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  1. Shimon Peres has died. May his memory be a blessing for those who mourn his passing.

    All the Israeli papers are pushing rot they canned ages ago, freshened slightly when the late President had a massive stroke two weeks ago. The farrr rrright-wing websites I frequent are unusually quiet about the legacy of Mr. Peres. That’s because it’s not nice to speak ill of the dead, and certainly not wise at this time of year. (The Days of Awe – aka the High Holy Days – start sunset Sunday.)

    Here’s a restrained look at the disaster that was Oslo:
    Why the Oslo Process Doomed Peace

    • From 2013:
      Norwegian group coming to Knesset to apologize for Oslo Accords

      They are coming from Oslo – to apologize for “Oslo.” A group of more than 20 Christian leaders from Norway will be coming to the Knesset on Wednesday to ask for forgiveness for the diplomatic process between Israel and the Palestinians that began in their capital.

      The group will be delivering an apology for the Oslo Accords, which passed in 1993 and 1995, to Deputy Knesset Speaker Gila Gamliel (Likud), the co-chair of the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus and a vigorous opponent of the accords from the start. They will also apologize for other policies of their government.

      “Forgive us Israel as a nation for the Oslo Agreement dividing up the Land of Israel, for the money from Norway ending up supporting terrorist organizations, for not moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s eternal undivided capital Jerusalem, for not standing up to defend Israel in a world with increasing hostility, and for the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist attitude of politicians and media in Norway,” the apology says.

      The apology also asks forgiveness for Norway hindering Jews from entering the country until 1851, for sending Jews to Nazi death camps during the Holocaust, and for rejecting Jews who sought to come to Norway after the war.

      • Very good. Please pass on my congratulations for their excellent work, tell them to keep up teaching the facts of history. ,strong>If we don’t know where we have been how do we know where we are going?

      • Thank-you, Rita, for your exquisite, thoughtful gift. And the touching dedication.

        To refrain from speaking ill of the dead requires more discipline than I possess. Especially provoked by a political circus-funeral, where enemies come to praise what should simply be buried.

        This piece says it all.
        Those who have dreams…
        …of Nobel Prizes…
        Promise us an olive branch, a dove.
        We’re the children of Oslo.
        Now we wear helmets on our heads.
        We’re in Ashqelon, Haifa, Sderot.
        In trauma clinics.

        I just played it for a Russian visitor who left Israel for the US a few years ago. _Her_ children are the children of Oslo.
        We’d been listening to a recent interview with the decedent, filmed before a rapt audience. All the old stories, all the dewey-eyed fools sucking it in. So when she heard this line in the song at 3:50, she broke down in tears:

        We just got orders over the secure net;
        We don’t have time for your stories.
        ~~ but that’s ok, we know you’re not sorry.

        Sunset tonight 6:20pm – eek! so early! speed-read.

  2. US invests $50m in Niger drone base for counterterrorism (BBC, Sep 30, 2016)

    “The US is investing at least $50m in a military air base in Niger that will be capable of deploying drones.

    The US already has a presence in the capital Niamey, where it shares an airbase with France’s anti-Islamist force, Operation Barkhane.

    MQ-9 Reaper drones are stationed there.

    But the new facility, in the central city of Agadez, will give Washington greater ability to use drones against Islamist extremists in neighbouring countries like Libya, Mali and Nigeria.

    A spokeswoman for the Pentagon, Michelle Baldanza, confirmed the US had agreed to pay for a new runway and “associated pavements, facilities and infrastructure”.

    She estimated the cost at $50m but The Intercept, which first reported the story, said it is projected to cost twice that.

    The investigative news site reports that it has obtained files that show the project is considered “the most important US military construction effort in Africa” and will be completed in 2017.

    Drones, also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) are used by the military for surveillance and to drop bombs, in places where it is too risky or difficult to send a pilot.”

  3. Kurdish militia role in Raqqa offensive could trigger ethnic conflict – Turkish official (reuters, Sep 30, 2016)

    “An offensive to retake the Syrian city of Raqqa from Islamic State using Kurdish militia fighters would trigger an ethnic conflict there, a senior Turkish official said and warned that the operation should avoid triggering further divisions.

    The official said Syrian Kurdish YPG has so far failed to entirely withdraw from the Syrian city of Manbij west of the Euphrates river despite promises for it to do so.

    Turkey views the YPG as a hostile force with deep links to Kurdish militants who have fought a three-decade insurgency on Turkish soil, putting it at odds with Washington which sees the YPG as a valuable and effective ally in its fight against Islamic State in Syria…”

  4. Rapper calls for the BEHEADING of Nigel Farage & dubs the Queen a ‘w****’ in warped video (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “A RAPPER has released a music video calling for the decapitation of Nigel Farage and a host of other famous British figures.

    Robert Bealer, who calls himself Prophet Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah, uses the lyrics “chat s***, get Rigby’d” in his song – a tasteless reference to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby who was killed by Islamic extremists in 2013.

