No hats or T shirts Muslims might not like in the Netherlands and more: Links 1 on September 23 – 2016

1, The founder of PEGIDA has moved to the Canary Islands in Spain citing harassment and persecution by German authorities.

Breitbart has this:

Lutz Bachmann, founder of the anti-Islamisation PEGIDA movement, has confirmed that he has moved to the Canary Islands to escape persecution from the German government.

After almost two years of campaigning against the Islamisation of Germany and warning of the repercussions of unlimited mass migration, founder and former leader of the PEGIDA movement, Lutz Bachmann, has been forced to leave Germany.

Citing the coordinated government persecution of himself and targeted attacks on his family, Mr. Bachmann has moved to Tenerife on the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of Africa.

2. German authorities send Chinese tourist to “refugee” camp for TWO WEEKS.

A Chinese tourist who tried to report a stolen wallet during a visit to Germany was given an asylum application instead, and ended up in a refugee camp.

I know, it sounds funny, but for the poor Chinese tourist is was hardly as fun.

According to the British paper The Guardian, a Chinese tourist who tried to report a stolen wallet during a visit to Germany unwittingly signed an application that got him stranded as a refugee for two weeks in the country’s burgeoning asylum bureaucracy.

3. Obama vetoes 9/11 bill, setting up override vote in Congress

President Obama on Friday vetoed legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia over its alleged ties to the terrorists who carried out the attacks.

Congressional leaders plan to hold override votes in the coming days and supporters of the legislation say they are confident they can succeed in overturning the president’s action.

The Obama administration had until midnight Friday to reject the measure, or it would have automatically become law.

4. Victor Davis Hanson, a conservative writer not prone to hyperbole, seems to be predicting a more traditional kinetic large scale war in the near future in this article. 

5. This is a brilliant video of Edvin Wagonsfeld being arrested again, in the Netherlands at a PEGIDA demo. Not for a pig hat, which is legal but offensive to Islam, but for a T shirt, which is also legal but offensive to Muslims.

The Rebel has some background on Edvin and previous videos.

6. Eleven people hurt after bus driver in Turkey attacked.

Thank you M., Roni Stoker, Richard, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials. Apologies to anyone I lost track of.

There is a great deal of geopolitically significant material in the daily links post for today. The question of the attack on an aid convoy which the Obama admin is blaming on Russia, and Russia denies, is taking on potentially dangerous proportions.

The Russian response to the American accusations might be titled in English later today.


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  1. 4 – Victor Davis Hanson is a professional historian who is looking at historical models for what is happening, while I see a series of semi guerilla wars with the European patriots v the Traitors and the Moslems he is seeing the world slide into a war that no one outside of Fat Boy Kim wants. Unlike WWI and WWII this war (no matter what type of war) will not be a two sided war but rather a multi-sided war in which some of the alliances will change based on which side seems to be winning at any given moment. If he is right the maps of the world will change even more then I have been thinking. Nations will fall apart and new ones form all over the world. The only thing that will remain constant is that the war (with brief ceasefires to catch our breath) will last the rest of this century. One reason for this is that the major players (the US, Russia, China and Britain and France) will not want to use their nuclear weapons even if they seem to be loosing. The minor nuclear powers in the Middle and Far east are the ones that are more likely to use their weapons.

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