France is at full war and full denial and much more: Links 1 on September 10 – 2016

1, French reports: Booby-trapped car found outside Marseille synagogue

(Not content to just wait for immigration and the usual level of theuggery and intimidation to make France Judenrein, Muslims appear to be helping it along by planting bombs at Synagogues)

2. Australian patriots do stunt to show a lefty church the outcome of their policies.

(There is a particular church in Australia where the minister was a classic example of the Long March. He brought in many Muslims and looked after them and their interests over Christian ones right up to the point that they burned his church down. There was also a mysterious wave of arson attacks on Churches in Australia, New York and elsewhere all on  Orthodox Easter a few years ago. Makes one think of Jeremiah 5:21)

3. In this article about a New York woman who spoke rudely to some Muslims and pulled off a head-cloth, notice that they named the aggressor instantly and there is no mention of mental illness whatsoever. This article is an excellent example of the government-media complex conspiracy to abdicate all guilt from muslim crimes from rape to decapitating priests during a Church service, but to heap as much shame and guilt upon all who act openly against Islam as they can. Very reminicent of what Hillary Clinton said when she signed UN resolution 16/18 and said something very much like: “Well the First Amendment makes it hard to criminalize criticism of Islam, but we can use public shame and humiliation”. The oath of her office of course requires her to defend people’s constitutional rights. Not find a work around to end them.

4. Sermon from an imam in Gaza.

5. Germany warns of threat from more than 500 ‘potential attackers’

Germany’s interior minister has warned that the country is home to more than 500 Islamic militants who could be capable of carrying out assaults on their own or as members of “hit teams.”

Speaking in an interview with Bild newspaper, Thomas de Maiziere said there were currently at least 520 “potential attackers” in the country, which has been on edge since two Islamic State-inspired attacks in July.

He said another 360 “relevant” people were known to police because of their close proximity to the potential attackers.

Many Germans fear that fighters belonging to the Islamic State jihadist group could have slipped into Germany with the roughly one million of refugees from Syria, North Africa and Asia who arrived last year.

(Wow! Reuters said “Islamic”. I guess they are off Obama’s Eid al fitr card list)

6. Horst Seehofer, German politician for the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, or CSU and they only operate in Bavaria.

7. 66 EU parliamentarians urge FIFA to ban Israeli settlement clubs

In a letter to FIFA president Gianni Infantino, 66 MEPs identified five clubs based in settlements and insisted they either move inside Israel’s internationally accepted borders, or be excluded from the Israel Football Association.

“I am not asking FIFA to suspend Israel, we just want it to apply the rules,” said Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith, who launched the appeal.

“Allowing Israel to use football as an instrument of territorial expansion in the West Bank politicizes football — and this is not acceptable,” he said in a statement.

(It clearly isn’t Israel that is politicizing soccer and the “settlements” have been called Judea and Samaria for several thousand years.)

8. Egyptian Court Rules: Marriage to Israeli Grounds for Stripping of Citizenship

An administrative court in Egypt has ruled that the country’s Interior Ministry must strip the citizenship of Egyptian nationals who have married Israelis, Ahram Online reported on Thursday.

The ruling, the report said, cited the need to protect Egypt’s national security.

The court case stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Shaimaa Amin, who demanded that her brother, who has resided in the United Kingdom for the past 12 years, be stripped of his citizenship because he married an Israeli woman and had children with her.

(Yep. Hatred of Jews and Israel is more important to this woman than her own brother’s happiness and her own family)

Thank you M., Maria J., Wrath of Khan, Miss Piggy, Xanthippa, and MANY more. And more to come sadly.


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  1. The entire world is at war and hardly anyone knows they are,

    You said (It clearly isn’t Israel that is politicizing soccer and the “settlements” have been called Judea and Samaria for several thousand years.) We know that but it is highly possible that the EU parliamentarians were raised in leftist non religious families and have never heard the words Judea and Samaria except from modern Israel. This isn’t much of an excuse but it is the only one they have.

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