    In his latest video, called Off With Their Heads, he calls for the “heads” of the Nigel Farage, the Queen, Winston Churchill and former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson to be put on a stake…”

    • Will the “rapper” be recommended for a knighthood by the islamist mayor of London I wonder ? As to wanting the head of Winston Churchill, I should not be as surprised as I am, seeing that necrophilia is just as acceptable according to the Koran as is bestiality……..and our political leaders bow to that filth ?!

      • Yucki is right it is time for a great culling of the race, after WWIII is over the average intelligence of the human race will be much higher.

  5. ‘Migrants are not our responsibility’ Archbishop urges EU’s Schengen countries to do more (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “THE ARCHBISHOP of York has insisted Britain should not be seen as a “soft touch” when it comes to immigration, saying other EU nations should take more asylum seekers.

    In a bold statement, senior churchman John Sentamu has lent his voice to the issue of immigration, claiming Britain needs to do more to protect its sovereignty.

    During a speech at the Henley Literary Festival, Dr Sentamu said: “That camp [the Jungle] has been a creation of the Schengen countries and they ought to own up to what they’ve created.

    “I think it should be that, wherever the asylum seekers arrive in that particular place, you have a responsibility for their care, their love.

    “Schengen countries have not done that with the Jungle and I, for one – as much as I am sympathetic and I feel sorry for the number of people genuinely seeking asylum – I think really the issue lies with the Schengen countries and they cannot see Britain as a soft touch.”…”

  6. ISIS jihadis REWARDED with Christian sex slaves for informing terror cult about defectors (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “A DISGRACED Islamic State fighter has revealed jihadi militants are given Christian sex slave girls as rewards for turning in defectors.

    The captured ISIS extremist claims he was given three badly beaten women as a thank you from his depraved commanders for telling them his own brother wanted to leave the death cult.

    Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer, taken captive by the Al-Sham front in Aleppo, Syria, said girls are dealt like currency by the twisted terrorist group.

    He said the young women, mostly Yazidi and Christian, are handed to fighters who act as informants against disloyal Daesh defectors before being sold at slave markets in Raqqa for a between £200 ($250) and £500 ($550).

    Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer said: “Whenever they took captives, they would bring slave girls, and they would place them on the slave market in Raqqa.

    “Afterwards, they would sell them for dollars.

    “Their price would range from $250 to $550.

    “The Islamic State would buy slave girls and give them as rewards.”…”

  7. Syrian migrant ‘groped woman’s breast and headbutted policeman at Notting Hill Carnival’ (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “A SYRIAN migrant allegedly molested a woman and headbutted a policeman at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

    Mohammed Al-Youssfi is accused of grabbing a 46-year-old woman, rubbing his body against her and groping her breast.

    The 23-year-old, who is originally from Aleppo, appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court where he faced charges of sexual assault and assaulting a police officer.

    Edward Aydin, prosecuting, said Mr Al-Youssfi followed the woman and two of her friends, one of which was pregnant, as they left the carnival on August 29.

    Mr Aydin said: “They stood aside for him to go by them, but he didn’t. He grabs the lady there, the complainant, who is 46.

    “She’s wearing a jumpsuit and he grabs her in a bear hug, then grabs her breasts. He’s wearing a white t-shirt and pink shorts.”

    The court heard that Mr Al-Youssfi pressed his body against the woman’s backside and then headbutted PC Steve Goddhind, when he tried to intervene.

    The prosecutor added: “He’s been in this country for a very short time.”

    Mr Al-Youssfi has been remanded in custody and is due to be sentenced at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court on October 5.

    This year’s Notting Hill Carnival led to more than 400 arrests – the highest number on record for the annual celebration of multiculturalism.

    Police revealed after the event that there were four stabbings, 13 sexual assaults and that 90 people were found to be carrying weapons.

    Officers also said that 40 people were taken into custody for public order offences, six were arrested for causing grievous bodily harm, 17 for common assault and three for drug and drink driving.

    A total of 25 police officers were assaulted.”

  8. German police accused of ‘cover-up’ over alleged sex attack by migrant on teen girl (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “POLICE in Germany have been accused of covering up an alleged sex attack by an African migrant on a 13-year-old girl.

    Officers in Chemnitz, Saxony, withheld details of the abuse for several weeks, instead sending out press releases on minor issues including one appeal from a man who had forgotten where he parked his car.

    The alleged attack only came to light when a man who knew about the incident informed a local newspaper.

    Although police have since confirmed a complaint of sexual abuse was received, no further details have yet been released to the public.

    Police spokesman Rafael Scholz confirmed the it was investigating the alleged attack…”

  9. Fury as Syrian rapist flees the UK during trial (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “AN MP has today angrily condemned the legal system after a Syrian rapist fled Britain midway through his trial.

    Sultan Amari, 46, took his drunk victim back to a house he owned and raped her twice after picking her up in his taxi.

    She awoke naked and alone before calling police and saying: “I went for drinks after work last night and I can’t remember anything else.”

    During the trial Amari was granted bail and allowed to keep his passport.

    But last Sunday, the day before he was due to give evidence, Amari, of Flint, North Wales, emailed Warrington Crown Court saying he had no intention of turning up.

