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    • Can’t cut & paste, gotta wipe the foam off the keyboard.
      Please read it. I need howling commiseration right now…or whenever the sedation wears off.

        • The chief mediocrity is Benjamin Netanyahu, the PM, and the spiritual nemesis of Peres. It is Netanyahu who symbolizes the Israel of the blind, the Israel that ignores the crumbling status quo, the Israel that has convinced itself that its hundred-year war will go on for another thousand years, the Israel that lives a Judaism out of balance, tragically captive to the rock-worshippers of the settlement movement.
          The COARSENING of Israeli society, its weakening commitment to the core values of democracy, continues apace, and Netanyahu alternately ignores this coarsening, and abets it.

          • Sounds like both parties in the States.

            This is why I keep saying I doubt civilization will survive hte war, with luck freedom and some form of a Representative Republic will survive

          • I watched a clip of Chris Mathews asking Gary Johnson to name one world leader that he admires. He couldn’t do it. My immediate thought was PM Netanyahu.
            So take heart Yucki. The Atlantic has become a rag. It is not worth your anguish.

            • Thank-you, Babs.
              Bibi lived here, studied at MIT. His father was a world authority on the Spanish Inquisition; it’s a very small world. Sometimes Bibi drives me crazy, he’s human. But I’d protect him with my life.

              This Goldberg is 0’s pet-Jew. He dares quote Scripture; he uses his play-acting as “Israeli soldier” to sound authentic. Torquemada, the Kapos in the camps, Soros, Sidney Blumenthal. The very worst enemies.

              The same ilk as Rabbi Stephen Wise, who never lost his luster among the Jeffrey Goldbergs of America:
              The Shameful Legacy of Rabbi Stephen Wise

  1. Smugness, along with the self satisfaction of having the world all sewn up are indeed leftist traits. Infuriating for sure, Yucki. I won’t pretend to know intimately Israeli politics, but I’m quite sure that the families of those five people cited by the writer as killed did not appreciate the instant philosophizing by Peres upon word of their deaths. Overintellectualizing bullshit should not a great leader make.

    Is Israel supposed to afford endless empathy towards those who hate it?

      • Those who teach their children that we are not fully human are mortal enemies of me and mine. Dehumanization makes life cheap. They cannot be trusted and must be regarded as existential threats.

    • I knew you’d get it, Johnny. You never fail to respond to those who slander the noble people of Hungary.

      Hear it paraphrased: George Soros, Victor Orban.

      Soros grieves as a Hungarian over the debasement of his own people, their tragic coarsening. Their fetishization of a Christianity out of balance, tragically captive to atavistic racists.

      The chief mediocrity is Victor Orban. He has an exceptional ability to weaponize the pains and fears of his constituents. An unbearably small man, paralyzed by pessimism.

      Soros himself has lived the Hungarian story. “For a brief period” during WW2 he knew war and oppression. This is what gives him the authority and insight to speak to the big-hearted, free-thinking – the saintly progressives who are Hungary’s last best hope.

      • Your paraphrase nails it, Yucki. Hurts even to hear it.

        Such small countries, Hungary and Israel. So few people. Gotta be porcupines to survive.

        • Bullies and that is what wanna be dictators are always go for the small, they are afraid to go for the big so they attack the small until they think the big won’t fight back.


    The beat goes on in the precious metals market. But let it be known that the whole socialist house if cards relies on Keynesian economics to get it through the day, every day. The approaching monetary reckoning is crucial in the same way a forest fire is crucial; it is part of renewal and ridding the forest of suffocating dead wood. It is Nature’s way and is denied by these modern-day alchemists who believe they are able to turn paper into gold. At least they want us to believe this.

    • The Socialists have been keeping the price of gold and silver artificially low for a long time, and they have keep the stock markets of the world artificially high.

      Reality is going to break through the barriers and the entire world will suffer, I pray that not many free market people are hurt when the worlds revenge on the left occurs.

  3. Leaked Emails Show Clinton Campaign Coordinating With Soros Organization

    Read more:

    Leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s personal email account published by WikiLeaks reveal the Clinton campaign’s coordination with George Soros’s Open Society Foundations on the subject of police reform.

    Read more:

  4. One of the things that the left has to do to take over the US is to take control of the local police away from the local government. This will allow them to shift the police around the nation and keep them from developing close ties to the locals.

    They do this to keep the police loyal to the government and not to the people.

  5. This Was the Week the World Got Really Anxious About Globalization’s Future
    Markets might never be the same again.

    Weak global trade, fears that the U.K. is marching towards a hard Brexit, and polls indicating that the U.S. election remains a tighter call than markets are pricing in have led a bevy of analysts to redouble their warnings that a backlash over globalization is poised to roil global financial markets—with profound consequences for the real economy and investment strategies.

    From the economists and politicians at the annual IMF meeting in Washington to strategists on Wall Street trying to advise clients, everyone seems to be pondering a future in which cooperation and global trade may look much different than they do now.

  6. Trump angst looms over economic elite at IMF meetings

    Global policymakers fret discreetly about Republican candidate

    The world’s economic elite spent this week invoking fears of protectionism and the existential crisis facing globalisation while avoiding any mention of Donald Trump by name.

