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3 Replies to “OSCE: Order of St. Andrew on Turk treatment of Christians”

  1. To urge the American Democrats to protect a church of Jesus’ teachings? Never in a billion years.

    Those who hate, make Hate a Crime; because they think programmed-hate is a real and everlasting state. This is why expressing a thought in the heat of the moment is an arrestible, imprisonable and sactionable thing.

    Muslims can’t love the Jews; Socialists can’t love the Capitalists; Homosexuals can’t love the cis-gendered. These Superior Heroes all have their own Kryptonite. That’s how you know them. Be perfect as they can’t be.

  2. When the far left got control of the Democrats in the 1970s they started paying lip service to Christianity rather then believing and working behind the scenes to try and prevent Christians from practicing their religion. If they want the US government to do anything they need to pray that Trump wins because Hillary will do nothing just has Obama has done nothing.

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