    That night he flew to Istanbul and vanished…”

  10. Four teenage Pakistani migrants ‘gang rape boy, 16, & FILM savage attack on their phones’ (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “A GANG of Pakistani teenagers have been arrested for allegedly raping a 16-year-old boy inside a migrant camp and filming the attack on their phones.

    The four teenagers, aged between 16 and 17, face rape and child pornography charges following the heinous attack.

    A child psychologist and medical examiner have seen the alleged victim, who is also a migrant from Pakistan…”

  11. WE REFUSE: Chess players to snub Iran tournament over being FORCED to wear headscarves (express, Sep 30, 2016)

    “FEMALE chess players are threatening to boycott a tournament in Iran because the hardline Islamic government is forcing them to wear headscarves.

    Chess grandmasters look set to snub the world championships in Tehran amid fears Iran’s formidable “morality police” could arrest and flog them if they are seen without a headscarf or talking alone with male coaches.

    The 7,000-strong vice squad is tasked with upholding Islamic law and could swoop on the international event if women do not abide by the religious law imposed after the Islamic revolution in 1979.

    Women have condemned the choice of venue and are threatening to boycott the event over the archaic law and because there are fears the Iranian security services are not capable of providing adequate protection.

    America’s female grandmaster Nazi Paikidze said that contestants would find it difficult to play in a hijab.

    She said: “This is a country where to this day women’s rights are severely restricted.

    “I will not be supporting this oppression of women by wearing a hijab myself. Since forced hijab is the country’s law, I could face imprisonment for not complying.

    “There should be very serious concerns about player safety.”

    Chess’ world governing body, Fide, is being heavily criticised for the choice of venue, with Nigel Short, one of Britain’s greatest chess players, calling for a change of location…”

  12. French Military Bolsters Iraq Presence for Mosul Offensive (abcnews, Sep 30, 2016)

    “French warplanes are flying over Iraq after the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier rejoined the U.S.-led fight against Islamic State extremists — and as the coalition prepares to try to take back the key city of Mosul.

    France, which has suffered repeated attacks at home from IS-linked extremists, is ramping up its military presence in Iraq ahead of the offensive in Mosul, the largest city held by the extremists. The Iraqi government has been gearing up with support from the United States and other allies for the mission, which could mark a turning point in the fight against IS.

    A French defense official said Friday’s mission “in no way” constitutes the beginning of the battle for Mosul. The French official, speaking anonymously in line with defense policy, said preparations are still underway with the U.S. and other partners to coordinate the Mosul offensive. She would not provide details of Friday’s operation for the security of the pilots.

    French planes have flown 32 missions over the past week, with Rafale jets destroying four targets with airstrikes and backing up Iraqi ground forces, according to a French military statement…”

  13. Obama operatives stripped Judical Watch of ‘media’ status, overcharged for FOIA requests

    Political operatives within the Obama administration wrongly punished conservative legal group Judicial Watch, stripping it of “media” status and trying to force it to pay higher fees for its open records requests, the General Services Administration inspector general said in a letter released Thursday.

    The GSA botched several high-profile open records requests, delaying them for months while political appointees got involved, Inspector General Carol F. Ochoa said. The findings were released while the administration was facing charges of slow-walking open records requests for Hillary Clinton’s emails, as well as other requests.

    In the case of Judicial Watch, the order to strip it of media status came from political operatives with long ties to Democratic causes — and even from the White House.

    The inspector general said the decision came at the behest of Gregory Mecher, a former Democratic campaign fundraiser who at the time was liaison to the White House. He is married to Jen Psaki, a longtime spokeswoman with the Obama administration and its election campaigns.

    Ms. Ochoa said stripping Judicial Watch of media status violated several agency policies and things got worse when the GSA denied an appeal by the group.

    The same person who ruled on the initial request also ruled on the appeal, “contrary to GSA procedures,” the inspector general said.

    Judicial Watch ended up suing over the request, the agency finally agreed to waive all fees and even ended up paying Judicial Watch $750 as part of the settlement.

    Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, questioned the agency’s decision to fight a losing case that ended up costing it money.

    “It’s outrageous but not surprising. Welcome to our world. This is what we put up with all the time from the agencies,” he said.

    President Obama promised an era of transparency when it came to open records requests under the Freedom of Information Act, which is the chief way for Americans to pry loose data from the federal government.

    Despite the president’s exhortations, the government is increasingly fighting requests, forcing the public to file lawsuits to look at information.

    Last year, the administration spent $31.3 million to fight FOIA cases — more than twice the $15.4 million the administration spent in 2008, the final year under President George W. Bush.

    The GSA has not been one of the major offenders, reporting no FOIA legal spending in 2015 and just $11,000 a year in 2014 and 2013, when it faced Judicial Watch’s lawsuit and paid the $750 settlement.

    That doesn’t mean the agency has been operating cleanly. In a 2010 letter, a previous inspector general said the agency botched a request seeking information about GSA communications with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and two other Democrats.

    White House officials got involved and further delayed the request, the inspector general said.

    Ms. Ochoa said in her letter that she found three bungled cases in the five years since that 2010 investigation. A 2013 request for records mentioning Donald Trump — now the Republican presidential nominee — took 242 days, five times the average. A 2012 request seeking information on GSA bonuses was blocked for 515 days.