    But the US presidential candidate and his anti-establishment politics have loomed large at this week’s annual meetings in Washington of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. He has been a sort of Voldemort for the global economic order — like the villain in Harry Potter, his name is spoken only in hushed tones and behind closed doors.

    “It is terrifying,” said one senior official of the prospect of a Trump victory in the November 8 election before laying out a scenario in which a President Trump would lead the US into a default on its debts, the collapse of the dollar and US treasuries as safe haven assets and the tumbling of the global economy into a 1930s-like crisis.

  7. BROADDRICK: Hillary’s actions speak louder than Trump’s words

    Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick is weighing in on Donald Trump’s controversial comments from 2005 that are mysteriously resurfacing just hours before the second debate and weeks before the general election.

    “How many times must it be said,” she tweeted Saturday morning.

    “Actions speak louder than words. (Donald Trump) said bad things! (Hillary Clinton) threatened me after (Bill Clinton) raped me.”

  8. FLASHBACK VIDEO: Presidents Being Colorful, Including Obama’s “B*tch Nigga Buy Your Own Damn Fries!”

    Jim Hoft Oct 8th, 2016 8:58 am 405 Comments

    The Clinton campaign (Washington Post) released audio on Friday of Donald Trump talking about hitting on a hot woman in 2005.

    The Clinton Campaign (Washington Post) released the crude audio on Friday.

    The corrupt media is acting like this is the first time in history a president or presidential candidate was caught talking nasty with other men.

    Here is a audio compilation of US presidents being colorful.
    Part 1 stars Democrats JFK, LBJ and Republican Richard Nixon.

  9. Train derailment injures dozens, disrupts service on Long Island, New York

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A Long Island Rail Road passenger train derailed on Saturday near the community of New Hyde Park, New York, injuring as many as 29 people and halting service on the key transit line in both directions, railroad officials and police said.

    Official details were not available on the precise circumstances of the incident, which occurred at about 9 p.m. local time (0100 GMT) when a passenger train struck a work train about 20 miles (32 km) east of Manhattan, according to police.

    It was not immediately clear if the work train was stationary at the time.

    Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano told a news conference 29 people were treated in hospitals for non-life threatening injuries such as broken bones and concussions. Scores more were evaluated or treated at the scene for scrapes or bruises.

    A statement from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, citing “early reports,” put the number of injuries at 11, “none of which are considered to be serious.”

    According to Cuomo, the 12-car train was heading eastbound on the railroad’s main line carrying about 600 passengers when the first three cars derailed a half mile east of the New Hyde Park Station.

    Richard: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. Either the Engineers need to go back to training or something is wrong with the signals on the Railroads in the Northeast.

  10. Russia says can protect its Syria assets if U.S. carpet bombs

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday that Russia had the means to protect its assets in Syria if the United States decided to carpet bomb the Syrian government’s military air fields.

    Lavrov said he had heard that this was one option being advocated by some policy makers in Washington.

    “This is a very dangerous game given that Russia, being in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government of this country and having two bases there, has got air defense systems there to protect its assets,” Lavrov told Russian state TV’s First Channel, according to the text of his interview published on the Foreign Ministry’s website.

    Lavrov, in the same interview, said he was convinced that U.S. President Barack Obama would not agree to such a scenario.

    • So far it is a war of words, pray Trump wins so we have a good chance of keeping this as a war of words and not of weapons.

    • Russia says U.S. actions threaten its national security

      MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday he had detected increasing U.S. hostility towards Moscow and complained about what he said was a series of aggressive U.S. steps that threatened Russia’s national security.

      In an interview with Russian state TV likely to worsen already poor relations with Washington, Lavrov made it clear he blamed the Obama administration for what he described as a sharp deterioration in U.S.-Russia ties.

      “We have witnessed a fundamental change of circumstances when it comes to the aggressive Russophobia that now lies at the heart of U.S. policy towards Russia,” Lavrov told Russian state TV’s First Channel.

      “It’s not just a rhetorical Russophobia, but aggressive steps that really hurt our national interests and pose a threat to our security.”

  11. Hillary basically disappears from the campaign trail this month

    When was the last time a presidential candidate spent the month of October resting in seclusion and avoiding the campaign trail?

    The answer to that would be “never.”

    But that’s what it looks like Hillary Clinton is going to do. Jay Michaels at American Thinker looked over her schedule, and reports back on just how light it is. The second debate with Donald Trump is Sunday night, but after that, Hillary has only two days with scheduled events, and the third debate on October 19. She’ll be at events in Detroit and Columbus on October 10, and she’ll be at a fundraiser in San Francisco on the 13th. (Not sure that really counts, since fundraisers are invitation fish fries and not really public events.)

    This is quite unusual. Says Michaels:

    The failure to campaign in October is without precedent in any American presidential election in living memory. Even in 1944, FDR, in failing health and confined to his wheelchair, campaigned vigorously in October.

    Ever the skeptic, Michaels thinks Hillary may be trying to hide something from prying eyes.

