Muslim demands Jewish person remove kippah at Concordia as its an “Arab University” Links 1 on September 29 2016

1. Gorka: Director Comey correct about ‘terrorist diaspora’

2. Milo at UCF: A baker’s dozen awful things about islam.

3. ‘We either protect Europe or we LOSE it’ Hungary PM would deport all illegal migrants


Hungarian prime minister Viktor OrbanGETTY

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban has said we need to ‘protect Europe or lose it’

Sunday’s vote is essentially to decide whether Hungary’s borders are controlled by the national parliament or by the EU.

The openly anti-migrant Viktor Orban believes that a vote to retain control at national level may have a domino effect within the EU and for that reason politicians of Brussels are already attacking it.

Mr Orban said: “By a successful referendum we can possibly succeed in fights with those who want to weaken Europe by uncontrolled migration.

4. Syndicated Islamic show encourages Muslims to practice bigamy in Western nations.

5. Singapore jails teen blogger Amos Yee for anti-religion posts

(The article goes on to quote Lee Quan Yu, but fails to mention that the former leader of Singapore publicly stated, and on video for all to see, that Islam was non-miscible and a serious problem and that in fact Singapore broke away from Malaysia because it would not implement the sharia and as punishment, Malaysia cut off their water. So in fact, Singapore has amore realistic view of Islam as a component of a classical civilization than, well nearly anyone else except Hungary and the Netherlands. One of our over-worked and under appreciated translators is in fact working on a comprehensive article about Singapore and Islam which we can hope is ready before Christmas)
6. Montreal Student Asked to Remove Kippah At “Arabic” Concordia University
Jewish blog recently reported on its Facebook Page on an incident involving an orthodox Jewish student who was asked to take off his kippah (skullcap) in the Hall Building at Concordia University, the school famous for rioting over Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2002 speech. The blog reports:

14484910_1534831563209484_6623921355856829591_nHowie Silbiger had just entered the hall building on his way to class when a young man told him to remove his Yarmulke, explaining that he shouldn’t wear one in “an Arabic university.”

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Perfect Child, Gates of Vienna, Buck, Xanthippa, Various anon people from ACT for Canada, and all who helped out today and sent in materials. There will be more to come if the technical problems with the editing get solved, from the OSCE conference.

Tuesday night I did my usual monthly podcast with Red Fox Blogger. For those interested, here is the link. I come on at around 24 minutes in.


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8 Replies to “Muslim demands Jewish person remove kippah at Concordia as its an “Arab University” Links 1 on September 29 2016”

  1. 1 – They are correct but their dispersing around the world is not dependent on their losing in Iraq, they are coming over here no matter who wins in Iran. In fact they are already here and the number is close to if not more then the 100 Dr. Gorka talked about.

    3 – In the long run Europe will be saved, the fight to free Europe will be long and bloody but in the end we will win.

  2. It is an experience to listen to Vlad verbalize at the speed of light
    on this blog talk radio program, Infidels Are Watching. Kel Fritzie
    can barely post the link before Vlad is off into, another deep theory
    about the state of things. meanwhile the chat room is filled with 25
    anti jihad crazies oooing & ahhing and zooming in to announce their
    own concerns. it is easy to get there from here & it’s a fun.
    Check it out ..

  3. #6 Following the incident, a diverse range of Concordia students and staff posted Facebook photos while wearing skullcaps in and out of University buildings; everyone found some humor in the incident and got on with their lives. NOT
    Bram Freedman, VP of Concordia, also took the time to response and assure readers that “we take such matters very seriously.” He advised the student in question to contact Concordia’s Office of Rights and Responsibilities to file a complaint. “Once a complaint is filed, the University can look into it, conduct an investigation and take whatever steps may be necessary but as I am sure that people can understand, the University can’t take any action without a formal complaint,” he wrote. “I should add that Concordia is a far different place today from the Netanyahu days which was almost 15 years ago – the Azrieli Institute for Israel Studies, the first minor in Israel Studies in Canada and many, many other initiatives. A Shana tova to all.”
    Silbiger, who received an invitation from Concordia University’s Dean of Students to meet, decided not to file an official complaint.

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