Interview with Muslim mayor of Rotterdam

This interview is fascinating, not just because of the admission that Islamic terror and other antisocial behaviour by Muslims often stems from islam itself, but the hostility the interviewer shows the mayor in his accusation that the mayor of a major European city is “accommodating to European values”.

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  1. And there it is. After all these years I finally hear the reason why it is wrong and dangerous to make denial of the Holocaust a crime. Listen to the Arab Muslim saying that if it’s OK to outlaw denial of the Holocaust why isn’t it also illegal to insult the Prophet of Islam? Wham! Gotcha! That’s the reason. Despicable as Holocaust deniers are, it’s what they have to say and it has to be protected under law or some slimy bastard will come along and make that point, sure as God made little green apples…

    • I agree. FYI, I’m Jewish.
      No speech, other than direct calls to violence (i.e., “go and kill these people around the corner, now!”) should be restricted.

      BTW, note that this guy is Berber…

    • I have always been against the implementation of/laws against so called hate crimes. Simply because once it is accepted that hate itself is crime then anything can be designated as a hate crime. The logic is clear to me that crime in a general sense that is perpetrated against persons or property or verbal or written attacks is seldom if ever an act of love, ergo it is hate. In essence crime is hate. Soon anything one writes or says will be scrutinized for inflections that might be implied to be hate. All thought or expression will be deemed hate by those elites in charge.
      ie, breathing could be a hate crime against nature by the standards of the climate change wackos.

  2. The attitude of the interviewer was as interesting as the answers, they showed an arrogance that couldn’t be missed it is hard to see how any rational person watching this and other videos can think the Moslems want to be part of western society.

    • He made it pretty clear, didn’t he… In his eyes, no one has a free will, they just all think the way they have been commanded to think by their superiors. It’s political correctness, only way more severe than the version we have. If I say, for instance, that Jesus was a great teacher, but not the literal son of God, a Westerner might disagree with me – maybe angrily – but he will not pull out a gun and shoot me over it unless he’s stark raving mad.

      The Arab interviewer, on the other hand, assumes that every Muslim on the planet apes the line that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam because they have hijacked the religion, so he is offended when the Muslim mayor says otherwise. The thing is, the guy actually thinks that we’re the same way. Along with being the religion of war, rape, lies, racism, fear, hatred, prejudice et al, Islam is above all the religion of ignorance…

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