  12. TERROR FEARS: Almost 400 ISIS jihadis ‘have slipped back into BRITAIN from Iraq and Syria’ (express, Oct 9, 2016)

    “ALMOST 400 Islamic State jihadis trained in Syria and Iraq are now in Britain, according to chilling reports.

    The Home Office fears 850 Britons have fled the UK to be indoctrinated by the twisted terror cult, according to an answer revealed in the House of Lords.

    In addition, just 14 of the estimated 400 who sneaked back into Britain have been detained.

    Labour MP Khalid Mahmood blasted Home Secretary Amber Rudd and called on the Government to prosecute more demented jihadis.

    He told the Mail on Sunday: “It is a tiny number who have been prosecuted and it’s absurd to say this is any form of success.

    “If they know who they are, they should be prosecuted but the police and security services don’t have the resources to do that.”…”

  13. ‘Trump truth’ will now come out, on politics and the status of women

    I don’t think anyone has ever cut a swath like Donald Trump’s through the shibboleths of a popular belief system.

    Look behind us, and all you see for the last year is the wreckage of the artificial, politically-constructed pieties with which the West’s “opinion leaders” have for decades been beating ordinary, commonsensical people over the head.

    Without necessarily even meaning to, Trump has functioned as the catalyst for exposing these pieties to the cold light of reality. He hasn’t shown so much that they’re categorically “wrong,” although some of them are. What he’s shown is that they shouldn’t be used to extort the people. They shouldn’t be a way to shut the people up, and render them powerless against exploitation and abuse by political opportunists.

    In fact, in many cases, our politics, and what our government does, shouldn’t be about these things at all, whether it’s John McCain’s war record or the practiced indignation of illegal-migrant activists, or the Democrats waving a Gold Star father who also happens to be a sharia scholar with Muslim Brotherhood ties around like a trophy.

    If some people want to enforce pious political speech, let them form clubs and close their doors. The rest of us have a lot of living to do. And we have a God-given right to not have our pockets picked by armies of politically motivated piety-enforcers.

    Richard: Be sure and read this article it tears the modern political establishment a new one, it also spells out the need for Donald Trump to win and how big government is ruining the male female relationships.

  14. Wikileaks: Like Obama, Clinton would abuse executive privilege to control guns

    Yesterday’s Wikileaks dumps included an email exchange involcing Clinton campaign manager Brian Fallon. In it, he made it clear that as president, Mrs. Clinton would support closing the gun show loophole … and she would do it if need by resorting to executive action.

    Here’s Fallon responding to Mandy Grunwald, a public relations agent, on the subject of guns:

    Circling back around on guns as a follow up to the Friday morning discussion: the Today show has indicated they definitely plan to ask bout [sic] guns, and so to have the discussion be more of a news event than her previous times discussing guns, we are going to background reporters tonight on a few of the specific proposals she would support as President – universal background checks of course, but also closing the gun show loophole by executive order and imposing manufacturer liability. [Emphasis added]

    The announced plan follows the example set by Barack Obama, who attempted to impose numerous restrictions on the use of firearms via executive order, including expanding background checks to non-commercial gun transactions and requiring sellers of even a single firearm to become licensed dealers.

    After eight years of such end runs around the executive branch, it’s sobering to know that the nation can look forward to at least another four years of the same type of divisive tactics in the event Hillary Clinton wins the election.

    • FYI, the gun show loophole doesn’t exist, a licensed dealer has to do a background check on every sale. What they are calling the Gun Show Loophole is the way the law allows individuals to sell their guns to other individuals without a background check. If you sell many guns like this you are arrested as an un licensed dealer. If any of you lived in Missouri and I knew you in person not over the net I would feel safe selling to you. I said if you live in Missouri I could sell to you (I don’t want to get rid of any of my guns so while I could I wouldn’t) but if you live in a different state it is against Federal Law for you to buy a gun from anyone but a licensed dealer.

      Some collectors decide to get rid of their collection and set up tables at gun shows and sell their guns there, this lets them get more money for their guns. But it is legal because they are disposing of their collection. The criminals don’t go to gun shows, they go to street dealers that sell stolen guns out of the trunk of their cars.

  15. Turkey: At least 18 killed, 27 injured after truck bomb hits military outpost in Hakkari

    At least 18 people were killed and 27 injured after a truck bomb hit the Durak military outpost in the Hakkari province, Sunday. The attack, which took place 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the town of Semdinli, is said to be one of the most deadly assaults in the area in recent times.

  16. 18 Killed in PKK Car Bomb in Southeast Turkey; 27 Wounded (abcnews, Oct 9, 2016)

    “Kurdish militants detonated a car bomb Sunday outside a military checkpoint in southeast Turkey, killing ten soldiers and eight civilians, the prime minister said. Turkey immediately launched a military operation against the rebels in response.

    Prime Minister Binali Yildirim gave the death toll during a press conference in Istanbul and condemned the attack.

    “For the stability of our country, we will continue doing everything we can to save our homeland and our nation from the forces of terrorism,” he said.

