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  1. ‘Who the f**k are all you racists?’ Migrant youths terrorise community in shocking footage (express, Sep 13, 2016)

    “SHOCKING footage of migrant youths terrorising a city neighbourhood as they film themselves bragging about the lack of police response has emerged online.

    In the clip the thugs snapped themselves, one asylum-seeker can be seen dancing on a police car without apprehension.

    The group of youngsters, who have been wreaking havoc in the city of Zaandam in the Netherlands, have become notorious for their stunts.

    Last week it emerged migrants had been involved with repeated incidents involving the intimidation of citizens, police officers, and even one incident captured on camera that involved them beating up a cyclist…”

  2. Extremism fears prompts backlash over government plans to revamp Islamic schools (express, Sep 13, 2016)

    “THE Government is facing a backlash over its plans to allow faith schools greater freedom over selection amid fears of extremism and segregation in Muslim institutions.

    It comes as a Department for Education report revealed that attempts at creating diversity in new faith schools is failing.

    Last week Theresa May unveiled a radical set of reforms, including plans to open new grammar schools, which will end the obligation for over-subscribed faith schools to offer 50 per cent of places to children from other faiths.

    The row has stoked demands for Muslim schools to be abolished.

    According to the figures published by the Department for Education this week just one per cent of the 2,630 children at England’s 11 Muslim free schools are white while 80 per cent are Asian.

    This compares to 63 per cent white at the 10 Church of England free schools and 55 per cent at 36 other Christian schools.

    Lisa Duffy, who is currently one of the favourites to replace Nigel Farage as Ukip leader, has already called for Muslim schools to be ended because of claims that they are nurturing extremism.

    She said: “This report clearly demonstrates that my concerns over the role Muslim schools play in fostering segregation rather than integration, are perfectly valid.

    “It is imperative that we don’t ever shy away from discussing difficult issues such as this one; especially when the future of our youth is at stake.”

    The new rules on faith schools have also led to concerns being expressed by senior figures on the Tory backbenchers…”

  3. Germany: Syrian national arrested on suspicion of plotting attacks

    A Syrian man suspected of plotting terror attacks in Europe in association with the Islamic State was arrested in the town of Reinfeld, a district of Stormarn in Schleswig-Holstein, Tuesday.

  4. Report: Refugees in Germany are often overqualified

    Refugees in Germany are often overqualified for their jobs, more so even than those living in other EU countries, according to a new report.

    Some 71 percent of refugees in Germany are overqualified for their work, compared to an EU average of 60 percent, according to a working paper released on Wednesday by the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

    The figures were based on comparing the job requirements for refugees’ occupations to their actual qualifications. But when refugee workers were asked personally whether they felt they were overqualified, 54 percent in Germany said yes, compared to 57 percent EU-wide.

    Refugees are also more overqualified than other groups of immigrants in Germany: 38 percent of non-EU born employees work in jobs that are below their level of qualifications, compared to 30 percent EU-wide.

    And there’s an even starker contrast when looking at the native German population: 16 percent of locals in Germany are overqualified for their jobs, while the EU average is 21 percent.

    The OECD used data from 2014, before Germany saw a huge uptick in asylum seekers in 2015.

    While refugees in Germany might be overqualified, the report praised Germany for being on the right track of integrating refugees into the job market.

    “The refugee crisis is an opportunity to significantly improve the system for integration,” said OECD job market expert Thomas Liebig.

    The report also looked at refugees’ language skills, which it noted are important for integration and the job market. Across Europe, less than half had advanced knowledge of the local language, compared to two-thirds of other immigrant groups.

    In Germany, only 9 percent of refugees who had lived in the country for up to ten years had an advanced level of German. But this is hard to compare to countries like Spain where most of the refugees come from Latin America and the percentage there was 98 percent who had advanced Spanish.

    Still, over time refugees in Germany do seem to take on the language: about half of all refugees who had lived in Germany longer than ten years had advanced German skills.

    The situation for female refugees in Germany can be more difficult: their employment rate is 45 percent on average, which is 17 percentage points below men.

    But at the same time, of refugee women who came to Germany between 1999 and 2014, every fourth woman had some form of post-secondary education, such as university – this was four percentage points higher than men.

    Still, about half of these women had low-level education, which was higher than the amount of men with this level.

    The report also noted the importance of gaining citizenship for integration. Germany was behind the rest of the EU in this area, making it the “only major exception” among the countries accepting the most refugees.

    On average across the EU, 61 percent of people who had arrived as refugees became citizens after ten years. But in Germany, this percentage was 40 percent.

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