Dry run on Notre Dame, sharia in UK, and more: Links 1 on September 7 – 2016

1, Muslim woman caught driving while using her phone claims she was using it to listen to the Koran to cure her toothache 

A Muslim woman fined for driving while using her phone claims she was using it to listen to the Koran in a bid to cure her toothache.

The woman, who refused to shake hands with police officer Patrick Vermeulen on religious grounds, was pulled over after being spotted on the A27 the Netherlands not wearing a seatbelt and with a phone to her ear.

As well as insisting she wasn’t making a call on the phone, she also claimed she wasn’t strapped in because a doctor had told her not to use seatbelts for medical reasons.

(In a daily basis we see examples of how there are separate laws and consequences for muslims in Europe. Tracking this story will be a good data point on this trend. If it is still that way, more sharia compliant meaning she faces no consequences, or if the result is typical for a non-muslim in the UK)

2. Car packed with potentially explosive gas cylinders found outside France’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

(The security services of France may want to start looking closely at B level targets at this point. If there is a famous music school in Paris, or performing arts school. This event looks a lot like a distraction to focus attention on A level targets while an attack is launched at a less obvious one, but one with equal or greater cultural devastation such as any of these)

3. New party in Turkey to restore lands of Ottoman ancestors

(As most of you know, Islam specifically holds that any lands conquered by Muslims and having been controlled by Muslims at any point in history, is considered rightfully muslim land to be ruled by sharia law in perpetuity. This distinguishes it from lands never ruled by muslims which islam views as land to be conquered for Islam as koran commands. So this party should be taken very seriously. Very likely it is not really a new party but a proxy for Erdogan to start to exercise his Ottoman ambitions in a good cop, bad cop way initially)

Photo: haberler.com

Photo: haberler.com

A new Ottoman party was established in Turkey with the purpose to build a Turkish-Islamic Union and restore the territories of their ancestors. The new party was registered after a careful verification by the Constitution Court. It became the 91th political organization in Turkey which fulfilled the requirement to have at least 30 founders. “Those who partitioned our territories and broke us up will see a re-born land of our ancestors which will be named Turkish Islamic Union. Everything will be done in the name and for the benefit of the Islamic world”, the leader of the new party Ibrahim Uniye said.

4. Migrants running property scams in Germany for apartment rentals for migrants who are obliged to be in refugee centers.

5. Two police officers stabbed in the muslim area of Molenbeek Brussels. The Government media complex scrubbed nearly all mention of the Islamic connection to the event.

A man attacked two police officers with a knife in a Brussels park on Wednesday but neither officer was hurt and there was no immediate indication that the assailant had a political motive, Belgian officials said.

A spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutors office said the assailant had said nothing and the case had not been transferred to federal counter-terrorism specialists.

(The article uses more words to try and disconnect the event from jihad than describing the event, which would of course, make it clear that it was muslims who did it)

Thank you Tundra Tabloids, M., Tanya, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials. Much more to come today. Translators are working on a number of items and there is considerably more to post, and this doesn’t include the things that haven’t happened yet, or not yet reported anywhere.

So please check back later.

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6 Replies to “Dry run on Notre Dame, sharia in UK, and more: Links 1 on September 7 – 2016”

  1. Forget Notre Dame (and any other potential targets of cultural significance) I just hope this poor woman who has been “radicalized” is OK!

  2. 3 – You are right that is all Erdogan trying to get people to welcome him in so they are saved from the evil bad cop. In reality Erdogan is the bad cop but most people will refuse to accept this until a lot more people die.

  3. Here is the Muslim chief of the UN Human Rights commission ( I know, its a contradiction in terms, but bare with me), slagging the West, how evil Wilders, Farage, Le Pen, Trump et al, they are. That all Islamic terrorism is caused by the above.

    Quote:And yet what Mr. Wilders shares in common with Mr. Trump, Mr. Orban, Mr. Zeman, Mr. Hofer, Mr. Fico, Madame Le Pen, Mr. Farage, he also shares with Da’esh.



    So this UN HR chief thinks that Wilders, Farage etc, are the same as Daesh or ISIS. I must have missed all those thousands of rapes, tens of thousands of executions and crucifixions, that Le Pen, Wilders and Trump, are doing in some secret facility.

    What a pile of horse shit.

    Its not just terrorism, 99% of which emanates from the Religion of Peace, but every day persecution of minorities in the Muslim world.

    Even in the most moderate Muslim world, persecution of Christians continues on a daily basis, with Islamic law on its side.

    That is the awful truth. If the West practiced even 1% of the persecution that Muslims carry out daily on Christians in their own countries, there would be howls of anger from all sides.

    Think it over. Its this BS peddler that we are financing on Western taxes.

    This so called Human rights chief, is just another Muslim shill, for more and more immigration of Muslims into the West.

    Frankly, we should exchange Muslims in the West for Christians in Muslim countries. Then everyone will be happy. No persecution of Muslims by “Christians” in the West, and none the other way round in Muslim countries. What could be better. No beheadings and crucifixions of Christians too, in Islamic countries.

    But I dont the HR chief will be happy. He really wants more Muslims in the West.

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