    Cuneyit Orhan Toprak, governor of Hakkari province where the attack took place, told that private news channel NTV that 27 others wounded in the attack were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. Eleven of them were soldiers, the Turkish military said…”

  17. US, Afghan Forces Kill Sri Lanka Cricket Team Attack Leader (abcnews, Oct 9, 2016)

    “A Pakistani militant linked to a number of high-profile attacks was killed in a joint Afghan-U.S. special forces operation in eastern Afghanistan, Afghan police officials and Taliban commanders said Sunday.

    Qari Ajmal, allegedly responsible for several militant attacks in Pakistan, was killed in Afghanistan’s Paktika province, three Taliban commanders said. The operation started at midnight and lasted until early Saturday morning, they said. All three spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

    Ajmal, a leader of the banned al-Qaida-linked Pakistani sectarian group Lashkar-e-Jhangi, was wanted for major attacks, most notably one on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009 that killed six police officers and wounded seven players.

    Paktika police chief Gen. Khalil Ziayee confirmed the operation, saying one militant was killed and three arrested. He gave no further details.

    Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland, the U.S. military spokesman in Afghanistan, also confirmed the operation but did not say which militants were targeted. “Afghan and U.S. forces did conduct a counter-terrorism operation in Paktika,” he said, but added that for security reasons “we do not discuss the details of counter-terror operations.”

    Pakistan and Afghanistan share a sizable lawless border region, which serves as a safe haven for local and al-Qaida-linked foreign Islamic militants. They routinely shuttle back and forth across the border to evade security forces.”

  18. CNN – Cooper, Raddatz set to make first questions of debate about Trump tape

    The first set of questions at Sunday night’s presidential debate will be about Donald Trump’s vulgar comments on a newly published 2005 videotape, and the fallout from it.

    And Hillary Clinton will get the first question.

    Moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC have adjusted their plan for the debate in light of the Trump tape, sources told CNNMoney.

    While everything is subject to change until air time, an ABC source said — perhaps confirming the obvious — that Trump and Clinton will both be prompted to address the matter.

    A coin toss by the Commission on Presidential Debates determined that Clinton will speak first.

    While the debates are hosted by the commission, not the television networks, Raddatz and Cooper have been in debate prep with producers from their respective networks.

    The gender dynamics — a man and a woman moderating together while another man and woman face off in a town hall format — will be unmissable.

    Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s top advisors, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Trump will “probably” apologize for the tape again when he is on stage Sunday night.

    Forty town-hall participants were selected by Gallup. They will also be sitting on stage. The participants are described as “uncommitted voters.”

    The participants submitted their questions to the moderators on Sunday morning, which means they have had time to include questions about the Trump tape; the ensuing crisis within the Republican party; and Trump’s response, which included invoking Bill Clinton’s past infidelity.

    Raddatz and Cooper are meeting on Sunday morning to sort through the questions and come up with a final plan for the 90-minute debate.

    The commission says the co-moderators have sole discretion about which participants to call on.

    The co-moderators will ask followup questions and facilitate conversation between the two candidates.

    One of the goals, according to two sources, is to involve the town hall participants as much as possible. “This is the peoples’ debate,” one of the sources said.

    The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because the debate prep process is tightly controlled and limited to a small circle of people.

    Cooper and Raddatz have declined interview requests in the run-up to the debate. NBC’s Lester Holt adopted the same no-interviews approach before he moderated the first presidential debate of the season on September 26.

    Another one of the moderators’ goals is to include topics that were not covered during the first debate, plus campaign storylines — like the Trump tape fallout — that have happened since then.

    • An Election Of Leaks And Counter-Leaks

      The tape of Trump talking dirty was released just in time to sidetrack from the release of more of Clinton’s dirty secrets by Wikileaks. Trump’s talk was juvenile and sexist bragging in front of other “boys”. Surprising it was not. There will more releases like that, all timed to run cover for Clinton.[…]

      […]Many of the people who will vote will vote against a candidate, not for the one that they will mark on their ballot.


  19. SWEDEN – Police send backup to Gotland after reported rape fuels anger

    Sweden’s national police have sent backup to the island of Gotland following unrest sparked by the release of five men who were arrested on suspicion of raping a woman.

    Five men were arrested earlier this week after a woman in her thirties reported that she had been raped in a property in the medieval town of Visby on the Baltic Sea island Gotland, off the east coast of Sweden.

    They were released on Wednesday after the prosecutor judged that there was not enough evidence to ask the court to have them remanded in custody (according to Swedish law, a prosecutor can detain someone up until noon on the third day after the arrest, after which a court decision is required to remand them).

    The five men, in their twenties, are still understood to be part of an ongoing investigation into the incident.

    The woman’s lawyer told the Aftonbladet tabloid earlier this week that she had shared a taxi home with one of the men after a restaurant visit and needed to use the bathroom.

    “She followed him in and had no fears that something would happen. Then the man took advantage of the situation. The abuse started in the toilet,” her legal representative Staffan Fredriksson said.

    The other men are said to have joined them in the property later.

    “Where they came from we don’t know. This was going on for a couple of hours,” said Fredriksson. “She got paralyzed in this situation and was not able to bring herself to resist physically, other than saying no.”

    The woman is understood to be able to walk around her home, but cannot walk long distances and uses a wheelchair.

