Terror in Jerusalem, Islam in the Netherlands, whodunit on British tram and more: Links 1 on October 9 – 2016

1, Shooting terror attack in Jerusalem, 2 murdered, 4 wounded.

2. Turkish government and media discover who detonated deadly bomb in Southeast Turkey in record speed.

Kurdish militants detonated a car bomb Sunday outside a military checkpoint in southeast Turkey, killing ten soldiers and eight civilians, the prime minister said. Turkey immediately launched a military operation against the rebels in response.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim gave the death toll during a press conference in Istanbul and condemned the attack.

“For the stability of our country, we will continue doing everything we can to save our homeland and our nation from the forces of terrorism,” he said.

Cuneyit Orhan Toprak, governor of Hakkari province where the attack took place, told that private news channel NTV that 27 others wounded in the attack were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. Eleven of them were soldiers, the Turkish military said.

(When this sort of thing happens in Europe or North America, it takes days before even an uncertain guess at the motives and ethnicity of the attacker is said clearly. Even though its always Muslims.)

3. How Islam penetrates the Netherlands

4. Terror on the tram: Passenger’s horror as man has his neck sliced open – missing a vital artery by millimetres – in a brutal knife attack

(Here is a fantastic example of contemporary lie-by-ommission of the government-media complex. There is no indicator whatsoever of motive. The argument that precipitated this event is not detailed whatsoever. The attacker is described only so far. But not far enough to tell if he is muslim. yet oddly, the attack in Turkey was blamed on the Kurds before the echo of the blast died.)

A man was inches away from death as he was slashed across the neck in a ‘vicious and unprovoked attack’ on board a tram.

The 36-year-old was cut with a knife while riding a Metrolink tram in Manchester.

He was lucky to be alive after his neck was sliced open, as the blade missed his carotid artery by mere inches.

Manchester man was inches away from a potentially fatal wound, as the blade narrowly missed his carotid artery. Police have said the attack was unprovoked

The man had reportedly become involved in a heated exchange with another passenger as he traveled to Ashton.

The attacker slashed at his victims neck in front of other passengers.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Ilona Szilágyi, Xanthippa, Kathy, and all who sent in materials. Lets all express a wish for a slow news day. Happiest of Thanksgivings Canadians!


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  1. If the other European and North American nations will investigate they will find a lot more Mosques and supposed charities that are laundering money for the terrorists.

  2. 2. Turkish government and media discover who detonated deadly bomb in Southeast Turkey in record speed.

    Could someone please explain to me again why the Kurdish People are one hundred percent without human rights and are in no way deserving of their own homeland, despite the fact that they are persecuted by the Arabs and have been fighting for their freedom forever? And why is it that the only Muslims in the region with the stomach to fight ISIS always get the short end of the stick and never quite seem to get those weapons the Americans keep promising? Where is it written that Kurds are nothing but human garbage?

  3. I just watched the first ten minutes of the debate and I had to stop as Anderson Cooper and Hillary started ripping him to pieces like a convicted sex offender. They’ve broken Donald Trump just like they did to Sarah Palin. He sounds like a ridiculous robot trying to keep the conversation about building a wall and killing ISIS and making America great again, sniffing all the while and talking too fast. They’ve broken him in two. He’s done for…

    Next there will be a brand new poll and that poll will ask a group of undecided “Republican” voters the question, “Would you be more likely to vote for Donald Trump or Mike Pense if there was an election tomorrow?”. The answer will be an overwhelming, “Mike Pense”, and the Donald will have no choice but to step aside. Shit!

    Nobody can fight the power of the mainstream media, the Democrat Party and half the Republican party all lined up together. Trump was strong, but nobody’s that strong… It’s over…

    • “Moderator Anderson Cooper asked Trump, “You called what you said locker room banter, kissing women without consent, grabbing their genitals. That is sexual assault. You bragged that you have sexually assaulted women.””

      This is a “Moderator”? Turning a question about the nature of the fantasy in personal -banter into a confession of a physical crime.

      This is Communism, trial by thought crime, and it’s upholder is clearly seen.

      For as Islam is the nature of the beta-male given power, Socialism is the nature of the beta-female.

    • No it isn’t, from what I am seeing Trump will win despite the LSM working for Hillary. Remember they were almost as hard on Ronald Regean and he won easily.

  4. Anticipatory grieving doesn’t accomplish anything, Chris.
    We’ve got 30 days, keep positive!
    If – Heaven forbid – Trump loses [no, no!!], we have the rest of our lives to regret it. Or at least until the air raid siren goes off.

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