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14 Replies to ““Hispanic” man who did Burlington Wa. mall shooting from Turkey”

  1. Is the purpose of the sudden increase in the frequency of the terror attacks suppose to scare us into voting for Hillary or grow until there is so much turmoil the results can be protested when Hillary loses.

    • Don’t forget that the Islamists are basically Wile E Coyote – that is to say, illiterate brainless idiots. If they had any brains they would put their antics on hold as in the runup to the US election because it is vital to their cause that Donald Trump and Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani and Ben Carson do not become the guys they have to deal with for the next eight years. Obama has been a Godsend and I am certain that they are devastated to see their happy times coming to an end. There’s going to be a lot of Jihadis going to Paradise in the next little while. A lot…

      If you’re listening Ivanka, put Major Stephen Coughlin in charge of Islamic research and pay him a whole lot of money. That would be a very right thing to see happen. And while you’re at it, fire the guy who told W that Islam was a religion of peace…

      • I know that Gen. Michael Flynn is one of Trumps advisers and that DHS whistle blower Philip Haney has stated that he is ready to help anyway he can. This means that Trump is approaching one pro and probably more and others are informing the campaign that they are ready to go back to work.

  2. Not terrorism for jihad, just a Muslim restoring his honor after having a sad over a half value breeder, worse if he was spurned by a kufr whore I suppose. This is just everyday Muslim stuff important to maintaining their culture. Best get used to it as the raghead mayor of London suggests.

    • That comment by the London mayor is horrendously sinister. “Getting used” to bombings and rioting and murder is exactly what Muhammad had in mind when he invented Islam. Next, they’re going to ever-so-slowly turn up the heat as more time passes and more Muslims enter the country and disproportionately more babies are born named “Muhammad” and “Aisha”. And then, maybe fifty years from now – maybe less – the Ummah will become the majority and the Kafirs will be weary and desperate for peace. The war will be over and we will be forced to get down on our knees, stick our asses up in the air, and worship a god who hates our guts…

      • The London Mayors comment tells us a lot about how he is thinking. It assumes that the British Government will keep oppressing the British People and will prevent them from fighting back. Don’t bet on that, when enough Brits mad enough there will be a civil war and right now I don’t have enough info to make a good prediction which side will win.

        • It does look as if the governments of the Western World are hell-bent on replacing the conservative white Christian/secular population with a brown-skinned leftist Muslim one, and they will not be disuadded from this goal until they are literally dragged from their parliaments and their senates and hanged in the streets. Their goal is to turn the entire world into one big Venezuela with everybody voting endlessly for free stuff and socialism because they are nothing but ignorant greedy little children who want it to be Christmas morning every day because they are too stupid to understand economics – like Bernie Sanders Millennials. No matter how much damage it does, they are going to continue in their mission until they either succeed or are stopped by force…

  3. It is the non muslims who did not and do not understand the goal of Islam,The followers of Islam do understand very well and ready to die for it ,It is the duty of the every followers of Islam to inflict terror
    on non muslims,Their holy book had divided the world in to Darul Haram and Darul Islam 1400 years
    ago,Darul islam means countries ruled by islamic law where the people have to obey the laws of the country,Darul Haram means countries ruled by non muslims where the muslims always be at war with the country,The muslims can do any thing to convert to islam.

    • If only the leftist trash could be made to understand.

      Along with tea, sympathy, and Soros-supplied banners, they’re engaging in carnal relations with the young bucks. Because some are under the age of consent, the observers in Calais can’t decide whether or not this constitutes a human rights violation.

      Fortunately, neither party is fully human.

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