    Police mainland backup arrived on the island on Friday after emotions flared following media reports on the men’s release from custody. Some of this is understood to have included threats made against the five men. A separate probe has also been launched after individuals turned up on the prosecutor’s doorstep.

    “If you’re talking about it in very general terms, it is very serious that people try to influence the legal system. It is obviously serious if that is the purpose,” police investigator Mats Holst told the Hela Gotland newspaper on Thursday, but would not comment further on the latter incident.

    The back-up officers, who have been sent from Stockholm, are to work to prevent violence or threats from escalating, strengthen safety-building measures and assist in other criminal investigations on the island.

    “It is to make sure that we can handle our fundamental mission as police on Gotland and to enable us to act on the incidents of the past few days,” said Torbjörn Nilsson, the head of Gotland police, in a statement.

    He also told Hela Gotland: “We simply do not accept that people take the law into their own hands as many have expressed that one should do”.

    “You have to distinguish between these past weekends and what it is like on Gotland in general. Gotland is relatively, compared to other places, very safe and there are few crimes compared to the rest of the country,” he added. “But the way people have now acted is unprecedented.”

    According to Hela Gotland, 28 rapes have been reported on the island so far this year.

    Earlier in the week, Gotland police were forced to delete comments on its Facebook page after the discussion escalated and several people urged them to release the identities of the suspects.

    “We are restrictive when it comes to specifying ethnicity, description or other information such as age, appearance and addresses. We do specify that in some cases if it is important to move the investigation forward and we need the help of the public. Otherwise not,” wrote the police on their Facebook page.

  20. Palm Springs police shooting suspect captured after 12-hour ‘nightmare’ for community

    ALM SPRINGS SHOOTING KILLS TWO OFFICERSPalm Springs police chief: ‘They gave it all for you’ | 7:15

    Palm Springs Police Chief Bryan Reyes holds a press conference on the fatal shooting of two Palm Springs police officers Oct. 8, 2016. Daniel Simon, Zoe Meyers/The Desert Su

    Police arrested known gang member John Felix in the killing of two Palm Springs police officers Saturday afternoon.

    Felix, 26, was captured alive around 12:50 a.m. Sunday morning after a standoff with police lasting 12 hours, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. He is accused of two counts of murder of a peace officer.

    Felix was previously sentenced to four years in prison for a 2009 attempted murder plot in which he confessed to assault with a firearm. He was also arrested in 2013 for fighting with police on the same doorstep where Saturday’s shooting occurred.

    His father said that the shooter wanted to kill police officers. Obamas war on the police continues.

  21. The Truth About Polar Bears: They’re a Dangerous, Out of Control Pest

    Polar bear populations are getting out of control and posing a threat to human lives. Obviously the greenies don’t want you to know this.

    Last month in Tuktoyaktuk in Canada, on the edge of the East Beaufort Sea, five children were terrified out of their lives by the extremely rare sight of a polar bear roaming through their village. The bear was so close they could hear it breathing.

    At first, the other kids didn’t believe their cousin when she said a polar bear was nearby. And then they started running — and so did the “ever big” polar bear.

    “That polar bear started running towards them,” said Kikoak. “And one of my twins, she was maybe about six feet away from the stairs [of the house], but she was so in shock to see that polar bear, she was just standing there looking at it. And it didn’t move. It kept on staring at her.”

    Kikoak said her niece, who was inside the house with her and the rest of the children, thought fast and grabbed a skipping rope. She then tossed one end to Kikoak’s six-year-old daughter, who was still frozen in shock.

    The young girl held onto the end of the rope, said Kikoak, and was pulled towards the house.

    “And once she reached the stairs [my niece] grabbed her by her jacket and put her on the stairs,” Kikoak said. “And that’s how she saved my daughter.”

    Richard: Under a rational government system sport hunters would be allowed to pay to hunt the bears and their population would be kept in control that way. We aren’t under a rational system and the greenies have so much power in the left that they would rather the kids be killed then a bear.

  22. UK Suspends $30 Million in Aid to Palestinian Authority
    The British Government withheld the cash over fears that taxpayers’ money was used to pay the salaries of terrorists.

    Roughly one third of the UK’s annual aid budget to the Palestinians was frozen by the Department for International Development (DfID) after it emerged the Palestinian Authority was using the money to support terrorism despite assurances it would stop doing so.

    The British government suspended the $30 million in aid it sends directly to the P.A. but will continue to fund the various other charities and agencies it supports in the disputed territories.

    DfID expects to restart payments next year after an investigation which will hopefully prevent the money from being sent to terrorists.

    “We are not stopping for the Palestinian Authority overall, just delaying it to a date when we know our money won’t be going to people who do nothing in return for it,” a source at DfID told The Sun.

    The Palestinian Authority has long continued a practice of paying full salaries to those who murdered Israeli civilians. Despite promising to cease using aid money from countries like the UK to pay those salaries, an investigation by The Mail on Sunday in March found the P.A. was funding terrorism, just through a more convoluted paper trail.

  23. Tribal Europe: A Tour of France, Germany and Sweden (Part I)
    Raheel Raza recently traveled with a group on a fact-finding mission to Europe. In her report, she discusses migrants, EU denial and politics.