    The Judicial Watch request, though, was the most striking.

    The group was trying to get a look at a goofy video produced by the agency’s New York office on company time and using company resources. The GSA at the time was facing fierce criticism from Capitol Hill for having wasted money on lavish conferences with questionable team-building activities such as the video.

    Judicial Watch asked to be treated similar to a member of the media, which would mean an exemption from fees. Two weeks earlier, Judicial Watch was approved for the media exemption.

    But ahead of the GSA request, Mr. Mecher, the political appointee with ties to the White House, requested that Judicial Watch’s status be re-examined, investigators said. Elliot Mincberg, a lawyer with deep Democratic ties who was on loan to the GSA at the time, issued a determination rejecting Judicial Watch as a media requester.

    Ms. Ochoa said the justification for that was weak — a page from a Justice Department guide that predated the current law governing the definition of media. Mr. Mincberg “did not conduct any independent legal research” about the 2007 law, and that “shows a lack of due diligence,” Ms. Ochoa concluded.

    The GSA then failed to follow its own procedures in its denial letter — despite internal misgivings — and again in mishandling the appeal, Ms. Ochoa wrote.

    “Why are White House liaisons involved in our FOIA request?” said Mr. Fitton, the Judicial Watch president.

    Mr. Mecher, who is now a top congressional staffer in the office of Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III, did not respond to an email seeking comment on his role.

    Mr. Mincberg said in an email that he “performed a relatively minor task” at Mr. Mecher’s request but declined to elaborate, saying he was acting at the time as an attorney for the agency and would need its approval to speak more.

    Mr. Mincberg had been lent to the GSA as a FOIA troubleshooter — though his arrival was met with skepticism. Ms. Ochoa reported that one senior lawyer emailed a colleague saying, “This will not end well.”

    Later, Mr. Mincberg would run into trouble at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he was a senior attorney.

    In 2014, that department’s inspector general cited him for obstructing an investigation into the deputy secretary. Mr. Mincberg was accused of withholding information from investigators, appearing to coach witnesses and, during one interview, threatening to bring charges against the investigators themselves.

    GSA spokeswoman Ashley Nash-Hahn did not respond to specific questions about Mr. Mincberg or Mr. Mecher, but insisted that her agency had improved its handling of FOIA requests. She said the agency has a new tracking system and increased training and coordination.

    “With these improvements, GSA accelerated its processing time from an average of 21 days for simple requests and 63 days for complex requests in fiscal year 2013 to 12 days for simple requests and 46 days for complex requests last fiscal year,” she said.

    Judicial Watch is fighting a series of court cases to get a look at Mrs. Clinton’s emails from the State Department and has other cases pending against the CIA, the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the IRS.

    A case against the Homeland Security Department, in which Judicial Watch argued that the department regularly obstructed its requests, was dismissed Thursday.

    Judge Richard J. Leon, sitting in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, ruled that delays for Judicial Watch’s requests weren’t enough to prove that Homeland Security was violating its policies.

    “Judicial Watch points to no fact or statement to establish why the requests were delayed or how the delays were the result of an either formal or informal DHS policy or practice to violate FOIA’s requirements, rather than an inevitable but unintended delay attributable to a lack of resources,” the judge wrote.

    • Am returning to the net slowly… just in guise of a “Hello Martin :)”:
      We ARE losing he war against: Obama, Pope Francis, Hollande, Merkel, Soros, Clinton the 2nd., the Media, the latter known in Germany as “die Lügenpresse” and in France as “MeRdia”, from “merde”.

      • I don’t know if it was before, after or during when he was sworn in a President but about that time Obama said that if the political winds shift he will side with the Moslems every time. This says he is a Moslem otherwise he would be siding with the nation that he is supposedly leading.

        Sean said that one day we will have another terror attack on the scale of 9/11 or larger my bet is larger and that the report would lay the blame on the people who refuse to admit that Islam is at war with us. He is right and I think at some level the left knows this, that is why they are working so hard to destroy the people who want to defend the US, they know this group will become our leaders after the next attack.

      • Bonjour chère amie …..

        …. un petit intermède musical pour oublier pendant une heure ou deux les barbus et les collabos …

  14. U.N news agency scrubs tweet calling on Americans abroad to ‘end Trump’

    The United Nations News Centre — the official U.N. news service — tweeted, then quickly pulled, a post that called for “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop Trump.”

    The tweet, published at 9:14 p.m. ET on Thursday, urged American expats to share a voter registration tool on the website of the activist organization Avaaz that states, “U.S. Citizens abroad could defeat Trump … if they voted.”

    The Web page, titled “The October surprise that will end Trump,” allows users to sign up for help registering to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election and encourages them enlist their friends as well.

    “At a time when Trump is trying to divide us, we could help defeat him if we all share this page with EVERYONE. Let’s reach every US voter abroad,” it reads.

    The tweet was deleted within 20 minutes, without explanation.

    Ari Gaitanis, chief of the U.N. News Services Section, which oversees the twitter account, said it was a mistake.

