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I apologize. I cannot seem to embed the correct video. The one in Richard’s comment is interesting but the embed is to some other thing that is a playlist of 20 or more videos, one of which is the worthy one.

I’ll post it when I can figure out how to get at the unique URL for the video in question.

Gateway Pundit seems to manage to get the right one to show first.

The Police record of the scum bag who got himself shot in Charlotte.

Troops take to the streets. Video at site.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Reuters) – Dozens of armed National Guardsmen took up positions on street corners in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday after the family of a black man fatally shot by police released its own video of the encounter that has sparked three days of sometimes violent protests.

Few people were on the streets as the sun began to set and crowds were sparse in bars and restaurants in the Uptown section of the city. Some people heading home after work stopped to chat with Guardsmen.

The family of shooting victim Keith Scott continued to urge officials to release their own recordings of the slaying as they called for peace in Charlotte.

The moment when a black police officer shoots Scott, a 43-year-old father of seven, cannot be seen in the two-minute video recorded by his wife, Rakeyia, who can be heard urging officers not to fire.

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  1. Forgot to mention the Commission is controlled by the Democrats. Certain top members of said Commission have donated to Hillary’s campaign.

  2. Obama is well on the way to get the race war they he has been working on since he took office. Things are only going to get worse when Hillary loses the election, not as bad as they would get if she won but close.

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