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  1. Forced Population Movements in the Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic: An Attempt at Reassessment through Demographic Engineering[…]

    […]II. Forced Migration in the Ottoman Empire
    The Ottoman Empire illustrates to a great extent the manipulation of population figures under the initiative of the state. From the 16th century until its final dissolution in the first quarter of the 20th century, the Ottoman lands witnessed intensive state-induced population mobility between regions Forced migration in the Ottoman Empire can be divided in three sub-periods.

    Colonization through deportation (sürgün) and settlement was the principal means that accompanied military conquest in the making of the Ottoman Empire . Securing their domination in newly conquered territories, increasing the power of the central authority, […]

    Similarly, the Ottomans forcedly moved population from Anatolia into the Balkans in order to consolidate their rule there following the conquest and, conversely, moved population from the Balkans to Istanbul in order to make the city prosperous […]

    III. In Search of the Loyal Nation: The Committee of Union and Progress’ Ethnic Restructuring Policy

    […]The resettlement of Muslim-Turkish refugees was not an end in itself but part of a broader project of ‘nationalizing’ or ‘Turcifying’ the Ottoman lands.

    As it can be seen throughout this study, forced migration is one of the key issues in the history of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. From the 1950s to the present, several studies demonstrating its various aspects have been published. Nevertheless, the treatment of the issue has predominantly adhered to state-centered and nationalist outlook, especially in the evaluation of forced migration in the late Ottoman and early Republican eras.

    […]Situating forced migration into the context of demographic engineering also allows us to incorporate contemporary and historical experiences, as it provides us with the analytical means to compare similar cases in different times and places. In other words, it implicitly suggests that forced migration or state intervention in population is a universal phenomenon and should be treated as such. By universalizing the language of the forced migration, it enables us to write comparative cross-histories since more or less every state in the modern age has resorted demographic engineering for different purposes. Therefore, in the study of forced migration in the Ottoman-Turkish case, the employment of this concept is likely to allow the systematic treatment of the issue in a broad conceptual framework and enable us to extend the scope of discussion on past and present issues relating to identity.

  2. FRANCE -Muslims urged not to SLAUGHTER ANIMALS in the streets of France at Eid

    ACTRESS Brigitte Bardot has led calls for Muslims in France not to slaughter animals in public during this weekend’s Eid celebrations.

    The animal rights activist has urged the French government to intervene to prevent “barbarism” and work towards “appeasement” asking instead that followers of Islam make sacrifices by giving to the poor.

    In France the government has been providing skips because many followers discard their carcasses to rot in the streets after they have killed them.

    While it is illegal to slaughter an animal publicly it is allowed for Muslims to go to a slaughterhouse and carry out the act for religious reasons.

    However, those breaking the law and killing animals outside of mandated areas became such a problem environmental health departments had to step in to provide bins because sheep carcasses were causing a public health problem.

    Thousands of Muslims order sheep and then go to their local abattoirs to kill them to celebrate the feast of the slaughter, while others still carry out the acts in the street.

    However, Ms Bardot, 81, has called for practising Muslims to avoid making religious sacrifices in public particularly after terror attacks in Nice and Paris.

    She said: “In this terrible period where barbarism is trying to impose on destroying everything in its path, where the blood of innocents’ flows, plunging France into mourning, sadness and anger, it is urgent to work towards appeasement not to provoke rejection and failure.

    “In a month the Muslim community will celebrate the sacrifice of Ibrahim, you know how the Eid al-Adha is a nightmare for those who defend animals, a horror.

    “Today I speak to you because in those dark times we need peace, not a ritual sacrifice where thousands of sheep will be cut the throat conscientiously and in suffering.

    “I throw this call for you alone can convey a message of respect, dignity and generosity.

    “I beg you to call the Muslim community not to shed blood, to replace the sacrifice of an animal by an offering to the poorest.”

    It is recommended under law that they use stun guns to maim the sheep beforehand but not mandatory.

    However, in recent years the practice has drawn criticism from animal rights campaigners and others who fear children could be traumatised by watching the animals being slaughtered.

    The French government has instructed all Muslims they will be punished if they slaughter outside an approved abattoir.

    But such was the practice of illegal slaughter that some municipalities were forced to provide skips.

    This weekend the city of Tourcoing announced for the first time it was withdrawing skips for those who wanted to discard their sheep carcasses after they killed them.

    Tourcoing mayor Gérard Darmani said: “The positioning of bins is illegal and contrary to public health. slaughtering must be in approved slaughterhouses and it is for the State to organise them.

    “I explained that this year I would ban the skips on the highway and it is done.”

    Muslims have called for “temporary slaughterhouses” so they can carry out their sacrifices so they are not “branded” for carrying out the slaughter.

    Authorities have reiterated that “slaughter outside a slaughterhouse Chartered is an offence punishable 15,000 euro fine and 6 months imprisonment” to those who seek to do it at home.

    They also say they are on the look out for breaches of the rules of animal welfare during transport of live sheep and the distribution of illegal meats.

    The annual Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha 2016 or ‘feast of the slaughter’ begins on Sunday, media from Saudi Arabia has claimed.

    The Saudi Supreme court confirmed the date of the festival in a tweet.
    G R A P H I C

    • Obama, Kerry, Boris Johnson greet Muslims on Eid

      US President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson have conveyed their Eid greetings to Muslims around the world.

      Bangladesh will celebrate Eid-ul-Azha, the second of the two biggest religious festivals of Muslims, on Tuesday.

      The US president and First Lady Michelle Obama extended their greetings to Muslims worldwide and congratulated to those pilgrims who have just performed the Hajj.

      In the message Obama said he was “inspired and humbled” by the millions of Muslims in America and around the world who take this moment to provide humanitarian assistance to those less fortunate.

      “In a time when millions are struggling to find new homes and communities after losing their own to conflict and natural disaster, we are continually reminded of our moral obligation to serve those in need,” he said.

      “Service, sacrifice, and peacebuilding lie among the shared roots and values of people of all faiths.”

      Secretary Kerry in his message congratulated Muslims around the world and said Eid ul-Azha was “a special time for reflection on service, selflessness, and charity – values shared across all faith traditions.”

      According to the British High Commission, Foreign Secretary Johnson also congratulated those who performed hajj in his Eid greetings.

      “The UK values hugely the contribution made by British Muslims to all aspects of our society. We are proud of our strong traditions of diversity and tolerance in Britain,” he said.

      Johnson said his thoughts would be with those in Syria and Yemen who “may be unable to celebrate Eid this year” due to conflicts.

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