    “That tweet did not originate from the UN News Centre and this was the reason for it being taken down,” he told POLITICO. “We’re looking into its provenance.”

      • The early signs are showing that a fairly large percentage of the Blacks and Hispanics are going to set out this election. They refuse to vote for Trump and can’t stomach Hillary.

  15. Investigation launched after dead people are registered to vote in Harrisonburg

    Harrisonburg officials and the FBI are investigating allegations of voter registration fraud after officials say almost 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.

    Harrisonburg Registrar Debbie Logan said Thursday that investigators have found from 18 to 20 potentially fraudulent registrations. The Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office confirmed Thursday that an investigation is underway, but offered no additional details on the case.

  16. Regime forces amass around Aleppo as diplomacy falters

    Washington (CNN)As an estimated 10,000 Syrian-led ground troops amass east of Aleppo, the US is considering a tougher response to Russia over its support for the Assad regime and its role in the bombardment of the city, senior administration officials told CNN.
    The troops have gathered in advance of what is believed to perhaps be a final ground assault over the coming days by Syrian government forces against rebels holding the key city, in what one US official described as an unprecedented degree of firepower to be unleashed on the besieged area.

    While no decisions have been made about moving against Russia, American consider

  17. NUKE FACE-OFF Pakistan threatens to DESTROY India with nuclear bomb as atomic enemies edge to the brink of war

    Tensions have risen dramatically between the nuclear-armed neighbours
    By Sara Kamouni
    30th September 2016, 12:21 am

    PAKISTAN’S Defence Minister has threatened to “destroy” India – after India said on Thursday it had carried out “surgical strikes” on suspected militants preparing to infiltrate from Pakistan-ruled Kashmir.

    The strikes, which were a response to shots fired across the de facto border through the disputed Himalayan territory, could lead to a military escalation between the two nuclear-armed neighbours – risking a ceasefire agreed in 2003.

  18. Europe’s populist surge fuelled by migrant crisis

    Budapest (AFP) – Hungarians are poised to reject the EU’s troubled refugee quota plan in a referendum on Sunday, as fiercely anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor Orban rides a populist wave across the bloc.

    Following are the main European populist parties that have stoked concerns about the continent’s worst migrant crisis since World War II to boost their support and even enter government in some countries.

    – ‘Disgusting worms’ –

    – GERMANY: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) suffered a stinging setback in state elections in Berlin on September 18 in a backlash against her “open-door” refugee policy.

    Alternative for Germany (AfD) won seats in the regional parliament with 14 percent of the vote — not far behind the CDU’s 18 percent.

    A recently elected Berlin deputy for the AfD reportedly called Syrian refugees “disgusting worms” and said asylum seekers were “parasites which are feeding off the German people”.

  19. Mexico Is Worried About An Influx Of African And Asian Immigrants
    Photo of Alex Pfeiffer
    Alex Pfeiffer

    Read more:

    Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned about an influx of immigrants into the country from African and Asian countries, according to a report Thursday in El Universal.

    “Many of them will have to return to their home countries,” Socorro Flores, undersecretary of Latin America and the Caribbean for the Mexican Foreign Ministry, said to El Universal.

    The Mexican government is now trying to deal with this influx of immigrants by setting up shelters and working with the countries of origin of the immigrants on deportations.

    Read more:

  20. In ex-Soviet Georgia, pope issues veiled criticism of Russia

    TBILISI (Reuters) – Pope Francis called for respect for international law and the sovereign rights of nations as he arrived in Georgia on Friday, an implicit criticism of Russia, which keeps troops in two breakaway areas of the ex-Soviet state.

    But Francis measured his words carefully, in an apparent attempt not to hurt the Vatican’s increasingly warm ties with the Kremlin-backed Russian Orthodox Church.

    Georgia won independence in 1991 but the Kremlin’s shadow still looms large. Russia, which fought a short war with Georgia in 2008, is one of the few countries that recognize the contested areas of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states.

    Speaking at the welcoming ceremony at the presidential palace, Francis, in a clear reference to the Georgian situation, said relations between states in the region “can never lay aside respect for the sovereign rights of every country within the framework of international law”.

    Georgian President Georgy Margvelashvili said there was a desire for all people to live in dignity.

  21. Police clear out Rome’s ‘Gloomy Street’ migrant camp

    ROME (Reuters) – Italian police on Friday cleared out the “Gloomy Street” transit camp in central Rome where thousands of migrants have slept over the past year as they made their way toward northern Europe.

    The Baobab center near Rome’s Tiburtina train station was shut down in December, but volunteers quickly set up a camp on the street in front of the old shelter, providing tents, chemical toilets, mattresses and meals.

    An estimated 60,000 migrants have slept there over the past 12 months and volunteers said about 300 migrants spent the night in Via Cupa, which means Gloomy Street in English, on Thursday.

    Police moved in after dawn, rounding up dozens of people for identification. They later hauled away the mattresses, toilets and food.

    “Shutting down the camp doesn’t solve the problem. There will still be migrants looking for a place to sleep tonight,” Andrea Costa, one of the founding members of the Baobab shelter, told Reuters.

