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia

    The Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

    Current and former officials with direct knowledge of the situation say the CIA has been asked to deliver options to the White House for a wide-ranging “clandestine” cyber operation designed to harass and “embarrass” the Kremlin leadership.

    The sources did not elaborate on the exact measures the CIA was considering, but said the agency had already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. Former intelligence officers told NBC News that the agency had gathered reams of documents that could expose unsavory tactics by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  6. US nuclear attack warning ‘upgraded to level 3’ as Russian threat goes ‘beyond Cold War’

    AMERICA is edging closer to nuclear armageddon after upgrading its attack “defence readiness”, it has been claimed.

    The defense readiness condition, dubbed DEFCON, is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the risk of nuclear war.

    The system has five levels of readiness, or states of alert, increasing in severity from DEFCON 5 – the least severe – to DEFCON 1 – the most severe.

    The current DEFCON level is understood to be 5 – the lowest state of readiness.

    But conspiracy theory website DEFCON warning system claims the threat has been upgraded to level 3, meaning the US Air Force is ready to mobilise in just 15 minutes.

  7. 7 Ways Russia Is Telling People to Prepare for War

    With tensions between Russia and the United States at their highest since the Cold War, there have been alarming signs coming out of Moscow that suggest the country is ready for war.

    Almost no one believes the Kremlin is actually preparing for a military conflict with the United States. Most analysts instead see it as a show, intended to boost support at home and to deter Western countries from intervening militarily in Syria.

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