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One Reply to “Russian MoD presser on Oct. 6 after US attack on Syrian assets September 17th”

  1. Obama is setting the stage for a war with Russia, and given the rhetoric coming from the Clinton campaign they are on board with the idea. It is scary to think that a US President would delibertly weaken the US military and then start a war with one of the two nations that are strong enough to cause us massive damage.

    I wish I knew more about what Obama is thinking and how far he will have to push Putin before the shooting starts.

    Remember the US military detachments around the world are spread out in penny packets where they can’t be supported. Also remember that Obama has scrapped most of hour military vehicles and heave weapons so they will have to be rebuilt. This means a one to two year rebuild on a crash WWII type rebuild and it would be done with active resistance in the US by the left and other groups.

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