  22. Greece says Erdogan’s remarks on islands ‘dangerous’ to relations

    ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece on Friday accused neighboring Turkey of endangering ties between the two NATO allies by questioning the wisdom of an almost century-old treaty that established the modern boundaries between the two countries.

    At a speech in Ankara on Thursday, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said the Treaty of Lausanne, a 1923 peace accord which forged modern Greece and Turkey’s borders, was essentially a defeat for Turkey because it “gave away” islands to Greece.

    Ties between Greece and Turkey have suffered strains over the years, because of squabbles over sea boundaries between the two countries and because of divided Cyprus, ethnically split between its Greek and Turkish Cypriot populations since 1974.

    The two countries almost went to war over an uninhabited islet in the Aegean in 1996. But tensions have eased over the years, particularly after each rushed to the other’s aid in separate earthquakes affecting both countries in 1999.

    “Questioning the Treaty of Lausanne, which established norms in Greco-Turkish relations (and) the status quo in the Aegean and its islands, is dangerous to relations between the two countries and to the broader region,” Tsipras’s office quoted him as telling senior government officials.

    Greece, Tsipras said, would not respond in a similar manner.

    At the Ankara speech on Thursday, Erdogan said: “We gave away islands to Greece that we could reach with a shout in Lausanne. Is this victory? They tried to trick us into believing that Lausanne was a victory.

    “Those who sat at that table did not do right by that treaty. Now, we suffer its setbacks.”

    Erdogan wants to re-estabish the Ottoman Empire, he is blocked to the south by Russia helping Assad so he is turning west knowing that NATO is too weak to stop him if he moves in on the Island. He also thinks that NATO will let him keep the islands so they can keep him an ally against Russia. This is close to the thinking of Hitler before WWII and some of the European leaders just prior to WWI. Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote an article about how the world was drifting into WWIII as unprepared as we were when we entered WWI and WWII. The only difference I can see is that in both of them we fought Germany (which side will Merkel come in on?) and had Russia as an ally (which side will Putin come in on?).

    • Erdoff is certainly making ominous noises. If he decides to bite off an island or two, he’ll make it look like something just short of a NATO- trigger. For today’s NATO, anyway.

      …when the cat’s away
      the rats eat each other.

      • Once he starts grabbing islands and the worlds attention is focused on him Iran or China will make a move. That is when the big trouble starts. That may be when ISIS sends the world for their sleeper units to wake up and hit is everywhere they can, preferably all across the US and Europe on the same day and roughly the same time.

  23. USCIS Director admits: Well, yeah, a LOT of refugees have been involved in terrorist offenses
    By J.E. Dyer September 29, 2016

    There’s a point here that requires highlighting. Failing to highlight it amounts to lying — which is basically what the Obama administration is doing.

    The point in question this: bringing Muslim refugees into the U.S. under our current procedures literally imports terrorist conspiracies and law enforcement problems. It creates security problems inside the United States that didn’t exist prior to the importation of the Muslims in question.

    To say that any moral principle requires us to do that, regardless of our people’s own safety, is to grossly violate the trust of the American people.

    Leon Rodriguez, director of the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS), admitted this week under grilling by a Senate committee that refugees have been a significant source of terror plots against targets in the U.S.

    What he featured at the beginning of his statement, however, was the misleading assertion that refugees haven’t “committed terrorist acts.” No, but that’s not for lack of trying. Refugees — not just people who immigrated years ago, but people who immigrated recently as adults — have frequently been involved in terrorist plots that had to be detected and interdicted by law enforcement.

  24. VIENNA — Austrian police are interrogating a man on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group after he allegedly tried to run down several people with his car in Vienna.

    Turkish migrant screaming Allahu Akbar ploughs into crowd of pedestrians

    A TURKISH man who attempted to drive into a crowd of pedestrians was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he was arrested by police.

  25. Dems Worried That Minorities Will Stay Home on Election Day
    Posted On 29 Sep 2016

    Without an enormous turnout of Hispanic and black voters, Hillary Clinton will have no shot of defeating Donald Trump on November 8. While it’s a matter of mathematical certainty that Hillary will dominate among minorities, she must do more than simply beat Trump in a game of percentages. Gross turnout matters, and right now, minority voters are not nearly as enthusiastic about Hillary as they were about Obama.

    In places like Florida, the stakes couldn’t be higher. From Politico:

    It’s not just Clinton’s margins with black voters that concerns Democrats. It’s whether African-American voters turn out in force for her in a pivotal state whose 29 electoral votes are essential to the GOP nominee’s path to an Electoral College victory. A loss in Florida all but guarantees a Trump defeat on Election Day.

    Clinton faces a similar potential problem with Hispanic voters. Though Florida Hispanics back her by double-digit margins similar to the level of support Obama enjoyed, activists fear their turnout rate will be lower. Hispanics account for more than 15 percent of the Florida voter rolls and African-Americans are more than 13 percent. About 65 percent of registered voters are non-Hispanic white, and they heavily favor Trump.