    On September 25, I traveled with a group hosted by The Middle East Forum on a fact-finding mission to Europe. There were 33 attendees from Australia, UK, Canada and USA (academics, activists and ordinary citizens), and we spent two days each in Paris, Berlin and Stockholm. In each city we had a local guide, met with government officials and members of organizations and civil society. Names have not been used for reasons of security and privacy).


    The main conversation in Europe is about migrants (mostly Muslim) and this is the topic all political parties are focused upon. Europe is heavily weighed down with the refugee crisis, which is not helped by EU porous borders. The entire concept of the European Union is under discussion.


    In Paris we travelled along Boulevard La Chappelle and saw migrants living under the bridges. A small percent of these are Syrian, rest are North African, mostly Sudanese.

    Our guide took us to St. Denis (the former religious shrine of the French Catholic kings and now a pre-dominantly Muslim area). It was like being in the Middle East with hardly a white person in sight.

    Behind one of the oldest Church’s in France is the office of the Muslim Brotherhood running under the innocuous name of the Association of Cultural Muslims. The fallacy that these areas are “ghettos” was removed as we saw good housing, roads and infrastructure telling us that the problem is not socio-economic, but essentially a clash of ideologies and culture.

    These areas are called “the lost territories of France” with high levels of crime and drugs, where police are hesitant to intervene. This is known commonly as “93 area” and all major Muslim organizations in France have their headquarters in the 93 area including the Muslim Brotherhood and Tablighi Jamaat.

  24. Hungary to Amend Constitution to Block EU Migrant Plan
    “Brussels or Budapest, that was the question, and the people said Budapest.”

    by Soeren Kern
    October 9, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has proposed amending the Constitution to prevent the European Union from settling migrants in Hungary without the approval of Parliament.

    In a speech on October 4, Orbán said the amendment would be presented to Parliament on October 10, and, if approved, it would come into effect on November 8.

    Hungarian voters overwhelmingly rejected the European Union’s mandatory migrant relocation plan in a referendum on October 2, but failed to turn out in sufficient numbers to make the referendum legally binding.

    More than 97% of those who voted in the referendum answered ‘no’ to the question: “Do you want the European Union to be entitled to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of the National Assembly?”

    Voter turnout was only 40%, however, far short of the 50% participation required to make the referendum valid under Hungarian law.

    Orbán has been a vocal opponent of the EU’s plan to relocate 160,000 “asylum seekers” from Greece and Italy. Under the scheme, 1,294 migrants would be moved to Hungary. The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, all former Communist countries, are also opposed to the EU plan, which they say is an “EU diktat” that infringes on national sovereignty.

    Although the referendum has been invalidated, Orbán — whose eurosceptic Fidesz party has more support than all opposition parties combined — said he would not be deterred. Speaking to supporters after the polls closed, he said:

  25. Terror on the tram: Passenger’s horror as man has his neck sliced open – missing a vital artery by millimetres – in a brutal knife attack (dailymail, Oct 8, 2016)

    “A man was inches away from death as he was slashed across the neck in a ‘vicious and unprovoked attack’ on board a tram. The 36-year-old was cut with a knife while riding a Metrolink tram in Manchester. He was lucky to be alive after his neck was sliced open, as the blade missed his carotid artery by mere inches…

    Police have described the knife-wielding man as black and stocky, with a shaven head and standing around 5ft 4ins tall…”

  26. University considers banning the National Anthem from graduation ceremonies – because of its links to ‘increasing far right nationalism’ (dailymaill, Oct 9, 2016)

    “A student union welfare officer has called for the National Anthem to be removed from a leading university’s graduation ceremony because of ‘increasing far right nationalism’.

    Mahamed Abdullahi, from King’s College London Students’ Union, called the traditional rendition of God Save The Queen ‘outdated’.

    Although the suggestion was dismissed as ‘petulant and disrespectful’ by fellow students, the university management yesterday admitted it was ‘in discussion’ about the use of the song.

    In an expletive-laden Facebook post, Mr Abdullahi wrote: ‘I want to get rid of the national anthem at graduation because it’s outdated and not reflective of the “global” values the college espouses.

    ‘In the context of increasing far right nationalism across Europe and the legacy of the British empire, it’s just a bit s*** and it doesn’t even bang. Basically, f*** the nation state.’

    His comments led to a petition to keep the anthem from James Findon, a member of KCL’s Conservative Association…”

    • There’s a comment on a youtube video where a person states he puts flags on the graves of veterans, because, “if we don’t remember them, who will remember us?’ What is culture than carrying forward the memories? Certainly, national anthems represent something concerning the character of a people, just like flags. The Blacks succeeded in converting the confederate battle flag into a museum piece; will the ragheads do the same with the British anthem? And what does that say about general state of western man?

  27. Putin’s Puritan Piety: The Ideological War against the West

    During the Cold War, American conservatives used to label the Soviet Union “the godless nation” on the verge of collapse because it had purged religion from the Russian society. Two decades later, the Kremlin is occupied by a former officer of the KGB, secretly baptized, who launches the same accusation of atheism at the United States and the West.

