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14 Replies to “The Islamic State really is an Obama regime invention”

  1. CBS? Really? I thought they were committed lefties all the way. What happened? That’s the first thing I’ve ever seen on the MSM that says anything critical against Mr. Big Ears and his evil buddies. What happened? Did the Saudis forget to mail out their bribery checks this months? I’ll bet that news guy is out of a job by noon. Up to now fooling the American public has been the watchword around CBS as well as all the other lousy MSM stations. Do I detect a rebellion? Is there a tiny percentage of “journalists” who actually give a damn about anything other than their own miserable careers? Am I hallucinating?

  2. Invention?

    That’s not the invention of ISIS. As soon as you have Mohammed, the Koran, and Allah the Pig-God, you have ISIS. It is inevitable.

    The US supported the anti-Assad forces, and those people turned into ISIS according to the dictates of the Koran.

    That does not mean the US invented ISIS. It merely means they were playing one side against the other and it came back to bite them in the ass, just as it did with France in the Revolutionary War, the USSR in the aftermath of WWII, and Al Qaeda in the aftermath of USSR’s takeover of Afgahnistan.

    The statement that the US invented ISIS is extremism, of the same ilk as those who say that Israel is at fault for “stirring up the Muslim world.”

  3. Note two things:

    1) I am not a Barack Obama fan. I think that is pretty clear.

    2) The video also says the US saw the rise of the Salafists in Syria as a counterbalance against “Shia expansion” in Iran and Iraq.

    It’s pretty clear Obama has fostered that “Shia expansion.” So, if Obama wanted to “invent” ISIS, what would be his purpose?

    • The word invent was wrong, the correct wording should be: The US created the conditions that allowed ISIS to be spun off of the Moslem Brotherhood and grow to be a major danger in the world.

      FYI we didn’t support al Qaeda in Afghanistan, bin Laden wouldn’t take our help. If he would have accept the money and equipment we would have helped him but he didn’t.

    • Obama has been very helpful to both the Shia in Iran and the Sunni. As to why he would be doing either of those things, you’ll have to ask Mr. President…

  4. Props to CBS for sort of doing their job…finally.

    The opposing forces aligned in Syria are all comprised of enemies to the people of the United States and the West in general. Why in the world must the US get involved on the side of Turkey, not to mention Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the two states most closely connected to the 9/11 attacks? The Syrian civil war is a perfect chance for the Gulf States and the Russian/Chinese/Iranian axis to get bogged down with our other enemies, to the potential benefit of the West and Israel — the only democracy in the region.

    I hope this report indicates a resumption of responsible reportage in Western mainstream media, but my cynical old-self suspects it’s a one-off, for reasons yet to be made clear.

    • “Why in the world must the US get involved on the side of Turkey, not to mention Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the two states most closely connected to the 9/11 attacks?”

      – Oh, I don’t know… Could it be that Mr Hussein is taking his orders from the Muslim Brotherhood? That sure would answer a lot of questions, wouldn’t it…

      • We initially got involved curing the cold war when we were working to encircle the Soviet Union and prevent teh spread of communism. This let the oil Sheiks gain influence in the Western Capitals, then they discovered who was bribable and the downward spiral began.

        • When you think about it, it sure would be easy to get taken in by a bribe at the right moment in one’s life, wouldn’t it? How about a young married PhD with a new baby, hoping to get tenure at a major university and live a life of wealth, prestige and ease. Then a nice man approaches you, says he’s a big fan, and lets you know that he can arrange for your next article to get a review like, “The only true intellectual to have come out of America this century” from some Oxford a$$hole with a Nobel Peace. Hmmm? How easy would that be to go along with?

          Easy as pie, it is, to think up examples like this all day long. How about that nasty student loan that threatens your future? Mortgage? UN position? Head of a department at the bin Talal Friendship Center? Limousine waiting for you when you visit Ryad like John Esposito and Karen Armstrong? It’s just that easy…

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