  26. State AGs sue to stop Obama’s internet transition

    Read more:
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    Four Republican state attorneys general are suing to stop the Obama administration from transferring oversight of the internet to an international body, arguing the transition would violate the U.S. Constitution.

    The lawsuit — filed Wednesday in a Texas federal court — threatens to throw up a new roadblock to one of the White House’s top tech priorities, just days before the scheduled Oct. 1 transfer of the internet’s address system is set to take place.

    In their lawsuit, the attorneys general for Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada and Texas contend that the transition, lacking congressional approval, amounts to an illegal giveaway of U.S. government property. They also express fear that the proposed new steward of the system, a nonprofit known as ICANN, would be so unchecked that it could “effectively enable or prohibit speech on the Internet.”

    Read more:
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  27. Report: Crooked Hillary’s Mysterious Cleanup Man Is Linked to Egypt, Arab Spring

    Report: Crooked Hillary’s Mysterious Cleanup Man Is Linked to Egypt, Arab Spring

    Jim Hoft Sep 30th, 2016 8:41 am 281 Comments

    Guest Post by Joe Hoft

    Hillary Clinton is not above cheating, lying or stealing to get what she wants so it shouldn’t be any surprise that she is being accused of cheating during Monday’s 1st Presidential debate. Various ways that Hillary apparently cheated have already been identified (e.g. the moderator Holt’s bias, Hillary’s hand signals to Holt during the debate and the noticeable unexplained wires on her back).

    Other unusual items are now literally coming to light that show that Hillary may have cheated in additional ways. The below video shows a light on Hillary’s podium go out after the debate. Trump did not have the same light on his podium. The bright light that went out after the debate was a not a light for reading because it was too high and faced her and not the podium. The light appears to be more like a small monitor or teleprompter perhaps used to transmit messages to her during the debate.

  28. Obama’s New Middle East

    Caroline B. Glick
    By Caroline B. Glick

    Published Sept. 30, 2016


    East and world are presenting themselves. Our new world is not a peaceful or stable one. It is a harsh place.

    The new Syria is being born in the rubble of Aleppo.

    The eastern side of the city, which has been under the control of US-supported rebel groups since 2012, is being bombed into the Stone Age by Russian and Syrian aircraft.

    All avenues of escape have been blocked. A UN aid convoy was bombed in violation of a fantasy cease-fire.

    Medical facilities and personnel are being targeted by Russia and Syrian missiles and barrel bombs to make survival impossible.


  29. US Judge: ‘No Discrimination’ in Muslim Prayer Lawsuit
    A group of Muslim factory workers sued their company for religious discrimination after they were fired for demanding prayer breaks.

    A group of around 80 Somali Muslim meat packing workers in Nebraska were fired in 2008 when they staged a walkout after negotiations over prayer time breaks broke down. In 2010, a suit was later filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the JBS Swift meatpacking plant alleging religious discrimination.

    According to The Grand Island Independent, Union representatives and senior management of the plant attempted to negotiate a settlement in which Muslim employees would be able to take prayer breaks while working at the plant. Options floated included changing meal times so they would align with prayer times.

    The factory turned down the request believing it violated a pre-existing agreement about mealtimes which the company had with the union.

    A group of employees then staged a walk-out, leading to the factory granting a mass prayer break at sunset.

    However, a group of Hispanic non-Muslim employees then staged a walk-out, enraged that the Muslim employees had been granted what they perceived as preferential treatment. In order to stop that strike, the company reneged on its previous agreement with the Muslims.

  30. Veiled Woman Assassinates ISIS Jihadis at Checkpoint
    For the third time in a month, a veiled woman has shot dead Islamic State fighters in Mosul, causing concerns among the terrorist fighters.

    For the third time in a month, a veiled woman has shot dead Islamic State fighters in Mosul.

    “A veiled woman carrying a pistol killed two fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), in the early hours of the morning, near a checkpoint in the vicinity of Numaniya neighborhood in the city of Mosul. This phenomenon has raised ISIS concerns during the past weeks,” says a report from the news outlet Al-Sumaria quoted by Iraqi News.

  31. Boko Haram region poised for world’s worst crisis, says UN (france24, Se 30, 2016)

    “Without more donor support the emergency situation caused by Boko Haram will become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, a top UN official said Friday, as a massive appeal remained just a quarter funded.

    United Nations assistant secretary general Toby Lanzer said the suffering in northeast Nigeria and surrounding areas was the worst he had ever witnessed.

    “I have worked in Darfur,” Lanzer told reporters, referring to the war-torn Sudanese region. “The scale and the depth of suffering that I have seen (in Nigeria) is unparalleled in my experience.”…”

  32. Refugee-friendly German mayor beaten unconscious (DW, Sep 30, 2016)

    “Police suspect xenophobic motives after the mayor of Oersdorf was struck on the head with a club. Joachim Kebschull had been receiving threats for months.

    The mayor of a small town in northern Germany was beaten by an unknown attacker, likely over his plans to establish refugee housing in the area, authorities in Oersdorf said on Friday. Mayor Joachim Kebschull, 61, lost consciousness and had to be taken to a local hospital after he was hit over the head with a blunt instrument on his way to a town planning meeting.