    Welcome to “Putin’s covert war on Western decadence”, as The Spectator defined it:

    “Putin’s Russia is fast becoming a very puritan place. Ever since returning to the presidency in 2012, Putin has pursued an increasingly religious-conservative ideology both at home and abroad, defining Russia as a moral fortress against sexual licence and decadence, porn and gay rights”.

    Recently, Russian officials censored porn websites. When the largest pornography site on the internet, PornHub, offered the Russia’s official communications and media watchdog a premium account in exchange for lifting the ban, Russian officials replied: “Sorry, we are not in the market and the demography is not a commodity.”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ideological war against the West is getting cocky and self-confident. In a televised speech from a Kremlin hall, Putin declared that Russian traditional family values are a bulwark against the West’s “so-called tolerance — genderless and infertile.”

    “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have abandoned their roots, including Christian values,” said Putin. The patriarch of the Orthodox Church, Kirill, echoed Putin by charging the West of being engaged in a “spiritual disarmament” of the Russian people, and by criticizing the European laws that prevent wearing religious symbols in public. “We have experienced an era of atheism and we know what it means to live without God”, Kirill said.

    • The atheism in the west is a product of the Cold War when the communists worked to destroy the west by destroying our moral foundations. You still see this war on religion occurring in the leftist in the west.

      • “The atheism in the west is a product of the Cold War when the communists worked to destroy the west by destroying our moral foundations.”

        Too right! (From:

        27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

        28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

        I would lump the foregoing into the much wider Communist-era agenda of “demoralizing” Western powers. For those who are unfamiliar with the following video, it is REQUIRED viewing for anyone who wishes to claim even a slight understanding of what is happening in Europe (especially) and America, as well.

        Ex-KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov outlines the how, what, where, when, who and why of Soviet Communist strategy and tactics designed to defeat the West. Pay careful attention when he begins to talk about the “true believers”. A similar fate awaits Europe’s true believers in multiculturalism and “coexistence” with Islam.

        Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press

        • This should be mandatory viewing for all teachers, students at all levels and repeated every year. It won’t be but it should.

          • “This should be mandatory viewing for all teachers, students at all levels and repeated every year.”

            Thank you, Richard. The almost prophetic pronouncements of Bezmenov are chilling to anyone with a scintilla of appreciation for history. Few, if any, within America (and, especially, this nation’s academia) have the slightest notion of just how wildly successful the KGB’s demoralization program managed to be.

            Should anyone require proof of this, merely consider how it required a loose cannon, monster-raving-loon like Donald Trump to finally shake some potion of America’s voter base out of its political torpor.

            Whilst I will never be a fanboy for Trump, every last gaffe, misstep, and debacle he might cause as president would be redeemed thrice over if only he managed to snap the spine of Political Correctness in America. Even if that was his sole achievement and ultimate historic legacy, it would be more than enough.

            That interview with Bezmenov makes crystal clear the necessity of exterminating Political Correctness for once and all time. The sooner the better, before it distorts and poisons all perception of Constitutional rights.

  28. British former glamour model is arrested on suspicion of possessing terrorist material after ‘setting up multiple Facebook accounts to talk to extremists’ (dailymaill, Oct 9, 2016)

    “A British former Page 3 model and traffic warden who converted to Islam has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences.

    Kimberley Miners was detained on suspicion of possessing material likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terror.

    It was reported last month that the 27-year-old, who has posed topless for The Sun, was speaking with a British fighter on Facebook who is recruiting women for the ‘caliphate’.

    However, Ms Miners, from Bradford, has allegedly set up multiple Facebook accounts to engage with extremists, according to the Sunday Times…”

  29. Just TWO out of 453 foreign criminals released from UK jails were deported despite government pledges to crack down on immigrant offenders (dailymail, Oct 9, 2016)

    “Hundreds of foreign offenders are walking free in the UK after dodging deportation, despite the government’s promise to crackdown on criminal migrants.

    Just two out of 453 criminals released from UK jails between April to June this year have been forced to leave Britain, new figures show.

    And many of the remaining 451 foreign offenders are continuing to claim benefits and run up legal aid bills while battling to stay in the UK.

    The Home Office data, published by The Sun, shows how more than half of the deportations were prevented by legal or removal issues.

    Tory MP Charlie Elphicke told the publication: ‘It is incredible that out of 453, just two were deported.

    ‘Deportation should mean out of prison, out of Britain.’

    The figures emerged after Home Secretary Amber Rudd promised to crackdown on criminal migrants from the EU and force them to be deported before Brexit…”

  30. THE LIST=> Hillary’s Filthy F**king Potty Mouth Puts Trump to Shame

    Jim Hoft Oct 8th, 2016 11:28 am 213 Comments

    The Clinton campaign (Washington Post) released audio on Friday of Donald Trump talking about hitting on a hot woman in 2005.

    Hillary Clinton tweeted out that she was “shocked!” in response to the audio!

    Hillary Clinton has a long history of violence and abusing and men, women and security officers.

    Here are a few of her more memorable lines:

    “Where is the G-damn f**king flag? I want the G-damn f**king flag up every f**king morning at f**king sunrise.”
    (From the book “Inside The White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 – Hillary to the staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day, 1991)

    “You sold out, you mother f**ker! You sold out!”
    From the book “Inside” by Joseph Califano, p. 213 – Hillary yelling at Democrat lawyer.

    “Son of a b*tch!”

      • I know what you mean but it is refreshing to see a Republican fight back. I think it was Newt that I heard say that the Dems don’t know what to do about Trump. The Republicans always ignore the attacks and take the high road (and lose). Trump doesn’t take the high road, he is a bar fighter that picks up a chair and hits them over the head in retaliation. This is why he doesn’t lose much support when they attack and why he always springs back.

        • You’re right.
          I’m too squeamish – I can’t stomach Rainbow Parades or use the proper word for ‘baby kitties’ since I looked up the reference in the dictionary.
          But my vote will be in the right place.

  31. Wikileaks 18 min ago

    Best reading for US presidential #Debate tonight? 80 pages of Hillary Clinton’s secret positions (see attachment)

    Attached are the flags from HRC’s paid speeches we have from HWA. I put some highlights below. There is a lot of policy positions that we should give an extra scrub with Policy.

    In terms of what was opened to the press and what was not, the Washington Examiner got a hold of one of the private speech contracts (her speeches to universities were typically open press), so this is worth a read

    attachmentls :

  32. the gateway pundit – TRUMP PUNKED THE PRESS: Told Reporters They Were Going to Pre-Debate Presser, Walked in on Clinton Rape Victims!

    The reporters thought they were going to a pre-debate photo op with Donald Trump.

    They walked in on Trump sitting with Clinton rape victims.

    Trump holds presser with Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick & Kathleen Willey—

  33. I don’t know how trustworthy this source is but the info is interesting if it can be verified.


    The previous video where Trump turned the entire campaign on its head no if this one is real and can be verified.

  34. Nuclear-armed drones? They may be closer than you think

    The US military increasingly relies on drones to carry out a multitude of tasks, usually those deemed too “dull, dirty, or dangerous” for manned missions. Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) carry out routine reconnaissance. They also act as decoys, serve as communication relays, and even deliver light cargoes. But a growing number of drones are armed, such as the US Predator and MQ-9 Reaper, which are used mostly in tactical situations, such as targeting terrorists or insurgents.

    Now military strategists are considering acquiring longer-range drones, especially those capable of carrying out nuclear missions. In 2015 there were reports that Russia was attempting to build nuclear-armed drone submarines.

  35. China must wean itself off debt addiction if it is to avoid financial calamity, warns IMF chief

    China is edging towards “financial calamity” and must wean itself off its debt addiction and reform if it is to avoid a crisis, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

    Markus Rodlauer, deputy director of the IMF’s Asia-Pacific department, said the world’s second largest economy was approaching a tipping point where its rapidly growing financial sector and surge in shadow credit could undermine the state’s ability to contain the fallout from a crash.

    “The level of financial and corporate debt and the complexity of the financial system and rapid growth in shadow banking is on an unsustainable path,” he said.

    Richard: After a certain level of debt nations are in the position that they know they can’t pay off the debt but they also know that under the right conditions (conquering the right nations or city states) they can get money to continue servicing their debt. If China hasn’t reached that point they are getting close and they know the US is weak. If they are paying attention they also know that the presser before the debate turned the attacks on Trump and his locker room language and conversations around and made Hillary and company look stupid as well as corrupt.

  36. Banks ponder the meaning of life as Deutsche agonizes

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It wasn’t just Deutsche Bank that was grappling with big questions about the future at the International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington last week.

    The German bank is scrambling to overhaul its operations as it faces a multi-billion dollar fine for selling toxic mortgage-backed securities in the United States.

    But many others in the banking industry are also still figuring out what they should be doing, nearly a decade after the financial crisis, as they grapple with anemic economic growth, wafer-thin returns on lending and the possibility that regulators will further hike their cost of doing business.

    “This new world of low interest rates and even negative interest rates is something that is very difficult,” said Frederic Oudea, the chief executive of French bank Societe Generale.

    “It is a game changer, not just for banks but for the whole financial industry,” he told an audience from the Institute of International Finance (IIF), a trade group for big banks that holds its annual meeting alongside the IMF.–sector.html

  37. Syrian insurgent group says loyal to former al Qaeda branch: Statement (ahram, Oct 9, 2016)

    “A powerful Syrian Islamist insurgent group on Sunday pledged allegiance to former al Qaeda branch Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, a statement circulated by rebel officials and reported by a monitoring group said.

    The Jund al-Aqsa group said it was trying to settle differences with Ahrar al-Sham, with which it has been fighting for days in the northwestern Idlib province, so as not to weaken rebel fighting against President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

    Government forces in recent days have captured territory from rebels taking advantage of infighting, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported.

    On Sunday they made further gains, recapturing the villages of Maan and al-Kabariya, which rebels including Jund al-Aqsa fighters had seized last month.

    The Observatory, which also reported Jund al-Aqsa’s announcement, said the group was seeking the protection of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.

    Jund al-Aqsa’s statement – circulated by rebel officials from other groups and carrying the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham stamp – did not say how pledging allegiance to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham would mend its relationship with Ahrar al-Sham…”

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