    According to police, the mayor had reported receiving a number of threats in the run-up to Thursday’s attack. He was sent letters bearing slogans such as “Those who don’t want to listen will have to feel it,” and “Oersdorf for Oersdorfers” for months.

    Because of these xenophobic messages, investigators said that they were seriously considering the possibility of right-wing political motives for the attack, but that they hadn’t ruled anything out yet.

    A police spokesman said the most puzzling aspect of the crime was that six officers were on duty to guard the meeting, but that the perpetrator exploited the brief moment when the mayor disappeared out of sight to collect his laptop from his car.

    Xenophobic attacks against refugees and refugee housing have seen a sharp uptick in Germany as the country struggles to integrate the roughly 1 million refugees it has taken in during Europe’s migrant crisis.”

  33. Morocco to speed up repatriation of illegal migrants (thelocal, Sep 30, 2016)

    “Morocco has agreed to streamline the procedures for the repatriation of citizens living illegally in Germany, the royal court said late on Thursday.

    King Mohammed VI discussed the issue with Chancellor Angela Merkel by telephone on Wednesday and asked Interior Minister Mohammed Hassad to head to Germany in the coming days to thrash out the details, a statement said.

    “Morocco has undertaken to optimise and rationalise the management of the flow of migrants,” it added.

    Merkel has come under mounting domestic pressure to tackle illegal migration after an influx of nearly a million asylum-seekers last year.

    A wave of sexual assaults by migrants on New Year’s Eve outraged German public opinion. Around 30 of the 73 suspects arrested were Moroccan.

    Speaking in Vienna last weekend, Merkel said Europe needed to secure more deals with third countries on the repatriation of migrants who do not qualify for asylum…”

  34. Gülen movement no different than ISIL, Turkish army chief’s former aide says (hurriyetdailynews, Sep 30, 2016)

    “The movement of U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen is no different than the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Levent Türkkan, Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar’s former top aide, has said, adding that both were “terrorist organizations.”
    “For the first time in my life, I’m speaking with my own free will. I was a poor, smart kid. I was looked after; I didn’t realize that they [the Gülen movement] were deceiving me. I’m not a traitor. No person can shoot at their own soldiers, citizens and police officers. This is no different than ISIL. ISIL is a terrorist organization, so is this one,” said Türkkan, who was arrested among the plotters of the July 15 failed coup attempt, in his 40-page testimony in court.

    Saying that the movement accepted Gülen as their Mahdi, Türkkan added that the Gülenists wanted him to enter a military high school.

    “They gave me the questions before the exam. They were all the same with the ones in the real exam. I continued seeing the Gülenists in high school. Those Gülenists were not solders, they were civilians. They saw Gülen as Mahdi,” he said.

    In his testimony, Türkkan said that the coup plotting soldiers assumed that Akar, who was held captive at Ak?nc? Air Base by putschist soldiers, would accept the coup bid and even direct it.

    “The brothers [Gülenists] loved Hulusi Akar. They thought he would accept and direct the coup,” he said, adding that Adil Öksüz, the Gülenist organization’s “imam of the Air Force” and a suspected leader of the plot, had contacted him…”

  35. Crown Prince decorated with Turkey’s Order of the Republic (saudigazette, Sep 30, 2016)

    “ANKARA – Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior, was honored with the Order of the Republic — the second highest state order in Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decorated the Crown Prince with the honor during a reception hosted by him at the Presidential Palace on Friday.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Crown Prince conveyed the greetings of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman to Erdogan and the people of Turkey.

    “I want to deliver you the King’s assertion that the Kingdom is keen on further strengthening the strategic partnership with Turkey in the political, economic, security and military fields. I also thank you for conferring on me the Order of the Republic that I consider as a symbol of friendship and deep-rooted fraternal ties between the two countries,” he said, adding, “The Kingdom is happy to see that your country has successfully overcome the crisis of the coup attempt, and the Kingdom would stand by Turkey in maintaining its security and stability.”

    Speaking on the occasion, Erdogan expressed happiness over awarding the order to the Crown Prince, though it is dedicated to heads of state who endeavor to bolster relations among their countries and Turkey. He pointed out that conferring the Order of the Republic reflects the deepness of close relations and ties, binding the two countries…”

  36. Bulgaria bans full-face veils in public places (gulfnews, Sep 30, 2016)

    “SOFIA: Bulgaria’s parliament on Friday banned the wearing of face veils in public in a move which supporters said would boost security in the wake of Islamist militant attacks in Europe.

    The “burqa ban” law, pushed by the nationalist Patriotic Front coalition, echoes similar measures in western European countries such as France, Netherlands and Belgium which have various laws banning the wearing of burqas or niqabs.

    People who do not follow the ban in Bulgaria face fines of up to 1,500 levs ($860, Dh3,156) as well as suspension of social benefits.

    The ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms refused to take part in the vote, which followed full-face veils ban in public in several Bulgarian towns. It said the ban would incite ethic and religious intolerance.

    The ruling centre-right party said the ban has nothing to do with religious outfits but only aimed at boosting national security and allowing better video surveillance…”

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